Solar Codes Integration

Beloved Ones,

At a time when we are still working on reclaiming our sovereignty, and hence freedom, towards the many manipulations that exist in our 3D matrix, we are being hit by Solar waves that are translated in our human view as heat ones, even in the countries where it is winter now.

We need to understand that beyond our perception of what may cause these heat waves, lies the solar codes together with the Lions Gate frequencies that may be felt incredibly strong in our bodies, but that are the ones that trigger the necessary shift that needs to occur for us to continue with the transformation that we have consciously chosen.

Our family from Andromeda, masters in the art of adapting to change, for it is what we have agreed when we signed for this experience, are helping many of us who wish to co-create with these benevolent beings to integrate these current energetic waves, as they trigger the integration of such an amount of light, that we may not know how to properly direct towards our bodies.

These solar/heat waves are meant to help us open our heart center, for many are still in the midst of a profound heart healing, release old energies and embody a more illumined frequency by first burning what vibrates in a different density, which is achieved through DNA healing and reconnection, and by helping us build our light bodies. It is very important to work on purification and stabilization to be able to be balanced, as we continue embodying a new frequency and getting accustomed to how this new energy works.

When integrating this massive wave, we need to direct it with plenty of pure water and with our conscious decrees, integrating them gradually, and utilizing ones of the most effective, in my personal experience, purification tools – seventh violet flame and White one – to help the bodies release and continue the process of embodiment.

Having excess of energy is not beneficial for our bodies, as when this occurs body anxiety takes place. We may feel nausea, headaches, an internal feeling of being literally uncomfortable in our bodies, and many other personal sensations that will be unique to each and every one of us. This means the nervous system and spinal cord have been affected and then we need to begin the process of body reconfiguration at all levels, especially upgrading our nervous system.

When the nervous system and the spinal cord are affected, the body conduits for us to communicate with our soul and Unified Self, are temporarily interrupted, and we need to manage energy properly and utilize it to locate within our template the parts of us that need healing and restoration, dissolve any misalignment, stabilize all body centers again, so our bodies can come back to normal.

Guides invite us to work with a sacred symbol, the Infinity one, to anchor and allow these energies to come into our bodies. As I always say, our Unified Self will determine how much light we are ready to integrate, for the body could collapse, if we have not yet prepared it correctly. As you anchor and work with this symbol, you will begin to notice the wisdom – light – that begins to run through your body.

Guides also offer us a crystal to work with at this time, to be able to integrate the guidance, wisdom, and power that are coming from this massive wave, a Seraphinite. This crystal is to help us integrate our angelic and hence, sixth-dimensional frequency, as well as open our crown chakra, so the information can continue descending upon us. It is a natural balancer, and for those who are working with their shoulder wings portals, it will too help them reclaim their wings and authentic essence.

These are the natural effects of intentionally integrating the current energies. It is an organic process that when we see it as part of our ascension transformation, gets easier to assimilate, as we continue knowing our bodies and what they need when they shift massively.

Take good care of yourselves, beloved ones. Remember that we chose to experience this process and that when we know how our bodies work, and how to move our Consciousness through our bodies, we can make this process a more soothing one.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


4 Replies to “Solar Codes Integration”

  1. Izzie

    Dear Natalie…you said “Guides also offer us a crystal to work with at this time, to be able to integrate the guidance, wisdom, and power that are coming from this massive wave, a Seraphinite.” Can you tell me how we work with crystals? Thanks.

  2. Denise

    I had an insight this morning that I’m sure a lot of you have already had probably but I had a late start and Am running a little behind! Lol
    The Mantra: “I Am the Light, I Am the Love, I Am the Truth, I Am”?
    When you change your perspective on it a slight bit it becomes less of a Mantra and more like “directions”!
    If you apply these statements to whatever it is you happen to be doing or thinking it will actually GUIDE you.
    “Is this thought based in Love and truth? Is it the highest possible thought or action?”
    If it’s not that’s OK too since it’s a process but these simple statements can guide you to the highest possible vibrations.
    Anyway, Love & Light Blessings to all!