The Heart Awakening

In this life we have chosen the path of the awakening of the higher heart. It is the part in us that is pure, innocent, completely open and sensitive.

Our greatest gift lies in our vulnerability because it is our empathy and sensitivity that will shift our whole reality and this existence as a whole. It will bring us back to fact that creation means oneness and that we are all ONE.

Our heart is being cracked open, the shell of protection from trauma is being removed. Layer by layer we are peeling off the build up pain that has acted like a wall of protection. And it is the reason why have we not been able to receive the love we so much deserve.
The trauma we have carried with us for so long would prevent us from feeling accepted, loved, appreciated, valued, heard, seen, supported, safe and so many other qualities that we have always longed to feel. But this time is coming to an end as we are ready to receive the goodness of what life has to offer to us.
You see, when you feel and believe you are unworthy then there is no room to receive all that you are truly worth of.

The universe has created us perfectly, it has created is already whole and gifted. It has given us our heart which beats to the rhythm of creation. It knows no other way then to be connected to Source and this is the reason it is alive and beating in the first place. So the fact that your heart is beating and thriving means that you are already one with Source. You are connected to the stars, the planets, Gaia, humanity and all life in that exists and has ever existed.

Your heart is the key component to every creation that exists in this universe.

You have a treasure right within you, it is time to acknowledge this. This is a diamond that is priceless and to which you are the owner to. Can you see how this is your abundance? Can you also see that there is no one richer or more valuable than you? You have nothing more to search for in life to make you happy. You do not have to search for the answers outside of you because it is within your heart that you will find all the answers to your questions.

Your heart is your universe, it is your home where you can find the hidden treasures of all your desires. No need to look further. Stop and take a look at your sparking diamond heart that is a reflection of all the colors of the universe.

You are endless, you are eternal, you are beautiful and there is no one that is exactly like you for each diamond has its own frequency. You are part of a whole, you are equal to the greatest masters of the universe. You are one with Source and because of this the power of life lies within you.

Live your life knowing you are carrying Sources light within your body and that this makes you a powerful being. No one can change your light because you shine from within. Let everything slide off of you that does not match the frequency of your heart. Nothing that does not shine as bright as you can or will ever affect you because you are aware now of your eternal, divine self. And if you ever have moments where you forget: remind yourself that your strongest superpower is that of your shining heart. It never seizes to shine. You just need to look at it to remember that truth. Take a long look at it because your heart is a reflection of the universe.

I love you all, keep loving yourself so hard that you will never forget who you really are!

**By Dana Grozdanova