Archangel Michael: The Naked Truth

I am archangel Michael and I love you.

For every sunrise and for every sunset I await you.

No matter if it is sunshine in the day or a glittering starry night sky, I will be waiting for you.

I do not count the years, I look at your colors and your energy patterns.

When you now are getting closer to the colors of love: I will speak about what is really important for you right now.

You are entering into a new life!

You are walking in a higher dimension!

And you have known about this for decades, and it is right now what it is happening, big time.

So there you are, in your true colors of your soul, and finally at the place, Earth, that you have been training for, to be at this very moment in time. But as I said, the actual time, the year or so, does not matter.

It is your true you, your true colors that now has matured and is blooming like a beautiful flower.

At first you might find yourself in a feeling of being naked.

To be bare in front of people, standing solely in your love truth, it may take a toll of you.

But please take your time, you are so beautiful when you stand in the true essence of love, the only energy that is eternal.

You have worked so hard to reach this point. You have planted many seeds, you have watered the seeds and cultivated each and every one with great love and care.

Many would call it a work in blood sweat and tears?

The force of love walks side by side with you at all times. The force of love hold your hand and your hearts beats as one.

You will meet resistance! No doubt about it!

Some people will feel threatened by you being open-hearted, and that you speak your own truth with words of love.

They will met their own fear, some of the people you interact with. And it is their turn to begin to work with themselves, just as you have done for decades, actually almost your entire life.

No one can escape the awakening and the personal and spiritual learning they have to do for the coming years.

I mean that everyone is responsible for their own path and work, no one can go on living on earth without doing just this.

It has to do with the respect to Mother Earth, and it also has to do with the respect to your own soul and your universal legacy.

It is highly relevant for every living human being on Earth to know and understand what it is needed to be able to live on Earth.

To align with Mother Earth is to understand yourself, loving yourself, understanding that you are a soul in a body.

To align with Mother Earth is to listen and understand Mother Earth how much she loves you and awaits each and everyone of you.

A long time ago, actually a very long time ago, this was a natural way of living, in close contact with Mother Earth, everyone is now in an awakening phase.

This is really the basic knowledge about living on Earth, and it is a necessity to evolve together with her, your beloved Mother Earth.

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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    I Luv U

    I go within Mother Earths Core

    We R Here to help heal her

    & ALL her inhabitants ❤️‍🩹🌈💥