Tunia: Men Should Be Treated Better

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so much. The human collective is making great progress. So are the vast majority of you. Even the people who think of themselves as doing poorly, are actually doing great in my eyes. Being on Earth is just very challenging, especially right now. I empathize and I love you so much.

On several occasions, Hakann and I have spoken out in support of women and femininity. We have said that we think that Earthling women are not being treated well by Earthling society, in several ways. We have said that we think that femininity isn’t more valuable, but is more powerful than masculinity. That is because we consider love to be the most powerful force in the universe. And it comes a bit more naturally to femininity.

We mean all those things. However, first I’d like to give two caveats and then I’d like to balance the scales by speaking out in favor of Earthling men.

The first caveat is: most spiritually evolved women have about one third masculine energy, and most spiritually evolved men have about one third feminine energy. This varies by person – some of our women have 10% masculinity, others 80%. But when we say that femininity is more powerful than masculinity, well, most of our men have around one-third feminine energy. Hakann loves you very much.

The second caveat is: I have noticed that some Earthling women try to become powerful by becoming more masculine. They work really hard on their career, they try to earn a lot of money, they try to beat other people in debates and at work. Now, if this is what you want to do, great. All choices are honored. We have masculine women and feminine men in our society and they are loved as much as everyone else.

But a lot of women who try to become powerful in the masculine way, don’t do this because this suits them or brings them long-term joy, but they do it because they feel unsafe or lost or not respected.

This is a bit strange to me, because to most women, femininity comes more naturally than masculinity. To most women, being feminine feels better than being masculine. And femininity is more powerful than masculinity. So if you want to feel powerful, why are you trying to accomplish that by becoming more masculine, when masculinity is actually less powerful than femininity?

Yes, I know that masculinity is respected in your culture and femininity is not. But that’s exactly why positive expressions of femininity are so very much needed on your planet.

I know that it’s easy for me to talk, because I’m safe and loved and respected up here, among my Pleiadian kin. And that is true, and I deeply empathize and love you. Again, I agree that society does not treat women fairly. And if I were an Earthling woman, I may very well act the same way that you do. Yet still, I wanted to share my perspective.

With those caveats out of the way, let us now speak out in favor of men.

Nearly all very dangerous operations that we do on your world, are done by our men, because almost none of our women volunteer for those. I have not risked my life to help free Earthlings. Hakann has. Hakann’s biological brother has as well and he transitioned, or died, in the process.

If Pleiadian men hadn’t repeatedly risked and sometimes lost their lives to help you, then the situation on Earth would be far worse right now. It is possible that a billion more Earthlings would be dead, without Pleiadian men risking their lives for Earthlings.

If Pleiadian society treated Pleiadian men, similar to how Earthling society treats Earthling men, then I don’t think there would be any Pleiadian men fighting and sometimes dying to help you. In that case, I think our men would either retreat into our version of video games and porn, or they would become selfish or even downright destructive.

Because if average men aren’t rewarded or respected for being men – not for being exceptional men but just for being men — then either their masculine energy stagnates and you get video game addicts. Or their masculine energy turns towards selfish ends, towards destructive ends, or towards so-called bad ideologies.

Our men do not abuse our version of video games, they never watch porn and they selflessly contribute to the community – because they are deeply loved, they are deeply respected and appreciated, their needs are met and their opinions and considerations are taken seriously.

You might think, “we shouldn’t need to give men appreciation in order for them to behave.” But women want appreciation from society too. Plus women are portrayed much more positively than average men in Earthling media. And women receive many more compliments than average men do. Plus you are expecting men to perform back-breaking body-destroying physical labor, and risk their lives for the protection of others. Why would they do so, if they are not appreciated?

Remember that Pleiadian men and Earthling men are fundamentally the same, they just grew up in a different society. Imagine if you had a society full of Hakanns and Ashtars. What would it look like? Yes, Hakann and Ashtar are some of our most prominent men, but half of our men could take over all of Hakann’s roles and they would only do a bit more poorly than he does. Hakann is sitting next to me and he just nodded.

Or to bring the message more down to Earth, a lot of Earthlings listening to or reading this message, are in relatively comfortable buildings right now. The vast majority of those were built by men. That building a lot of you live in? It was probably built by a man. That building a lot of you work in? It was probably built by a man.

Similarly, about a 90% portion of our spaceships were either built by men, or built by things that were built by men. The vast majority of things that facilitate my easy and comfortable life, were built by men or built by things that were built by men. If we had treated our men like Earthling society treats their men, I do not think I would be living in a post-scarcity society right now.

We treat the well-being of our men as the well-being of all. If our men wouldn’t be doing well, we as a whole would not be doing well. And as always, we do not solve our problems by shaming or judging the so-called bad people, or by telling them to do better. We solve our problems by showing love and kindness to everyone. The more that people so-called misbehave, the more love we give them and the more attentively we listen to them.

Because if people so-called misbehave, they are hurt. Otherwise they would not act that way. And hurt people need love.

If most of our men suddenly turned to our version of video games and porn and became selfish, then we Pleiadian women would drop everything we were doing and we would focus on showering them with love, appreciation and affection. We would sit down and let them talk as much as they wanted, without ever shaming them or telling them to be better or to solve it themselves. We would not treat this as, “men should be better,” but as, “our society should be better.”

After all, if men as a group aren’t succeeding, then it’s not just their fault. No, in this case society is misstructured. We would ask our men repeatedly what we women could do to make men’s lives better, and we would implement any reasonable suggestions. Even if it was somewhat inconvenient to us women.

Of course, our men would do the same for us.

Certain structures in society harm men. Some of you might balk at the suggestion of changing society to benefit men, but consider this. If women do poorly, many of you say, “we must change society to help women.” If black people do poorly, many of you say, “we must change society to help black people.” But if men do poorly, most people either ignore them, or tell them, “do better,” and then ignore them. Why are men the only group in your society that is not helped when they struggle?

So, which miss-structurings does Earth society have, that hurt your men so much?

First and foremost, I think it is awful that your education systems are often set up in a way that they are relatively compatible with girls and women, but not compatible at all with a lot of boys and men. For example, it is not healthy to force boys to sit still for hours in a boring classroom and to have them use their mind to study things they don’t care about. And when many of them predictably show masculine energy and do what teachers think of as misbehave, society sometimes squashes that masculine energy by giving them drugs.

This is awful.

This is not just a matter of, “oh, I guess that is kind of bad.” No. This is a catastrophe. This contributes hugely to men checking out of society, men drinking themselves to death, men behaving destructively in all manner of ways and men embracing what many of you think of as bad ideologies.

Because if men aren’t given a reasonable chance to contribute to society and get appreciated and rewarded for doing so, then either they check out of society, or their masculine energy goes towards what you think of as bad directions.

If you are a woman, this can also contribute to what you think of as the problem of, “where have all the good men gone?” Well, many good men got destroyed by your education systems, back when they were boys.

If you ever have a child and it’s a boy, may God help him. I pray that he will not be destroyed by the education system, as so many Earthling boys have been.

Another miss-structuring of society is that average men – not the main hero, but average men — are portrayed too negatively in media. There is too much sexism against men – too often they are thought of as bad just because of the way in which they were born. There’s too much “suspicious until proven innocent” going on. There’s too much man-blaming and too much collective punishment aimed at men.

If a man and woman divorce, often in practice the court is sexist towards men. In practice, police are often biased against men and in favor of women. Men get abused and sexually assaulted too, yet there are very few resources and locations available for them. On average, employers are more likely to hire women than men, even if they are equally qualified. Yes, really.

Also, note that masculinity is just inherently much more likely to hyper-focus on one pursuit to the exclusion of everything else. Femininity often is fine with working on something, but it also wants some time to travel, some time to explore others pursuits, some time to regularly meet their parents, some time to be creative, some time to start a family themselves, some time to journal, some time to meet friends, some time to relax, et cetera.

If you only look at the group of people who are very highly skilled at a certain job and thus highly paid in Earthling terms, then yes, most of them will be men. Because people who hyper-focus on one thing, will outcompete everyone else, and most people who hyper-focus on one thing are men.

In our society too, most people who are very highly skilled at one particular thing are men. But this does not mean that there is structural discrimination in our society. It does not mean that we need women quotas or women only scholarships. No – women just tend to live in a more balanced way. There is no problem here that needs to be fixed.

I understand that as an individual, it is hard to change these things. You actually may be able to change some of these structures if you work together with other people, but I understand that not everyone will feel called to do so.

Therefore we will also offer some things that you can do in your daily life.

First of all, realize that anyone or any group who acts in a so-called bad way, is acting that way because they are deeply hurt. Otherwise they would not act in that way. So if you think that men are behaving badly, then that is all the more reason to give men more love and kindness. Listen to them more. The more poorly that you think someone or some group acts, the more love you should give them and the more attentively you should listen to them.

One good way to show men love and kindness is to listen to them. If you are going to judge them or give them advice at all, then I suggest only doing so after you fully understand them and they feel fully heard. Of course they may not share anything, but that may just be because in the past they have been shamed or punished whenever they shared something. Give them some time, they have suffered a lot.

Of course, it is still smart to protect yourself against dangerous people.

Second: it is good to take responsibility. Women want men to call out other men if they speak or act in a way that harms women or that portrays women unfairly. Well ladies, you can do the same thing that you ask men. That means: if other women act in ways that are unfair to men, or if they speak in a way that portrays men unfairly, it would be good if you spoke out against that. Yes, I understand that this is scary, but this is also what you want men to do, do you not? If you want equality, then you should also take on your share of the responsibility.

Third, if you talk about privilege or how good men have it, ask yourself – is this true for a few men, or is this true for the average man?

For example, take the sentence, “men receive more praise.” Yes, a few men receive a lot of praise. But the vast majority of men almost never receives a compliment and are regularly told they are bad or that they should be better in some way. This is not beneficial to them or to society. If a man behaves in a way that you think is good or productive, please let him know. Often men remember compliments for years or decades, because they receive so very few of them.

Many men right now feel that they are so completely worthless that they might as well not exist, unless they are conventionally successful. The solution to this is not to tell men to go work on their self esteem. Women would feel this way too if society treated them like it treats men. The solution to this is giving love and kindness to men.

Yes, some specific men are highly privileged. But average men aren’t more privileged than other people. For example, the entire education system is set up in a way that destroys boys.

I am not saying that men should now wield the victim card for a few decades. I am saying that men and women are both treated unfairly by society in some ways, and you’ll get much further if men and women work together.

I am also not saying that men are the only group that is struggling, or that they have it the worst. But you already know that for example women are often not treated well in society. You do not need me to spell that out for you. But few voices speak out for men, so here I am. I am not interested in pointing out who has it the worst. Everyone on Earth is suffering. You all could use a hug or a helping hand.

I do understand that it is easy for me to speak while I am up here living a very comfortable life. Yet the way in which Earthling men are treated hurts my heart. So I did want to speak out. I am being a bit more assertive here than I normally am, because I see few Earthlings speaking out in favor of men, and fewer still being listened to. If no one else speaks up, I will.

And this is not just about helping men. All of Earthling society is being held back by how people treat men. If men are treated better, then not just men benefit. Everyone would benefit.

Also, everything I say is my perspective. It is not the sole objective truth. If you have another perspective, that is great. I am genuinely curious about it. If you want to share it, feel free to post it in the comment section. I do not promise that the channeler will respond, but I do promise that I will read your comments.

I love everybody, no matter who they are or how they act. My love for every single Earthling is unconditional. Even if someone acts in a way that directly harms another, then I only judge that specific action. I don’t ever stop loving them as people.

Finally, men: I love you and appreciate you so very much. You have made incredible contributions to society. As I said, most buildings around you were built by men. And many of you have done so in a semi-hostile world, where there’s little to no respect for you and nothing or almost nothing is handed to you.

I think you’re doing unbelievably great. I love you and I am so proud of you.

I leave you today with all my love and well-wishes.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


28 Replies to “Tunia: Men Should Be Treated Better”

  1. Jared

    “We solve our problems by showing love and kindness to everyone.”
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! HAHAHA

    If people would understand that one sentence, Earth be great amen.

  2. Michael

    Thank you Tunia
    Thank you Hakann.
    Thank you to Hakann’s brother.
    And to all the other unnamed beings helping us – thank you.

  3. Duane

    Thank you to the writer/channeler of this piece. It put so many important things in words that a lot of men feel silently, every day.

    I don’t think the Pleadians objectively exist, except for as a figment of our collective imagination.

    Nevertheless we may one day match up to “them” as a species. They are really us, or our aspirations to evolve.

    Still, and perhaps quite ironically, there’s more truth in this channeling than we tend to get in our “daily news”

    Love and light

    1. Jamie

      Love this and totally agree. People laugh at men when I have mentioned some of the ways men are treated unfairly, but it is true. This also reminds me that I need to support my little boys home education better. The resources for teaches boys to be men is lacking and I need to find it or develop it. Thanks for your insight!

  4. Kaitlyn O'Brien

    As a woman I agree that men need to be treated better and valued more. How many times in society have I heard, “Boys don’t cry” I hate that phrase so much because they do.

    I’ve told my boyfriend he needs to let out his feelings more and that it’s ok to cry. I don’t want him to bottle up his feelings. Men are so undervalued and under appreciated.

  5. Eugenia

    Thank You so much for this <3 Is the divine balance of polarities, seeing the love and beauty of the masculine as well as the feminine. we, women (or idetified as such), must aim for balance now. many men feel lost, unheard and radical feminism is not fighting from a place of love. we need a healthy masculine and a healthy feminine.

  6. Gisela Rosa

    Beautiful, Tunia, thank you! So true and sad.
    As a woman, I almost fell for the feminist trap, the world seemed so controlled by men I felt weak…but reading the feminist texts made me sick…all about hating men.
    I didn´t want to hate men, I wanted to feel stronger as a woman, in a feminine way. I have reached that point and appreciate men immensely and have defended them in many occasions.
    Thank you MEN for everything and much love to ALL.

    1. Denise

      I never understood that feminist stuff anyway! They use to have these commercials back in the 70’s,
      About bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and never letting your man forget he’s a man?
      All I can think is WHY the hell would I EVER want to go work a full time job, come home cook supper and THEN, after ALL that sex up my husband by treating him like a King?
      Telling us women that we should WANT to go out working a full time job OUTSIDE the home then come home to ANOTHER full time job!
      Just THINK about that level of mind programming, sadly I live that life, and NOT because I enjoy it or want to, it’s miserable so why on earth should I EVER consider that the ultimate life goal?
      Sorry about the tangent, that’s just always bugged me as a wife and mother! 😆

  7. scotth9510

    If that’s a accurate image of tunia and of Pleiadian females in general I can understand why there’s no need for porn.

    1. A.S.

      Speaking as the channeler and not as Tunia — thanks to everyone for their comments! Reading them has made me happy.

      And Scott, your comment made me chuckle.

      From my perspective, Tunia is something like 15% more loving and wise than the average Pleiadian (although she doesn’t think of herself this way). So the average Pleiadian woman isn’t too far off from this.

      Indeed, the vast majority of Pleiadians simply have a whole lot of amazing sex with partners that are attractive both on the outside and inside.

        1. A.S.

          I know you’re joking, but to give a serious answer — at some point they’ll either land openly or they’ll secretly contact those light workers who are ready for contact, and at that point it’ll be obvious. I’m not sure when that will be and I haven’t physically met Pleiadians yet.

          Another striking thing is that they just tend to mind-read your entire life’s history in a short amount of time (unless you tell them not to) and then proceed to just love every single part of you. The only things they may push back against is if you plan to directly harm other beings or plan to seriously violate someone else’s free will (they’re not going to judge you over what you did in the past). Yeah, they’re incredibly pleasant to interact with.

          1. Scott2

            I know im being silly a.s. but I’ve never experienced there kind of society in over 40+ years here so I’d be a little shy and timid.

  8. Jitka

    Dear Tunia,
    (I’m a woman). I must admit, that you are right. I completely agree with you. Thank you for the reminder.
    I love you all.

    P.S. Today I had a dream about the Pleiadians. I’m sure you know about it 😀

  9. Joseph Rivera1153

    wow I never looked it like that before its interesting hearing someone elses view from a different perspective i agree with what you said. The brainwashing on earth is quiet strong and there is a lot of indoctrination it can make you think with the blinds shut and not awake thanks for waking me up in that subject love you

  10. Gustavo Frein

    The comments section has many militant feminists that would say showing your man love support and affection means they are a doormat.

    Today women are taught from an early age all this feminist woke agenda, which is an inversion of God.

      1. Gustavo Frein

        That’s not me speaking. I’m channeling the Feminist Collective of New York City. It has a really big nose and extremely adednoidal voice. They really hate evil White males.

    1. Tina

      It does?

      They are?

      Hm. Not in my experience. Where I come from, though, your comment would be described as “stereotyping” (among other things).

      BTW Thank you and bless you, TUNIA. This article is fantastic and resonated with me deeply. I read it several times! 🙂 You can change the world with these kinds of postings/transmissions! Your (recent? to me.) inclusion here has been wonderfully welcome. <3

      1. Gustavo Frein

        I love stereotyping, because stereotypes are mostly, the majority of the time…true. The word stereotype has been stigmatized to mean a nasty White bigot who when he notices things about other groups or in this case militant feminists that he does not like he is accused of stereotyping.

        There are always exceptions to the rule. They prove rule, they don’t disprove it.

  11. Karen

    Thank you Tunia 🌹We appreciate seeing these things from your perspective. I feel your love all the way down here 🌎

  12. unionylibertad

    Yes Tunia…We need to start by not being afraid of expressing our feelings and of saying the truth…Encouragement goes a long way, especially at an early age…Men have worked hard and even after being treated so badly, many of them do well…They become good husbands, fathers and role models for boys and girls…I feel both sides have suffered unfair treatment in different ways, and when we get hurt we tend to get bitter and judge others…I hope we all start praising the men in our lives and everywhere…They deserve it…and this will help our world…Thank you for making me think…The truth shall set us free…

  13. Collfell

    Wow love this perspective and it makes my heart hurt for us humans and how we believe that removing love is how we go about training someone to do better.