Hakann: Will We Remain On Earth?

Question: When our 5D love-based society is created, will we still be living on this earth but not in this 3D separation-based society anymore? If so, I know it will be a good feeling, but how about hygiene, are we still going to use our toothbrush to clean our teeth or use our leftover shampoo that we used in 3D? Thanks for any response you can give me…i love you too very much.

This is Hakann speaking. Thank you very much for your questions. I love you too.

At this point in time, there are actually three main possibilities still open. The most likely one is that once most of humanity reaches the love consciousness of 5D, you’ll remain living on Earth. However, society and the people in it will simply be much more loving. Also benevolent ETs will walk among you and you are welcome to come visit us on our planets or ships, any time you want.

So many of us would love to meet our Earth brothers and sisters. We can share a lot with you, both in terms of stories and history and technology and spirituality. We can also learn a lot from you, because very few of us have gone through what you have gone through. We are very curious to hear what that has been like for you and we genuinely think you have a lot to teach us.

We would also love to have fun with you. We would love to experience your music in real life. Some of us actually have specific Earthlings that they have observed and who they would love to meet and either befriend or have a romantic relationship with, if the Earthling wants that too. There are also some great foods and drinks that we would love to share with you, and your planet is overflowing with foods that we would love to try. Plus you haven’t seen our dance moves yet!

Another possibility is that Earthlings are invited for a time aboard our ships, and then get invited to settle on another beautiful non-Earth world.

A third possibility is a mix of the two: the most loving Earthlings remain on Earth. The rest are invited onto our ships and are then invited to settle on another world.

Which of these is going to happen? It depends on the choices that Earthlings make and the choices that Gaia makes.

If possible, we would like that as many Earthlings as possible can live in peace and love and harmony on Earth, with an open invitation to visit any of our ships and worlds whenever they want. But the question is: how do we get from here to there? You probably know better than I do, that a lot of people are currently not very compatible yet with living in a love-based world. I do not judge you for this, I very well may have turned out as a service-to-self person if I had been born on Earth myself.

The level of consciousness of Earthlings is rising very quickly (including in non-visible ways) and we are very pleased with your progress. This does make you more and more compatible with living in a love-based civilization every day. That said, if we consider a scenario where Earthling’s level of consciousness stopped rising as quickly, it might be the best solution to invite some or all of Earthlings directly on our ships so that we can directly heal them and hope that they will get inspired when they see what our love-based society is like.

However, one pitfall of just beaming you up and healing you and putting you in a love-based society, is that this might not “stick,” once Earthlings are off the ships and are among Earthlings again. We prefer a scenario of more organic growth, where the level of consciousness of humanity keeps growing as it currently is, and Earth society simply evolves into a 5D love-based one, and at some point we can openly land and walk among you. Another pitfall is: we need to ask your permission to beam you up, in order to not violate your free will. What happens with the people who refuse our invitation to come aboard our ships and who are also not yet compatible with a love-based society on Earth?

Or if you are evolving pretty quickly but not very quickly, maybe it’s best to have those Earthlings who are ready build a 5D love-based society on Earth and to invite a portion of the other Earthlings onto our ships. But again, this might not “stick.” Ideally all Earthlings together build a 5D society on Earth.

Also, it might happen that Gaia at some point decides to do something that she is going to cause such floodings that almost everyone on the planet is going to die, which would force our hand into the “invite all Earthlings onto our ships” scenario. In this case, you will be clearly invited onto our ships before that happens. This is a very dramatic scenario, but if it happens, you will get a timely invitation onto our ships.

As for hygiene: We would consider almost all of your water and your food to be polluted. If you keep eating polluted food in 5D, you will need to brush your teeth or risk teeth decay. However, you will also have available delicious and healthy foods that will not require brushing afterwards. I do not brush my teeth or do something equivalent to that. I also do not use shampoo. I don’t need that to have what you would consider perfect hair, and neither do my sisters and brothers. Right now your body contains a lot of toxins and damages. Once your bodies are healed, that will help a lot.

Keeping ourselves clean is pretty easy for us because we typically wear very useful suits that take care of themselves and also take care of our bodies.

Our women of child-bearing age still have their monthly cycles, although those are much less uncomfortable, plus their suits help there too. We actually consider those cycles to be a blessing and a source of power, because inherent in them is an invitation and reminder to go inwards (or inwards-together-with-a-couple-of-sisters) and then outwards. Also, those cycles help connect women to nature.

We do not judge you, but some people in our society were horrified to learn that you sort of force women to work during the going-inward part of their monthly cycle. To place that in context however, we do not force anyone to work, regardless of gender. Many tasks are automated and there are plenty of volunteers for the few things that need to be done. So I do recognize that I am talking from a privileged perspective here.

We consider women to be more powerful than men. Not more valuable — society only thrives if men and women are in their power and working together and both have a say in how things should be. But yes, more powerful. I am a practically-minded man, yet the things I specialize in and contribute, are not as powerful or as important as love is.

My brothers and sisters do enjoy taking baths and showers, because flowing water has a calming and energetically-cleansing effect. Plus we can often find someone who we we like (whether platonically or sexually or romantically) to take a bath or shower with us. This is quite easy in a society where everyone reads everyone’s energy and minds all the time, so everyone’s intentions and desires are clear. No one would even think of doing something that the other doesn’t want, because we’d feel their discomfort or pain.

People around us also love everyone and everything, so long as it does not directly harm another. This means that we do not feel shame, which means that we do not mind that our minds are being read all the time. We do not have a concept of privacy. A typical reaction of our kind to learning about the concept of privacy is, “why? Isn’t that lonely?”

I hope this helps. Thanks for your question. I appreciated the opportunity to talk with you. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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  1. Finch

    My take is as follows:

    -hello i love you
    -we’re showing up in person.. soonish
    -we’re all about fun so get hyped!
    -we have yummy food and culture
    -and FERTILE cuties who may like YOU specifically 😉
    -super cool space ships also
    -we don’t want to beam you up unless we have to
    -but you might want to because the poles might flip again
    -we MIGHT just beam everyone up though, if we have to
    -or you could just visit our really cool worlds for FUN
    -and ride in our amazing ships to get there!
    -but we’ll need your explicit permission to come aboard
    -it’s really just a formality 🙂
    -nothing to worry about 😀
    -also we think privacy is pretty silly
    -and lonely 🙁
    -btw our collective consciousness is incapable of shame
    -it’s quite liberating

    Remember, kids. Don’t get in vehicles with odd people.

  2. Saunamajuri

    Hmm, I wonder do our Sisters and Brothers out there know the healing effects of the Sauna ?

  3. Thanh Nhàn

    Xin chào Hakann, tôi rất hi vọng rằng bạn có thể kể nhiều hơn về thế giới bạn đang sống và thế giới mà bạn được biết

    Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều

  4. john

    Dear A.S i agree with you about not beaming up unless absolutely necessary we lightworkers came here to do a job one that we are very good at i personely would not leave until its complete or ordered to get my ass onto a ship, there are trillions of people who need our help here on planet earth even if we dont help directly we help indirectly just by being here then of course theres all the other non human species like animals plants trees sea life insects the spirit realms and do we simply abandon Agartha? we are helping everything just by existing on this earth and of course Gaia needs us here most of all we are here to save everything nothing is coming to save us WE are the saviour’s we are doing it all our offworld friends are here for guidence only and if it all goes tip/top which it wont they and their ships have our back covered so to speak i will say it again WE lightworkers do the saving nobody else just us you and me together will save mother earth and we will do it with eternel gratitude for all those who assisted us in this time of change and we will even save the dark because belive it or not we need them too so as to allow us to see how light we have become very very much love to all.

  5. David

    Hi Hakann, you have my permission to beam me up, and I am ready to join you on the ships asap, I would jump at the chance! I do trust the plan and understand that we have further work to do here. Is there any advice you can give me to get in contact with our star families on the ships. I keep trying…..much love and heartfelt gratitude for everything you continue to do.

  6. David

    Hi Hakann, I would also wish to join our brothers and sisters on the ships, and would jump at the chance! I do trust the plan, and I do understand we have more work to do here. Like many of us, I look forward so much to getting in contact, is there any help or advice you could give me to try and achieve this? Love to you and my heartfelt gratitude for all you do.

    1. A.S.

      Answering as myself and not as Hakann —

      Thanks for your post. Getting in touch with them is a beautiful desire.

      If you go to youtube and search for “Hakann Q&A — Telepathy and Mind Reading”, you may be able to get in contact with Pleiadians (including Tunia and Hakann) by following those steps. Or it may be the case that you need to do some more general spiritual development first. But you can try.

      1. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

        How could we know if we contact a pleiadian and not a dark entity or archon?

        1. AzureLeaves

          -Ask your intuition

          -Analyze the messages by making it go through the filter of your Three Brains:
          A.] Brain (Logical? Rational?)
          B.] Heart (How do I feel about this, good? Afraid? Negative? Positive?), and
          C.] Gut (What does my “Gut Feeling”/a.k.a. Intuition says about this message/info?).

          If all three agrees with each other, then you’re most likely reading a message from a positive or negative entity, depending on what answers you got from filtering the questions through your Three Brains.

          You hold the answers within; we can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it.

          Truth cannot be told; it can only be realized.

        2. AzureLeaves

          And you don’t even have to go through the risk of contacting a malevolent/entropic entity in the first place by utilizing your Divine Right of Decreeing what you desire and raising your vibrations, emotions and thoughts along with all the high energies, which will automatically filter out any malevolent/entropic/negative entities. After all, you only attract what you vibrate at.

          Before doing spiritual communication with any individual–physical and nonphysical–an example of a decree to protect yourself is this Affirmation from Robert Monroe’s “Hemisync” training program, which I personally modified to have even more filters in it against unwanted/negative/malevolent/entropic individuals:

          “I am more than my physical body.

          Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.

          Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems, as may be beneficial and constructive, to me and to those important and close to me.

          Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding, of those individuals, whose wisdom, development, experience, vibration and frequency are equal to or greater than my own; all the while genuinely and profoundly having–in their heart and mind–the actual greatest good, of me and those important and close to me.

          I ask their guidance, and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.”

          Don’t just recite it, you have to feel as if it’s already so; “Feeling is the Secret” as Neville Goddard summarizes it in that book of his. Your thoughts and emotions must match; live from the end; live FROM the wish-fulfilled.

          1. Claudia

            Your affirmation sure works – made me sweat while reading it. 👌

            I’ve missed you commenting Hakann’s message about aligning conscious- and subconsciousness bc of what Neville figured out about the deeper implications.


  7. Harrrie

    Thank you for the news and details.
    I’m very surprised that Earth/Gaia would even consider flooding humanity to extinction. I know the negativity here has to be overwhelming for Earth. I read years ago that the Master of Discomfort was to take on the negative energies we produce, but the huge amount of negativity was too much for the Master. The Master told Creator the problem, and Creator told the Master OK you don’t have to take on humanity’s negative energy any longer. Then Creator asked Earth to absorb the negative energy. So Earth needs to transmute and release all the negativity and does so with everything from hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes, fires and volcanoes. But if Earth is considering world-wide flooding, then Earth must think there is a possibility that Earth humanity will take too long to create the 5D energies and ascend. And I agree. We were supposed to enter 5D in the 1900’s if not earlier. I had read that there could be other reasons for Earth to make us extinct, like Earth kills every 3D society, or Earth needs a fresh clean planet for 5D. But I also know that Earth/Gaia knows we are to enter 5D while incarnated and we have free will, and it could take another 30 years for us to completely arrive in 5D. Why would Earth wipe us out and keep our incarnation from experiencing 5D? It’s our destiny to experience moving into 5D. If we are put on ships so we don’t get wiped out, that is great. But I would think Earth would need to use some magic to return the planet into an inhabitable state in a short time so we can live on Earth again and finish our ascension if we aren’t in 5D already.

    Earth knows there are planets that were destroyed by negativity in various forms and if we get close to that kind of choice/behavior, Earth will have to flood.

    Cocreators are saying now we need to spread the word of love, along with sending love. We really do need to move our positive energies along.

    I believe if we attempt to start a WW3 with success, we will be warned by Earth to stop immediately. If we don’t, we will get rescued by ETs. Unless, of course Earth thinks we need to start over again. And I’m starting to think she has as much say in all this as we do.

    I just don’t think that flooding is our destiny.

    1. Claudia

      I’m honestly sorry for having to say this Harrrie but somebody who thinks the job COULD’ve been done in the 1900’s or even earlier only proves to have no clue what s/he’s talking about.

    2. A.S.

      Thanks for your message. I’m answering as myself and not as Hakann. I agree that the flooding scenario is disturbing.

      The flooding as described in the article is the polar shift scenario, which you might have read about on other sites. Gaia might cause a pole shift which would cause such floodings.

      Well, Gaia of course knows that the ETs are standing by. So she knows that in the flooding scenario, Earthlings would be given a quick explanation by ETs and consenting Earthlings would get beamed up. They’d have an amazing time on ET spaceships including access to all the healing technology that they need, and then Earthlings would be either returned to Earth (post-flooding) or to some other planet and get all the ET assistance required to make a good start there.

      It would actually be a very fast road towards a love-based 5D society. It would just suck for everyone who does not consent to being beamed up.

      So it’s not really a “Gaia causes human extinction” scenario. It’s more of a “Gaia forces the ETs to beam up humanity” scenario. Gaia absolutely loves humanity.

      Suppose that it turns out that the consciousness of humanity rises slower than expected or even stagnates, the counterforces / positive military keeps refusing to do mass arrests and ETs stick to their position of “we will assist, but to respect Earthling free will, we will not intervene too openly without the average Earthling consenting to that.”

      Then theoretically we could end up in an indefinite stalemate, with humanity plus Gaia suffering all the way. Well, if we end up there, Gaia could break that stalemate via the floodings scenario. Although we’re not at that point right now, because the consciousness of Earthlings is rising nicely.

      The flooding scenario isn’t super likely at this point and also not the preferred one by either Gaia or the ETs — they’d much prefer Earthlings to get their stuff together themselves. It’s why Tunia and Hakann are talking about personal empowerment and about spreading love, not about “sit back, we’re beaming you up soon.”

  8. Bob

    But your going to remove the deep state first right? The evil globalists/kazarians that are destroying this world. Probably wouldn’t be safe to land. Otherwise looking forward to our future paradise together. Be well.

    1. A.S.

      Answering as myself and not as Hakann —

      They want Earthlings to do most of the arrests of the bad guys. Once that’s done, the public landing of ETs will probably follow soon afterwards (although they may contact individuals beforehand)..

  9. Tina

    Yoga, many other spiritual-type body movement activities, and some more western/conventional exercise often advise to take a break during menstrual cycles, too. Yet, we work…Happy to hear we can keep moving to change this (where appropriate, at a woman’s choosing I’d think) without the judgment, stigma – & general bs – that’s around this issue in general here. Good news and something to look forward to! Thank you so much Hakann, for this very resonant & helpful message. I never could choose among options. Are all of them available to implement? Can’t wait.

    For me, privacy more has to do with feeling comfort in being myself. For so long, our lives have – my life has – been about conformity, & judgment in the form of painful ridicule (hurtful nicknames that stick, for example, or collective consciousness reminders of the teasing experienced while, say, dancing or singing even when alone). Perhaps if that could be cleared, or some true privacy/aloneness was experienced (or maybe some balancing encouragement & support to heal that light-dimming harm?), then maybe the more collective mind won’t feel so invasive. & maybe we/I could feel a bit free-er to sing and dance, even when I suck at it! Even when I don’t!

    Save me a (potentially-awkward – just warning you lol) dance or maybe a duet? Much love to you, Brother. Blessings and great thanks for the info & message.

  10. Izzie

    Dear Hassan, I am in need of being “beamed up”. Honestly. It will be nice to be able to sit down and talk with all of you. Thank you for answering the question about hygiene and your way of life over there in the love dimension. And yes, you are allowed to read my mind. I will have no qualms about it when it comes to you “people” who are helping free our planet as long as it will be a good exchange of conversation. Good thing about it is that it will be a good exercise to get use to telepathy. Many thanks. One thing though…’knock” to warn me it is you or some of your good friends who want to talk to me.

    1. A.S.

      Dear Izzie,

      I’m answering as the channeler and not as Hakann.

      I empathize with your need of being beamed up.

      I can guarantee that they’ve read your message, but unfortunately they’re not likely to beam up people just yet, even light workers in distress. A while ago I was feeling suicidal (doing much better currently) and asked to be beamed up. They held an emergency meeting about that because they consider me to be doing a lot of important light work, but in the end they still very lovingly told me that they were not going to beam me up.

      They told me that one reason for that is that once you’ve been up there, it can be hard to return to this much less loving and much harsher Earth life. And well, it would slow down the progress of all of humanity if they just allowed light workers to chill on their ships for extended periods. They need us and our energies down here.

      What is possible is that they’ll send some beneficial energies your way, and you might meet meet them in your dreams (possibly aboard their ships). Although if you do meet them in your dreams, you may or may not remember it.

      If you just want another Earthling to talk to, tell me and I’ll give you an email address.

      Sending you love,

      1. Terra

        Thanks for your information. I am a Chinese reader ,so my English is not very well. My awakening process start in 2012. it’s a painful process . sometimes I look up at the sky, I feel very lonely,and I want to escape the earth.
        in 2016 , I had many vivid dream .I dreamt that a large number of spaceships landed at night. Some spaceships were very large and people were afraid. But I felt very excited and happy. I try to explain to people what happened.Sometimes I dream of going inside the ship and talking to different people or had a meeting.
        If you can see my comments, I hope you can ask hakann for me. Are my dreams a reflection of my inner desire or a glimpse of the future?
        When I fell asleep, did my physical body go to the spacecraft?

      2. Izzie

        Thank you A.S. I may have sounded desperate in my message but I am not really. Rest assured, I had a dream that night I wrote that message and I remembered a room. I was sitting on a chair with a table and like a doctor’s office where you wait to see the doctor, in my dream, the scene sort of ended, I woke up. I wasn’t disappointed but it’s OK. I knew something happened after that and I was happy with that. So be it. Cheers, Izzie

      3. Satnayama

        Dear A.S.,

        While vacuum cleaning my living room just now, your answer from above popped in my head an felt an urge to write to you.

        If I am on you vibrational level, and you want to communicate with me, please do not hesitate. You probably have ways of finding out if I am. I have asked Tunia and Hakahn questions around music, which I sent to the eraoflight email address, so you can reach me via my email address through eraoflight.

        I love life and am in love with life. Trials, ups and downs, I love it all. I am reaching out, because you do so much good and I want you to know that. I love your writings, your messages from Tunia and Hakahn, your answers. You bring so much fun in my life. I think about your messages and your answers and you bring a smile to my face. You make me happy inside, filled with future dreams.

        So thank you so very much for not giving up and making us part of your light.

        Sending you love, and lightness of being,

  11. 💥

    Sew ur story is saying your society is identical to Sedum & Gomorra Pompeii
    Roman Greek empire!



  13. Oscar Rivera

    I wonder if you could beam up someone from a city and invite them to your ships without “making a scene”. Maybe your ships can cloak or you can teleport people into your ships? How would that work?. Cause I’ve heard that you tend to beam up people in rural areas to avoid problems. I love your work btw, I was “one of you” not so long ago but I can’t remember much, just the feelings.

    1. A.S.

      Answering as myself and not as Hakann —

      Are they able to beam up someone from a city, yes. But aside from the “being seen” risk (yes, they can cloak themselves), from an energetic standpoint it’s also better to beam someone up in a rural area.