Understanding Thoughts as Prayers

Our every thought is a prayer, because we are the creators of the qualities of our lives. It is not the passing thoughts that we observe without judgment, but the ones that we connect with in some way, either by resistance or attraction. Although we live within a limited bandwidth of frequencies, we know from quantum physics experiments that every sub-atomic wave/particle in our bodies participates in universal consciousness.

We haven’t been able to access this expanded awareness, although we’re potentially capable of it, because we have trained ourselves through our families, cultures and businesses to limit our awareness to the energetic patterns of duality and empiricism.

We live within the realm of good and evil and what our senses perceive. This entire world of human experience is changing. The sun is getting brighter, and the positive polarity of the light is strengthening. The polarity of the Earth is shifting to only positive at the center and her resonant frequencies are rising.

All of the darkest negative energetic patterns are coming into the light for transformation or dissolution. It may appear as a dark time for us, as all of humanity detoxifies, but the direction of our life force is toward the light and positive energies in the vibratory level of love and compassion.

It is no longer experientially necessary for us to participate in duality. We keep it in our reality with our negative thought-prayers. When we judge ourselves and others negatively, or when we feel stress, doubt and fear, and when we believe that we are victims, we are focusing our attention on negative energies.

Because we are created to be energy modulators in our consciousness, we radiate this negative energy into the quantum field for empirical manifestation in our experience. We attract the same kind of energy that we pay attention to. This is why advertisers want our attention.

Prayers that are only words without attention are like random thoughts that pass through us and have no effect, but thoughts that are intentional are creative. When we focus on what we don’t have, we create not having it. When we focus on enjoying what we want, we can be grateful and begin to believe in its presence. By focusing on living with the kind of energy that we want, we attract it into our lives. By focusing on being loving and kind, we attract this kind of energy.

Whatever level of polarity and frequency we vibrate at determines the quality of our experience. If we vibrate at the level of gratitude and joy, we can see the unconditional love of the Creator in even the dark beings. This perspective enables us to inhabit a dimension of energy that is beyond the vibratory alignment with negativity, and the dark force cannot penetrate it and does not exist here. We can choose to be only kind and loving in all encounters and confident in all aspects of our lives.

It’s time to play and enjoy life. When we choose to focus on experiencing the unconditional love and life-enhancing energy of the greater Being that we are part of, our thought-prayers can create wonderfully magical experiences for us and elevate us beyond the experience of negativity.

***By Kenneth Schmitt


3 Replies to “Understanding Thoughts as Prayers”

  1. Stephanie

    Humm, a person can be as kind and loving and giving from the heart their whole lives and truly baring their soul, but you forget about all the takers in this world. I don’t create them in my prayers or thoughts but they sure attract to me why don’t I attract the same back as me instead get the takers? so the saying ” The more you give the more you receive” well I feel the more takers take. No reciprocity but I forget, we aren’t supposed to get anything in return this is expectation, but really truly I never expected back but sometimes it would be a nice feeling, well you know what I closed my heart, it’s been so hurt to the soul level that I have nothing to give anymore. Just a lot of takers out there and I refuse to feed them anymore! I don’t enjoy Life, I would prefer to quit this game of Life and go home to where I came from. Words mean nothing to me but actions do, this world is full of takers, abusers, and materialism and I just want to be done with it. Oh and I forgot Lies and more lies. Thanks for your kind words but actions speak louder.

  2. Jon

    This is the kind of BS mankind has been swallowing as some kinda truth for eons. Countless times in the Scriptures Prayer has been shown as the Practice, nay, Ability to Be in the Silence, no ducking words, no thoughts, nothing, just LISTENING IN THE SILENCE. This is True Prayer Listening to Hear, this is where Contact for use of better words takes place and it is not heard in words, it is Heard in the Heart. It is in the Silence where True Prayer takes place. All this other BS is misinformation and disinformation, 🙂

    1. Bill

      What are you talking about? You’re referring to a deliberate action style of meditation/prayer. What this article is talking about is very passive as it has more to do with the potentials while you’re not in “silence” You know, 80-90% of your waking hours? You really think the universe or whatever completely ignores you until you sit down and close your eyes?