Hakann: You Are Already More Than Good Enough

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Light workers are those Earthlings whose primary life purpose is to help Earth or their fellow Earthlings. This is about 5% of the population. The primary life purpose of most other souled Earthlings is to have certain experiences or to learn certain lessons.

Every being in the universe who has any kind of sense, greatly respects Earthlings and especially Earthling lightworkers. Why do you think hero stories are so popular on Earth? It’s because Earthlings genuinely are heroes, and through those stories you can get a little bit of the recognition you so very much deserve.

Even non-Lightworker Earthlings – those who have come to your planet to have experiences or learn certain lessons – are very impressive already. They are like galactic straight-A students who have voluntarily signed up for the toughest school in the universe.

As for you Light workers specifically… it is difficult to express in a few words just how awe-inspiring and inspirational you look to us. So in this message, I would like to give you an idea of what we see when we look at Earthling light workers. If you receive this message, you are very likely a light worker.

First, picture an advanced Pleiadian, such as for example Tunia or myself. I’m hearing Tunia protest at this description of her, but this is my message and from my perspective, she is.

So first picture someone like Tunia or myself. Let’s call this being John, but if you prefer to think of her as Sarah, that’s completely fine too.

Imagine that John has the ability to just continue living in a society where he has access to every kind of luxury and every kind of teacher he can dream of, he can travel anywhere he wants to, he is never forced to do any kind of work and has an endless amount of enthusiastic, eager and very attractive sexual partners.

But John perceives that people on some far-away planet are suffering very much. And John, as an enlightened being, understands that the suffering of these Earthlings is also his own suffering. So John makes the selfless decision to give up on his life of sex and luxury and ease.

However, even though from your perspective John is an enlightened and very loving and Hakann-or-Tunia-like being, John would simply break if he’d incarnate on this dark planet right now. He’s not nearly strong enough yet. At best John would live a life of work and addictions and little else, and at worst John would turn to the dark side.

So John spends hundreds of years studying and preparing in order to be ready to help those far-away people.

After a while, the gravity of the mission dawns on him. He’s not just going to give up his cushy life for an existence of work and pain. He’s not just going to lose his memory, his God-consciousness and contact with his galactic family. He’s not just reducing his lifespan from a thousand years to eighty. But he also risks being trapped in a reincarnation loop by dark forces (although this has very recently been disabled). And he risks being tempted to sell his soul.

And what is the plan, really? Voluntarily enter a terrible prison, forget everything, let yourself get brutalized and somehow hope that you will find your way back to the light in the intense darkness?

A teacher of John answers: “the light is so strong that even a candle can illuminate an entire room. You don’t need to fix Earth single-handedly. You will be there with many, many galactic brothers and sisters who will also do their part. You are a bright soul and even if you just exist there on Earth without doing anything, your light will help your fellow man. Just by existing on Earth you will offer your vibration to the collective subconsciousness of humanity, and in doing so, raise it.”

John has a crisis of faith and seriously considers going back to his life of luxury and sex and travel. But after a month, he refocuses himself on his studies. Because really, the dark forces on this Earth planet may have an inflated ego, but they’re not even nearly as strong as the light is. In the end, Source or God always wins.

The day of evaluation comes. An Earthling baby will get conceived and needs a soul. There is John there, and nineteen other souls who have also trained for centuries to help Earth. Only the most capable out of those twenty people will be allowed to be born on Earth.

Most of those nineteen other beings are similar to John. They’re people like Hakann or Tunia, who have then trained for centuries specifically to help Earth and get stronger. And out of twenty of those, only one will be judged to be strong enough to be able to undertake the mission. Only one will become a light worker.

John is at peace. He knows that he is doing his best to serve God, and that is all that is required. If he gets chosen, so be it. If he does not get chosen, he can have peace with that too, because he genuinely did try to serve God as best as he could.

John does get chosen.

John then suffers terribly during several incarnations on Earth. Many of his brother and sister lightworkers either become corrupted, or they become so traumatized that their life consists of nothing but work and distractions.

But John isn’t just an incarnated Earthling lightworker, he is one of the relatively few incarnated Earthling lightworkers who actually wake up and remember their purpose. John slowly gets the hang of the situation. And he helps humanity profoundly, far more than he is consciously aware of. Without realizing it, he is easily one of the strongest souls of the entire universe.

Then in the year 2022, John thinks that he shouldn’t have had that meal or that drink, or shouldn’t have watched so much television. A message echoes through his subconsciousness: “I am not good enough.”

And we Pleiadians see that and we genuinely think, “I understand why that thought crosses your mind because that is the message that your society is telling you. Still, what do you mean? You are the very best of us. The vast majority of beings wouldn’t even have volunteered to become an Earthling lightworker, let alone be accepted as one, let alone manage to not become corrupted or completely addicted to some substance, let alone managed to wake up. Maybe one out of a million Pleiadian souls could have managed to accomplish what you have already done.”

That is how we look at you. As the very best of us. Any time you stumble, most of us would have broken our legs if we were in your place.

In this current life, we are like someone who inherited five million dollars, and we turned that into a fortune of five point five million dollars. In this current life, you are like someone who inherited nothing and turned that nothing into two million dollars. Which is more impressive? From our perspective, you are far more impressive than we are. In fact, you started out as advanced members of our race, and then you worked incredibly hard and you became so much more.

We really don’t think it’s all that special that we’re able to be loving towards other beings, when we live in what you would think of as a utopia. We’re much more impressed that you are often able to be loving even in a dark environment. That is much more special in our eyes. No, lots of Pleiadians would not be able to do that. Don’t think that just because we’re able to be loving while living in a utopia, that we would be able to be loving while living in a very dark world.

So, I am being one hundred percent sincere when I say that you are deeply loved. You are deeply respected. You are the very best of us. And from our perspective, you are already more than good enough.

You are so very much loved and respected. I hope that one day, your heart will be open enough that you will be able to receive even just 10% of the love and admiration we have for you. On that day, I think you will cry, and after that, I think you will never wonder again if you are good enough.

Your Star Brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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54 Replies to “Hakann: You Are Already More Than Good Enough”

  1. John R

    As an asexual, I just want to (after my duty is done) explore the Universe in my own spaceship, close at heart, mind and spirit with my ancestors. Also volunteer conservation work in the quiet nature areas and spaces of suitable planets.

    1. Jane Powell

      Thank you for this beautifully encouraging message. It made me cry tears of hope and joy. Some days are harder than others. I needed this today. Love and light ALWAYS~Jane

      1. A.S.

        You’re very welcome, Jane. I cried too when I channeled this.

        Thanks for your comment, it brightened me day. Light and love to you too.

    2. A.S.

      Thanks for your question. They have physical bodies and they can also have ethereal sex. I don’t understand that process exactly but it seems to resemble astral travelling and then using energy instead of physical touch.

      Most or all Pleiadians seem to prefer physical sex if they can have the choice. Although when they have physical sex, that typically has a larger energetic component than when Earthlings have sex.

      Today an article was posted by Tunia about “A Day In My Life (NSFW)” in which she also discusses sex.

  2. david k gates

    Eager, attractive and enthusiastic sexual partners……?!?!?!
    That does NOT resonate…I felt that twinge of something doesnt “feel” right with that statement

    1. A.S.

      I’d like to share something that may or may not be relevant.

      When I first started just talking to Pleiadians and astral traveling to the New Jerusalem, I noticed that a lot of Pleiadians had a lot of sex, often with different people. Of course there are Pleiadians who don’t do that — some are asexual and some are in a monogamous relationship — but a lot of them are.

      First I thought that maybe Pleiadians weren’t as virtuous as I thought they were. But after a while I concluded that no, there was nothing wrong with Pleiadians, or their tendency to have a lot of sex. It was my own weird “sex in any non-monogamous context = bad” belief that was the issue here.

      After all, suppose I lived in a society where everyone had a body like a supermodel, had a personality like Tunia’s, unwanted pregnancy and STDs were no risk, everyone mind-read everyone else so there were no mismatched expectations and you could just instantly psionically connect to an available and matching sexual partner whenever you wanted.

      How would I behave in that society? Well, I would have a whole lot of sex with a whole lot of women. How would a lot of women behave? Well, in a similar way.

      Again, there absolutely are asexual or monogamous or simply less sexually active Pleiadians out there. I’m just saying that I was triggered by Pleiadian sexuality at first, and then I sat down and I thought, “wait, I’d behave like them if I were in their shoes.”

      I’m not saying that men in Pleiadian society get a harem handed to them. I’m just saying that everyone is so attractive that it’s easy for them to find a sexual partner who is eager, attractive and enthusiastic, whenever you want.

      Does this apply to you? I don’t know. I thought there’s a chance it could and therefore I’m sharing this, but maybe I’m completely wrong.

      In any case, I hope you have an amazing day.

      1. A.S.

        Before someone accuses me of sexism, this exact same thing applies to Pleiadian women. If you’re a Pleiadian woman and there’s a near-endless amount of handsome, Hakann-like men you can have sex with, at zero risk to yourself and in a culture with no shame around sexuality, then I think a lot of women would take advantage to that. Not all of course, but a lot.

        And so you have a lot of both Pleiadian men and women looking for casual sex, and it’s super easy for those people to match up, and hence you have a whole lot of casual sex.

        This John figure from the story was a Pleiadian too, so he was a very attractive man himself. So it was easy for him to find a lot of eager, attractive and enthusiastic sexual partners (because they thought he was hot).

    2. Mauro Gandval M Xborgh

      Parlare di SESSO e qualcosa di profondmente CARNALE.e umano….che rimanda Di PER SE a pecche sul possesso e Auto-condizionamenti VOLUTI dall’EGO di credersi giusto tutto il discorso sull”assessuamento” ma che poi gli STESSI che si danno la SCUSA e alibi per corpi “asessuati” CADONO poi chissà perchè in VOLERE comn il loro EGO e deviazine..essere a volte uomini e avolte donne e alcuni e nn mi stupirei TUTTI quelli che parlano di SESSO vorrebbero magari essere sia maschi che femmine nello stesso tempo….cosa che e gia altamente VOLUTA-insita nei discorsi pietosi di alcune di queste persone che si AUTO-nominano perfino Elevate o di altre densità piu evolute..se TUTTI i pleiadiani sono come questi a posto siamo….ma va da SE che proprio i pleiadiani siano gli esseriabbastanza imperfetti e pecaminosi piu SIMILI agli umani….ultima cosa le pleiadi appartengono PURE al …negativo…(-Gruppo di ORIONE-)

  3. Hiromant

    No, Earth inhabitants are not old and advanced souls. They’re young souls still making the choice between Negative and Positive Polarization. Old and advanced souls are enjoying themselves in the permanent bliss of higher densities.

    1. david k gates

      LOL………I…am an Old Soul here on Earth and have been in existence for millions and millions of Earth Years

    2. A.S.

      I guess it depends on where you draw the line between young souls, old / advanced souls and super old / advanced souls.

      I do agree with you that the oldest souls in the universe aren’t walking around on Earth in physical bodies.

      So, are Lightworkers old souls? Compared to your average Earthlings, yes. Compared to the oldest souls in the universe, no. So where do you draw the line between young and old soul? I guess Hakann draws it at “everyone as old as me or slightly older is an old soul.”

      I’ve read The Law of One too and its description that most Earthlings are here to choose between the service-to-self or the service-to-others path. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case for every single light worker. I do think some of them have come back to help others.

      To take an extreme example, I don’t think Jesus (or technically the man we think of as Jesus) incarnated here to choose between service-to-self or service-to-others. Of course most people aren’t Jesus, but you get the point that not necessarily every Earthling is here to choose between the negative or positive polarity.

      Still, at the end of the day I am just presenting a perspective. If you think this is wrong, then I sincerely hope you find other messages you resonate with more.

      1. Hiromant

        I agree that not every soul here is making a choice. Just this “oh you’re so strong, we could never handle Earth, we’d never survive” talk from advanced civilizations is ridiculous because they HAVE survived third density themselves eons ago. They too had to worry about surviving and fighting injustice for thousands of years. So yeah, maybe now they’re having orgies all day on some cushy spaceship but it was a long difficult road to get there.

        1. A.S.

          Yes, at one time they too survived living in a 3d world. But when Pleiadians were in 3d, they weren’t thoroughly enslaved or trapped in an inverted matrix or had their energy constantly leeched by demons and hostile ETs.

  4. Maureen Milbourne

    Thankyou for this. Summing up some of the feelings I go through and am I doing enough.? Feel like I’m a gatecrasher sometimes but other moments when I love everyone on the planet Made me cry but good tears.

  5. Jacques Vincent

    Dear Hakaan my brother and friend , as some have said , I feel some times that I , I am not doing enough to help humanity to shift fast enough into a greater dimension. This feeling , I just can not get rid of it and this sometime make me sad … Your wonderful message brought me joy , happiness and a great recomfort… Every day I say the mantra that I am Love , Light , One with all there is , truth , That I am who I am and that every day I am trying to do the best that I can… Hope to see you soon my Friend and have a nice cool orange juice on the patio… …

    1. AzureLeaves

      Good day Jacques Vincent, I’m only saying this on a “just in case” basis, on the chance that you haven’t realized these yet:

      -Are you saying that “I AM” mantras and be done with it? Vain repetition of words can only do so much on your “I AM” decrees; you must also FEEL and CONSCIOUSLY IMAGINE that you are what you Decree yourself to be, you must live FROM the state of the “Wish-fulfilled”, the FEELING of the state that you are already that which you claim yourself to be; that “it is done” NOW.

      Otherwise, just saying those I AM mantras while, on the back of your mind, you still see yourself as someone that is living a–for example–“miserable and stressful life” with all the bills to pay and the general upkeep of resources here and there, will only negate your I AM mantras; they are nothing but empty words.

      Your Subconscious, your I AM (a.k.a. your Awareness of Being), is neutral and no respecter of persons; it doesn’t judge you; it only gives birth to what conceive it with (a.k.a. your perceptions of yourself); it makes manifest what you TRULY FEEL, not what you SAY. So what must be done is that your feelings must match with what you say for it to have any effect.

      For example “that every day I am trying to do the best that I can” is to declare that you are NOT STILL the best that you are; instead, do it like this: “I am already the best that I am, and I am capable of reaching even greater heights”, all while FEELING and consciously imagining yourself to be THAT. Afterwards, keep working towards your goals, towards reaching even greater heights while holding that feeling within you, and you will have so-called “inspired actions” and manifestation of events (brought about by your “I AM”/”Awareness of Being”) that will lead you towards becoming your greatest version and reaching even greater heights towards your own personal and spiritual development.

      My advice is to not just “hold the light”; instead, INTENSIFY IT and protect it from being extinguished out through doing “The Work” (e.g. personal and spiritual development, practicing and studying metaphysical, psychical, spiritual concepts, knowledge, wisdom, philosophies, abilities and techniques), and don’t forget to shine it upon others too so they can awaken, or rise up even further if they are already awake.

      What you do to others you also do to yourself; and by Law of Reversibility, what you do to yourself you also do to others–hence if you strive and work towards your own personal and spiritual development and helping and guiding others who seek such from you/those who needs it that comes across your path, then you can further help accelerate the ascension of the collective, which is just you pushed out.

      Because we are all Fractals of the same Divine Source: “I am you, and you are me”.

      You are already more than good enough; so keep doing the Great Work AND never stop improving: never be complacent for there are greater heights to reach; and if you already reached the “last height”; no one forbids you from creating another heights to reach, for the path to “Perfection” never stops unless you declare it for yourself (which can lead to your own Stagnation).

      1. AzureLeaves

        Still, what I said can be a bit confusing. To clarify:

        Declaring you’re still “trying” to become the best/greatest version if yourself will encourage you to FEEL as if you’re in that endless maze of “self-development” without any hope for actual PROGRESS.

        And that feeling will be received by your subconscious and thus materialize/manifest events, circumstances and inspired actions that can result in you forever “trying” to be the best while robbing you of any progress.

        So instead, think, feel and live FROM the state of the end/wish-fulfilled, and that feelings will cause your subconscious to manifest events, circumstances and inspired actions that can actually bring you progress.

        In martial arts, we hit our targets or break bricks by thinking and feeling that the bricks are ALREADY HIT/BROKEN and then we execute our technique to hit/break it and it breaks with little to no injury to us: we already manifested the bricks breaking from the future in our Conscious Imagination filled with Intent, so we then trigger it into actualization by kicking/punching it to finalize the process.

        Now imagine if we worry and become anxious if our kicks/punches can actually break that stack of bricks, worries and anxiety about injuring ourselves and begin to FEEL self-doubt, while not thinking, feeling and living FROM the end (the bricks being ALREADY broken with little to no injury on our part), even if they are repetitiously -saying- to thenselves that “I can do this” (vain repetition of words not backed by feelings, thoughts and conscious imagination)?

        Most of the time, the martial artist won’t be able to (with the help of their subconscious materializing events from their feelings) execute a punch or kick strong enough to break the bricks and even injure themselves, which is manifested by their subconscious from their feelings, thoughts, fears and anxieties.

        And about “reaching greater heights”:

        Sure, you practiced, trained and did “The Work”, mastered a lot of stuff, and felt yourself “already perfect”/”already more than good enough”.

        You can very much expect that the Universe/Prime Creator/Divine Source will prove you wrong by sending someone along your path to show you that the “mountain” whose heights you conquered is actually a lot smaller than another “mountain” that exists somewhere else, and that someone has conquered it– a mountain higher than what you conquered; for there are always greater heights to reach.

        This is done to prevent Stagnation; if you’re in the mindset and feeling that once you have already done X and Y (or just straight up did -NOTHING-) you’re already perfect/more than good enough, you will surely be beaten and proven wrong by someone that will come along who has a mindset, attitude and feelings that the road to perfection never stops and that there are always greater heights to reach: “I am already the best I can be and I am capable of reaching even greater heights; of endlessly SURPASSING myself everyday”.

        This is because they are not restricted/limited in their mindset and are not complacent to the heights they have already reached in their spiritual and personal development, instead they are aware that there are greater “mountains” to reach the top on, and they can even make a new one that is far higher than the “highest” they have conquered.

        It’s a limitless journey in this Illusion/Maya/Grand Play; and I feel it’s wise to not be complacent indeed, while feeling that you already are the best you could be.

        At the end of the day it’s all an Illusion/Maya, and at its core, it’s all Empty/Void/Sunyata (teachings of the Heart Sutra), there is no “point” because YOU as an individual fractal of the Divine Source have to give it its own definition; you write your own contents on your own Book of Life as its author.

        So your “I AM”/Awareness of Being can learn and further improve on this current iteration of this current Cycle, to the next Cycle of all Existence after Mahapralaya/Great Dissolution.

        In any case, these are my perspectives, take from it what you will; absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own, from your own realizations and experiences.

        I’m only presenting a different perspective, through all that I have personally learned, realized and experienced.

        1. Jacques Vincent

          Dear AzureLeaves , first of all , I would like in a way give you my appreciation for your well written comments. English is not my mother tongue and I can not express myself as you can do. After having read your full comment , I had difficulty to comprehend the meaning of all this . Where you in a way blaming me in a certain maner ? . When in my mind I express that :
          ”” I AM love , light , one , truth , I AM that I AM and I am trying to be the best that I can ”’ I mean every words in a profound way and that is the way it is . I do not know who you are and at the end of the day You and I are ONE and it will be so till the end of TIME.. With GREAT respect and much LOVE .. Yours Truly J. V.

          1. AzureLeaves

            Good day, English is also not my first language so I can have difficulty expressing my thoughts too.

            My sincerest apologies if you misunderstood my post as me “blaming” you in a certain manner–let me be more clear that I am not blaming you at all; what I wanted to do was to give you advice on techniques that might help you further on your path.

            What I want to express on my post is that: just in case you haven’t realized/learned of this technique yet, I shared to you a technique that I know of that might be able to help you make your “I AM” affirmations/mantras to have even more effectiveness and potency.

            And I presented a few techniques that might help you achieve even more effectiveness on your “I AM” mantras.

            To make the technique more concise (again, just in case you haven’t realized/learned of this technique yet):


            1.] Fill yourself with emotions on what you will feel AFTER your wish is fulfilled, or what you will feel once your “I AM” sentences is true and is happening now.

            2.] While being filled with that emotion, recite the “I AM” mantra. Whichever words will follow the words “I AM” will affect you immensely if you include your emotions on it as if it’s ALREADY happened.

            3.] Don’t think and feel about “trying” or “reaching” for your goal, instead, think and feel as if you’ve already reached your goals, or whichever it is you want to achieve from your “I AM” mantras.

            Filling yourself with a feeling that you’re still “trying” to be that which you want yourself to be will cause your subconscious to manifest in you the “longing” for a better state.

            But if you fill yourself with the feeling that you’ve already achieved your goals and what you wanted to be, your subconscious will manifest in you events, occurrences, “inspired actions” and capabilities that can help you reach the state you are living FROM; which is the state, emotions and thoughts that you will have AFTER you’ve achieved your goals.

            Hence I also gave you some ideas on how to make your mantra have a bit more effective by removing the word “trying”:

            “I am ALREADY the best I can be and I am capable of reaching even greater heights; of endlessly SURPASSING myself everyday”.

            The means you are filling yourself with an emotion of you are ALREADY the best you can be, and that you are even more capable of surpassing yourself everyday, making you be able to keep rising up and improving yourself even more, every day.

            I hope my intentions to help, and to give suggestions and ideas to you is more clear this time, and I hope you won’t misunderstand my intentions this time.

            I apologize again for the misunderstanding.

          2. AzureLeaves

            The mantra I gave is just an example however, you can add more to it if you want, but the technique here is to NOT include specific words that imply that you are still not the best that you can be, such as “trying”, or “will”, or “eventually”, etc., and any other “Future Tense”

            Your “I AM” mantra will work better for your benefit if you include words that are in “Present Tense” instead, meaning it already happened; so now you’ll just have to do the right inspired actions and decisions to manifest it for real.

            Another example mantra you can try is this:

            “I am love, I am light, I am one with all there is, I am the truth, I am that I am. I am ALREADY the best I can be and I am capable of reaching even greater heights; of endlessly SURPASSING myself everyday.”

            You can add more to it too, please remember that any words that follows the word “I AM” will affect you greatly, whether you like it or not.

            So you can add more words after the “I AM” with whichever goals or state you want to achieve, for example “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am healthy, I am surrounded by abundance, I am wealthy” and so on.

            But with ever word you will add to your “I AM”, you must also FEEL yourself as already being the thing you want to be, so if you do include “I am healthy”, then you must also fill yourself with emotion of what you will feel if you are already completely healthy, and consciously imagining yourself to be happy, healthy and “glowing”.

            I sincerely hope these techniques and ideas helps you in one way or another, on your path. I wish you the best.

  6. AzureLeaves

    Greetings Hakann. As much as I like the message being conveyed, I have to say something very important about all this.

    While this message can indeed bring a certain degree of comfort for the weary souls on this planet who are ACTUALLY/ACTIVELY doing “The Work”, I fear that some parts of the message can be misconstrued by other lightworkers as:

    For lightworkers who are already rich/those who already have a steady supply of primary survival necessities:

    “Oh, I’m already more than good enough then? So that means I don’t need to do -anything- at all since I’m already doing a good job, even if I just lay down on my couch all day, and enjoy life and live a life of luxury and pursue temporary happiness, eat what I want, do whatever I want; hobbies, travel, etc., since by merely existing on this planet, I’m already doing a good job–I don’t even need to work on myself because I’m already more than good enough.”

    For lightworkers who don’t have sufficient resources to afford even a meal at least once a day, put a roof over their heads, and various primary survival necessities:

    “Oh, I’m already good enough then? That means I can just forego doing -anything- other than just keep living the matrix life on my job where I had to be injected with an experimental drug so I can keep working and slaving away; get really busy making money so I can support myself and my family who can barely even eat once a day in our makeshift house in a squatters area in a land we don’t even legally “own”, and continue on my own existence since just merely existing is enough; because I’m already more than good enough.”

    1. AzureLeaves

      [Continued: 1 of 3]My apologies, I do not know if you’ve already tried incarnating on this planet at least once, but here’s what I can say as someone who has been here tens of thousands of times:

      The notion of “you are already more than good enough” messages, when received by people who absolutely are -NOT- doing any type of work to become an even better version of themselves as an individual/I AM/Soul/Fractal of Source, such as those two types of lightworkers as my examples above, can cause very dangerous misinterpretations towards such individuals; it will encourage them instead to just lay back, complacent, be lazy, and continue existing while not having to do any work to better themselves; become a reactive person that reacts to any stimuli without self-control and discipline (especially negative/frustrating ones), who don’t meditate or at least receive, acknowledge and learn the spiritual downloads and wisdom sent to them during meditative mental states, all the while getting caught up in 3D Matrix life such as labor and/or leisure.

      While -some- Lightworkers are indeed doing fine, never forget that there is always greater heights to reach in one’s own personal and spiritual development–it never stops, hence Prime Creator/Divine Source keeps up the Cyclical Genesis-Destruction Cycle of all Existence, creating all of existence and destroying it all at the “end of time” (i.e. Mahapralaya/Great Dissolution), and start all over again, all the while carrying the lessons the “I AM” (a.k.a. all of us co-fractals of the Prime Creator–our own Awareness of Being) learned and realized from the previous Cycle to the next Cycle; striving for even greater heights than the previous Cycle using the lessons learned; otherwise, there will be Stagnation.

      One must never stop improving; “we are already more than good enough”, sure, but from my perspective, it can only truly apply to Lightworkers who are actively doing “The Work”; what they have agreed upon and said they would do and the purpose they want to fulfil to those who preside over the whole re/incarnation process.

      Such message is good to say to Lightworkers who are already worn from doing “The Work”, which can give them a peace of mind to keep doing what they are doing, such as the so-called “Spiritual Arts” and other types of work that helps them become an even greater version of themselves (which in turn will help awaken the collective too and even further raise up those who are already awakened, per the “Law of Reversibility”) and also helping the collective with what they do Metaphysically.

      But say that message to someone who did absolutely -NOTHING- (or did not WANT to do any of the work; realizing on their current incarnation that they don’t want to do these things anymore because they feel as if “they bite off more than they can chew”) related to improving themselves and helping the collective Metaphysically/Magickally/Psychically, and the effect can be devastating and lead them towards laziness, complacency and non-beneficial inactivity.

      1. AzureLeaves

        (2 of 3)Just look at some of the comments of some individuals on this website and on COBRA’s blog at 2012portal (particularly COBRA’s latest August 15, 2022 post)–they are all in despair; in a state of giving up; in a state of blaming the “Light/Negentropic Forces” for “not helping remove the Darkies” and “inactivity” or “carrot on stick approach”, to the point that some of them now sees the “Light/Negentropic Forces” as colluding with the “Dark/Negentropic Forces” to harvest energies of despair that comes after a hope of salvation is ruined.

        Not realizing that they are their own saviors and they have all the powers and capabilities in whole of existence to do so because THEY ARE FRACTALS OF THE DIVINE SOURCE–that Extraterrestrials are only there for Support and Advice and humanity has to overcome this Adversary themselves or else there will be no growth; wanting to go back to all the SEX AND LUXURY of a Utopian world and not wanting to do the “Work” here anymore; not wanting to be in their physical body anymore because their environment is “too much” for them (not realizing they are in that situation for the purposes of overcoming it which can lead to further Spiritual and Personal development benefits on their part; not wanting to be on their physical body that has a genitalia that doesn’t correspond to their own “orientation” or Race/Ethnicity they want (not realizing we all have aspects of the Feminine and Masculine at our core and we all lived a life of being a Female AND a Male at least once; and not realizing we all lived/incarnated as being under different Societal Labels/Race/Ethnicity at least once).

        Merely continuing one’s existence is a good thing of course, but from a perspective of someone who has been in this planet many times, that is not enough–(and if you also incarnated tens of thousands of times on this planet, I’m sure you can understand too), one must not become complacent, one must continue working towards bettering oneself as one of the important workings of a Light “WORKER”/Spiritual “WORKER”; we are that–we are not Light “No-doers”/Spiritual “No-doers”.

        What use is there to a Light/Spiritual Worker to continue existing on this planet if they are not doing “The Work”, becoming complacent, lazy, not doing -anything- while getting caught up in the 3D Matrix which causes them to become more and more corrupted while steadily going down instead of up all while being told that they are already “more than good enough”?

        Being complacent and not doing literally -anything- can only do so much to keep one’s “Light” from being extinguished from all of the Entropic energies and entities on this planet; one must never forget that that is not enough; they must further INTENSIFY and PROTECT that light from flickering out of existence by doing “The Work” necessary to keep it on and strengthen it, to not become complacent, to strive to further improve themselves Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Metaphysically.

        Otherwise they will only serve the purposes of the Entropic Forces that way by living the life similar to a Sleeper or NPC with all of their complacencies and laziness, when they are told they are already “more than good enough” even if what they are doing is detrimental to their Personal and Spiritual Development, which can happen a lot if the messages such as these are not properly elaborated upon.

        1. AzureLeaves

          (3 of 3)I sincerely apologize for this Hakann, but the message needs more clarification for those too asleep to see and realize the depth of this particular message and to whom this message is TRULY addressed to (which is those Light/Spiritual WORKERS who are doing–and WANT to do–“THE WORK” and Light/Spiritual Warriors who “FIGHT” (in their own ways) on the frontlines of this whole Grand Play).

          I have co-Spiritual Warriors who have long criticized messages that encourages–or easily misconstrued as–“non-activity” and “complacency” which your message can easily be misconstrued upon; as has already been done by many other Channelers for a very long time now (e.g. “Keep living in love and light, don’t do -anything-; it’s not necessary, we got your back and you will be in our ships ‘soon'”, or even worse: “Dear Ones, we, the Light Forces has cleared/healed/defeated/fixed X and Y, two more weeks and there will be good news; you don’t have to do anything and just relax, for we do all these things on the background, just KEEP HOLDING THE LIGHT and keep the faith!” only for the cycle to repeat again for years), which has continued for decades now (just look at 2012portal Blog’s comments for the effects of such messages).

          A fundamental component lacking in these types of messages is reminding the readers that they are indeed Light/Spiritual WORKERS, they must do “THE WORK” and not become complacent. Striving to become a better person, and reaching even greater heights in their own Personal and Spiritual Development, which can be done by studying and practicing various Spiritual/Magickal Paths and Techniques, Philosophies, development and mastery of various physical and psychical abilities, working to have a strong and powerful Heart and Mind, are one of the many things one can do to prevent the light that they are holding within from flickering out; in fact, it will bring even more benefits for themselves and the collective if they don’t just “hold the light”, but also intensify it (through Personal and Spiritual Development practices and studies) AND “shine” it on others–you don’t have to merely “hold it in” (and actually, it’s as good as useless for me if you just “hold” it in–use it, develop it, intensify it, do “The Work”).

          Those who work towards such goals hard enough are those who are indeed worthy of being sent a message of “You are already more than good enough” with an addition of, if I may suggest: “…so keep up the great WORK that you are doing, and never stop improving”.

          Merely just saying “You are already more than good enough” and end it there is similar to telling someone “Good job”; remember that “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job'”; you will only lead an individual to complacency, contentment and killing their natural drive to reach EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS in their own Personal and Spiritual Development if you merely say those words and not add important reminders that there are always greater heights to reach and that they must NOT stop striving to reach those heights; and if there’s no more heights to reach, MAKE ANOTHER–to constantly work towards self-improvement; “Perfection” never ends for if it does designed that way, there will be Stagnation, and Prime Creator does NOT tolerate Stagnation, as you can see with all of the happenings on this Planet and beyond; on all that Exists–stagnation is discouraged.

          With all due respect, from what I can perceive–your message is incomplete and deserves clarification and more important additions, particularly additions that can eliminate the possibility of an individual reading it to become complacent, lazy or becoming a Light/Spiritual “No-doer” instead of “Worker”/”Warrior”.

          This message is by no means to antagonize you or anyone (and I sincerely apologize if you see it that way); but I have to point out the mistakes (e.g. points that encourages misinterpretations) I have personally perceived from my personal “vantage point” or risk leading the readers into further complacency with these types of messages (that I have unfortunately seen the unwanted/unintended/negative effects of, for many years now on various websites/communities).

        2. AzureLeaves

          Correction on typographical error at (2 of 3):
          “to the point that some of them now sees the “Light/Negentropic Forces” as colluding with the “Dark/ENTROPIC Forces” to harvest energies of despair that comes after a hope of salvation is ruined.”

          Really needs that “Edit” button.

          1. AzureLeaves

            Lastly apologies for any grammatical errors, repetitions and redundancies, here and there–English is only my 2nd language, and I’m always on the habit of elaborating way too much to the point of writing blocks of texts with little to no conciseness.

            But thank you anyway for taking the time to read, and hopefully my messages comes across properly.

    2. A.S.

      AzureLeaves, thank for your comments. I don’t feel antagonized or attacked. I appreciate that you shared your perspective.

      I’m getting the impression that you’re a lightworker who works hard to benefit the collective. Thank you for that. This means means that I am benefitting from your work too.

      Yes, I too value doing my own personal spiritual practice. I too value doing my share of the lightwork (namely these channelings and certain other things). I do agree that it would not be a great outcome if people became hedonistic or concluded that light work wasn’t necessary anymore.

      Yes, I too feel troubled by the despair on the 2012portal blogspot.

      I’m saying this as myself and not as Hakann, but I believe that Hakann’s worldview is: if you give people love and encouragement, they will start working in a positive direction once they’re ready to do so. After all, his worldview is that humans are not inherently lazy / hedonistic but are inherently forward-moving, assuming they have enough love and encouragement. (Hakann is saying that this is very much a simplification but roughly true.)

      Earthlings and Pleiadians have a fundamentally different view of love, I think. Earthlings generally think “let’s use love as a carrot, and ‘do better’ messages as a stick, and in this way you get people to take positive action.” Pleiadians think that being loved is just a human need. How can you expect a car (Earthling) to go very far if you don’t give it any fuel (love)? They think that giving people love makes them more productive, not less.

      Still, Hakann and I do agree that aside from love, encouragements to take positive actions are also useful. Other articles offer the encouragement part of this equation. For example, if you click on Source under this article, you find my youtube channel. Two encouragement videos there are “Hakann: You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To” and “Hakann: You Can Do So Much More Than You Realize.” Those are very much “you can do it, start taking real-world action” kind of messages.

      Hakann has also said on a number of occasions that it’s primarily up to Earthlings to clean up the current mess and build a better society. Of course this burden isn’t on one person’s shoulders and of course the ETs help, but still, it’s primarily up to us.

      Also, it’s possible that you simply do not (fully) agree or (fully) resonate with this message. That is of course completely fine. Hakann and Tunia and I are just presenting our perspectives. We don’t claim that it is the sole objective truth.

      Finally, you’re completely free to submit your own articles to this site. I think that you have a valuable message too, and I mean this completely sincerely. If you send in an article to Kejraj (the site owner / admin) at EraofLightBlog at gmail dot com, he may publish it. I too one day just decided to send an article to Kejraj. He posted it and then I just kept sending new articles every week. You can do the same if you want.

      You have reminded me of the importance of “you can do it” type of messages (although of course it’s not up to me what kind of messages Hakann sends). So thank you for that.

      I hope you have a great day.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Good day A.S. thank you for your response.

        To return the gratitude, I thank you as well for the work that you do; active Spiritual Workers/Warriors are indeed needed at this time.

        I’m glad to know your perspectives on the matter as well. I agree that the message from Pleiadians can be really different because their culture and environment is vastly different from Earthlings; so I suppose it’s indeed inevitable that some messages are too “Love and Light” that it virtually has little benefits to hardened warriors who knows that not everything is about “Love and Light”, and on some instances, can even encourage complacency and laziness to other individuals in these sorts of community (like my previous two examples).

        Nothing wrong with “Love and Light” however, but this is Earth; there is more to life here than “Love and Light”, there’s also Courage, Bravery, Valor, Fortitude, Fighting Spirit, the Willpower to unleash one’s own inner strength and grit one’s teeth to overcome hardships and adversaries and other similar energies needed to face and overcome adversities and hardships that the Divine Source creator itself assigned its own fractals to take on that role, and for better or for worse, commit the most heinous and most despicable acts you can imagine towards another being that the only way to overcome them is to have enough love and power to set them back to the Source, by vanquishing them.

        “Love and Light” can only get you so far; from my experiences, it’s not something that one should rely SOLELY, when on this planet, and instead, use it in combination with other necessary things as well.

        We live in a different environment as Pleiadians and they had vastly different lessons to learn as part of their own Experiments than us Earthlings, so various forms of mismatch, cultural differences, and difference in needs are bound to happen.

        As for whether I agree or resonate in this message; it is neutral. Because I understand that, again, Pleiadians grew up and live on a different environment than Earthlings; as a result, the views, perspectives, needs and methods to do X and Y are bound to be different, because we have our own lessons to learn–different from them–in this Grand Play.

        Pleiadians are mostly, if not purely Love-based from what I can see, so much so that I fear they don’t even know, or at least give emphasis on the practice self-defense methods to protect themselves and those they care about if–and whenever–the Divine Source Creator decides to break their Stagnated Peace by sending an Entropic Force (like the Entropic Reptilians, or god forbid Entropic/Negative Faction of Pleiadians that I’ve been hearing about lately) to agitate Order in their plane.

        Cue: Animated Music Video of the song “One more time” by Daft Punk, which, according to COBRA is similar to how Pleiadians got invaded a long time ago; though I think they’ve already learned their lessons by now from that incident and so are no longer complacent.

        By Law of Dependent Origination, the reason Love-based entities like the Pleiadians exists is because there is a Hate-based/Apathy-based entities that also exist and vice-versa; this is done to prevent Stagnation–the Law of Dependent Origination/Pratityasamutpada is an inevitable part of this Illusion/Maya, otherwise, all returns to Nothingness/Void/Sunyata.

        In either case, once again I’m just here presenting my perspectives; a perspective of one of the Fractals of the Divine Source who is currently living in an Earthly body, and who is taking the role of Spiritual Warrior.

      2. AzureLeaves

        About the submission of articles, thank you for letting me know of that; I actually asked about that to Kejraj, through that email, on how I can post or submit articles on this website as I want to share the wisdom and truth I’ve realized on my journey, which I feel is a waste if I just keep it all to myself (perhaps it can help at least one person have accelerated ascension/awakening).

        I also sent an email to that address containing questions for Tunia and Hakann’s Q&A.

        I sent a few questions, but I’m not sure if you received them, which is about 2-3, and is about “Law of Reversibility”, “Morphogenetic Fields”, “Hundredth Monkey Effect” and such. It’s almost a week now since I sent it; please let me know whether or not you did receive questions related to those from me, passed on to you by Kejraj.

        If not, and you’re still curious about what Tunia and Hakann thinks of those concepts I mentioned above, please let me know and perhaps I’ll just post the questions here, or you can also give me direct email so I can send it to you directly, instead of through the Eraoflight’s gmail/website.

        Once again thank you for all that you do. And I just want to say to you, Hakann and Tunia that the messages are always welcome and are very appreciated, despite minor differences of perspectives here and there, due to Earthlings and Pleiadians growing up and living on two different environments with different lessons to learn.

        1. EraOfLight Post author

          I have received many questions. The responses will be posted, two to three Q & A at each day.

          1. AzureLeaves

            Ah I see, thank you for the response and confirmation Kejraj, I was worried for a moment that gmail began blocking such types of messages because of that WEF AI censorship fiasco thing, and these Elites has a bunch of control over email companies and internet.

  7. Kirsten

    As a reflection of the divine feminine who loves and respects myself as well as my male counterparts (in other words, NOT a feminist, lol), I want to express my deep gratitude for this lovely message. Just what I needed to hear. Thank. you.

  8. Karen

    Commander, you and Tunia are very loving and genuine I can feel
    Your vibrations so thank you.

    1. Betsy Conger West

      I felt the love in every word. Thank you. Your message gives us the courage and will to continue on… until we finish what we came here to do. I can only imaging what I left, but I’m determined to make it back to feel all it’s beauty again!

  9. Lutz Hoin

    I thank you very much for your words.You can’t imagine how these word’s are helping me.
    I’m happy to see you one time.
    With much love

  10. Gustavo Frein

    Look Hakann, I want to go back to my life of sex with beautiful women and luxury and ease, especially if I get all shot to shit fighting these evil bastards

    1. A.S.

      Your comment made me chuckle. Yes, I can’t deny that I have periods where I feel like that too. I do empathize.

      Well, at least Earthling’s medium-term future is very bright.

  11. David

    Thank you Hakaan and A.S, this pulls at the heart so so much, it drives me forward to keep going no matter what, I trust the plan and will keep working towards a better world.

    For Gaia, for you, for us all. We are all one. All my love. Adonai 🙏💖🙌

  12. kelly morris

    Gosh I wish you had used a female name instead of a male name when relaying this narrative. It feels sexist and dated. Sarah had an abundance of very attractive sexual options on her home planet, but chose to forego all that sexual ecstasy and head to Earth… are you saying all planet species are as sexist and moronic as earthlings? Who can even read this whole thing? Not a feminist. 🌹🍸✌🏽💕

    1. Gustavo Frein

      One of the radical, abortion loving feminists I spoke of. Oh sure claims not to be an ugly man hating feminist but somehow manages to read this as a “sexist” message.

      Not a feminist? Though do protest too much.

      1. affh tuiur

        Gus…I see you are still mostly asleep and FULL of hate, anger and judgement. Stil full of poitical 3D nonsense with your rant. Whatever a female did yo you, you need to concetrate on forgiveness as you post a LOT of DARKNESS.

  13. Zuza

    Thank you Hakann and Tunia, I am feeling exactly how you described it, as not worthy, as doing not enough. I cannot get rid of those feelings, they are so deeply rooted… Thank you so much. I do need to cry now. lol. 🙂

    1. A.S.

      You’re very welcome. When I was when channeling this and when I reread it, I cried too.

      Just your presence on this planet is helping, even if you’re not doing anything. You are loved. ❤️

      1. Zuza

        Thank you for what you do AS. It must be energy draining to reply to all the comments that are often not kind or challenging. I feel only love and support vibrations from your messages. Hope this is all not too hard for you too. I am so grateful for what you share with us, this messages are so much needed by many of us! THANK YOU!

        1. A.S.

          Thank you, Zuza. Reading some comments is a bit challenging, but at this moment I can handle it. If it ever becomes too much, I’ll just skip reading the comments for a day. I do love channeling these messages so I won’t stop doing that.

          I feel seen and appreciated. And I appreciate your messages too – they make me feel better.

  14. Tricia

    Thank you Dear Commander Hakaan for your kind uplifting words 🙏💖❤️ Thank you A.S x


      People’s requirements for themselves can not meet the standard, which means that they are in the strongest competitive relationship and reach the extreme highest standard recognized by the society. Not self-worth judgment.

      The value standard recognized by the whole society comes from the amount of money, the strength and weakness of power, the amount of material, and the number of appendages obtained.


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