Saint Germain: Peace and Freedom Flame

God and You

God is in the world an in the hearts of all people!
God comes to your aid, is close to you and breathes through you! YOU and GOD are ONE! Become aware of the spiritual powerhouse that you are!

Here and now, remember your power. I am guiding you from the valley to the mountain top, from the shadow into the light!

By the power of your love, the earth will transform, and by the power of your light, a new mankind will be born. What you are currently experiencing are labor pains, the pain before the miracle that awaits you when all the work is done.

And this work consists of deepening your connection with God, devoting yourself fully to HIS omnipresent guidance, and having unconditional faith in HIS works in your life.

Especially when times are tough, it is crucial to have complete faith in the power of all life, the source of all being, the mother of mothers, the father of fathers, the heart of hearts, the light of lights, the love that exists in all there is.

So come on, beloved human being, get moving, because we are about to bring movement into the affairs that currently dominate life and weigh heavily on some people’s soul.

Not for much longer, and the time when everything is easy, beautiful, majestic and luminous again can dawn. You are still passing through a tunnel, and the light at the end of this tunnel still seems far away. However, this is a mistake, because with each luminous deed, and with every loving thought, the NEW earth is created and the NEW human is born.

You are spirit, from the very beginning pure divine spirit. You are pure life, limitless and free.

Nothing and no one can limit your inner divinity.

Realize whose child you are and whose power lies within you.

Let’s move out of the tunnel and create a new reality here on earth at high speed.

For that it is necessary that you spiritually connect with the light.

Create an energy field of light!

Light up candles or flares, create fire places and connect with each other. You are united in your longing for peace, and united in your longing for freedom.

Create a common energy field of light by creating a common ritual that you perform worldwide and simultaneously each day. That way your intentions will manifest, because no force can escape the power of awakened people.

If you want your free will and desire for peace and freedom to be acknowledged, you have to make yourself visible, audible and get active.

Due to cosmic law, this signal must be respected by all heavenly and earthly powers. If you want freedom, be free; if you want peace, put it into practice; if you want self-determination, live in an independent self-determined manner.

Freedom for yourself, and peace for all of mankind – that is what this light shall symbolize and manifest for you.


Proceed as follows:

1. Light up a light at 6 p.m. local time each day, no matter where in the world you are.

2. While you ignite it, say the following words:

I am the light, I am the love, I am the life. I ignite this light for peace, freedom and forgiveness. God is my shield and the truth is my sword.

After that you may add your own words. Get inspired by your soul …

No matter where you are, who you are with, or what the circumstances around you may be: always carry a candle – or a simple tealight – with you and ignite it daily at 6 p.m. ! If you can’t leave it burning for a longer period of time because you are changing location, put out the flame until there is another opportunity to reignite it.

Common action at 6 p.m.!

You can put the light on your window sill for everyone to see, or light it privately for no one else to see.

Follow your intuition, because if you want to be a part of this sea of light, you will always be at the right place each day at 6 p.m.

What matters is the united action at 6 p.m. local time!

There shall be light and there is light, and God is with you!

Remember that you are never on your own. There is an increasing number of people who wish to live and experience peace, freedom and joy – this world as it presents itself now has outlived itself in the eyes of more and more people.

This action is the beginning of the true sea of light on earth, because you are LIGHT, your neighbor is LIGHT, and each individual breathing in this world is pure LIGHT and pure LOVE.

Memory returns, and only an active life leads you to awakening.

Together, create this sea of light by reminding yourselves daily of who you are, what you want and how you can receive support and protection.

You’ve got the power. God is with you!

Together you’ve got the power. God is with you!

You are many, and now you are becoming the SEA OF LIGHT!
With endless love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


6 Replies to “Saint Germain: Peace and Freedom Flame”

  1. Dahniayl Benyahmeen

    Saint Germaine, I truly do not understand how U function.
    According to various sources U, and your associates, “dropped the ball”, big time when y’all allowed the 9/11 disaster to take place.
    My sources stated that the NESARA Law and the GESARA Law were to be put into motion, on 9/11, by U and your support team.
    How the lot of U could not arrest the Israeily Massad agents, to prevent them from planting the dynamite, I’ll never understand.
    Add to that the way U talk about Source, with sexual bias is depressing.
    The Creator prefers to be referred to as The Creator.
    ASAR told Neil Donald Walsch, in 1992, that the Divine IS both Female/Male energies. ASAR further stated that to refer to The Divine, using God, is correctly stated as: God/Goddess or Goddess/God. U do not do that . WHY??? ASAR also said The Divine has Male/ Female “parents”, and that IT was the first to have both male/female in to one powerful Being.
    No, do not expect u to answer this email.
    But, as I have experienced on this web site, all channeling is not 100% accurate.
    I’m sticking with the Abraham-Hicks 100 Council. A more accurate instruction format is offered by them.
    Blessing’s unto U, Saint Germaine.

    1. Izzie

      Who or what is ASAR? If after your observation, you said you will stick to Abraham Hicks, then why didn’t you just leave and follow Abraham Hicks instead of writing all these things we do not really want to know? This and others like these are channeled message. They write what they hear from whoever holiness or Galactics talking to them. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Try that one for size.

  2. Izzie

    Beloved St Germaine…putting light on the window for a short time might be dangerous, but I have a window at our house that can be seen from the street. I have not taken that christmas light there for threesome years. Can I just that up qt 6pm and turn it off when we woke in the morning? That will be safer and stay lighted up longer. Please advise…BTW, I can put more light on another window upstairs, too, in my den…

    1. Lea Be

      I think it has to have an element of fire to it. I’m putting mine in the room, not the window because of my curtains.

      1. Izzie

        I meditated before I asked that question. Then I wrote it. I have to go downstairs to do my animal duties and when I reached the foyer, I had an immediate answer from St, Germaine that it is OK for me to turned on that light because we have two indoor cats. it will be dangerous to leave a fire kind of light. I am sure what I am doing is approved by him.


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