The Arcturian Group: Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Dear readers we are pleased to once again connect with you who have chosen to bring your light and awareness to earth’s ascension process. Know that if you read and relate to these messages we are referring to you. Trust that you are doing what you came to do even if it seems as though you are simply living an ordinary life.

Many students of truth become programmed along the way to believe that spiritual work consists only of channeling, hands on table work, healing rites and rituals etc. and these things can be facets of it. However, the reality is that Light work is just what it says it is–working to hold Light.

Trust that the Divine Plan is alive and well in spite of what seems to be a regression of world consciousness. The chaos is serving to “jump start” the awakening process for many who continue to live un-empowered lives, never questioning or thinking for themselves and believing everything they are told if the person doing the telling holds a position of authority in government, religion, education, or medical fields.

Their exposure to actions reflective of dense and long hidden negative energies is causing them for the first time to actually acknowledge issues they have always chosen to ignore or deny in favor of continuing to live comfortably in their chosen belief system while never questioning the status quo they have long accepted as being normal and correct.

Everyone, not just the select few called saints, sages, or gurus, are empowered beings of Light in different phases of awakening to the realization of this. Some will need more lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy and some have already achieved this state of consciousness, but all are on a journey of continuing spiritual awareness regardless of how they may be living their lives at this time. It can be no other way, because ONEness is the only reality and is infinite.

When the first spark of real truth touches and opens in consciousness it causes a period of time in which the person feels emotionally and mentally traumatized. This cannot be avoided because there has been a shift in their state of consciousness and the experience of suddenly realizing that everything they were taught and put their faith into is false, shatters the foundation they have built and depended upon leaving them floundering in confusion which quickly dissipates as awareness continues to unfold.

Many things are waiting in the wings, soon to manifest and help increasingly more to awaken out of the eons long slumber they have endured believing that they were just physical bodies, human beings living only one life and subject to anything and everything “bad”. Never forget that all are Divine Beings, expressions of one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. We have frequently said this, but present times call for it to be reiterated.

Resist nothing. It is not your job as Light workers to save the world with three dimensional solutions. Your job and what you came to do as evolved individuals is to hold the Light by being the Light. Because there is only ONE Consciousness, the Light you hold in your consciousness automatically assists and lifts those near or far able to align with that same energy.

Enjoy the ordinary things of life. Take time to have a glass of wine, read a good book, laugh with friends, or walk in nature and talk to the trees. These things are just as spiritual as sitting in church listening to someone else’s concepts of truth or engaging in prayers that beg and plead. The energy of joy is of a much higher resonance than that of “I don’t have. Give, give, give. Poor me.”

Be aware of your thoughts as you go about your day, staying anchored in truth as best you can. Energy is always attracted to energy it can align with because energy is always seeking oneness and wholeness regardless of how dense or light the energy may be.

The energies embodied in the world’s collective consciousness are drawn to like energy held in the consciousness of individuals. A person who is overly concerned and fearful about health and disease will automatically attract thoughts and beliefs about health and disease, often creating them for themselves. A person who constantly thinks, worries, and gives power to issues of money will likewise attract concepts, beliefs, and experiences of lack and limitation and even abundance. (third dimensional duality) It is the same for all beliefs–relationships, aging, etc. etc.

Always remember that the three dimensional thoughts that may flow to and through you are never personally yours regardless of how intensely they may feel like yours. Many of them simply represent old habits because the mind has been trained through lifetimes to think certain types of thoughts.

The power is not in rejecting unwanted thoughts, but rather by knowing that the only real thoughts that are personally yours are God’s thoughts–abundance, health, harmony peace, joy, completeness, love, etc. Speak to your mind allowing it to become a partner instead of something to be resisted. Thoughts, some of which may shock you at times as you go about your day have only whatever reality and power you give them.

Many attempt to block out all thoughts when meditating which is impossible and causes the person to spend their meditation time solely trying to block out thoughts. Mediate in partnership with your mind which is an avenue of awareness. Talk to it, allowing it to rest and listen with you not against you as you await silent awareness of your oneness with God.

Allow the process dear ones, always know that there is a bigger picture unfolding other than what appearances may testify to. Your higher self is in charge of your evolution and knows what you are ready for and when and will not allow experiences you are not yet spiritually prepared for in your evolutionary journey.

Trust– knowing that earth is not a material world filled with pain, problems, and evil people but in reality is a spiritual universe peopled with sons and daughters of God– always has been and always will be. Evolution is the process of awakening to this.

We are the Arcturian Group.

**Channel: Marilynn Raffaele


9 Replies to “The Arcturian Group: Be Aware of Your Thoughts”

  1. 💥

    Kicking Higher off ur Bridge

    Winey Wine Wine

    🍷 Outer Crust

    Lower Vibrational Stimuli!

    Stay Truly Within Sacred Heart ♥️

    1. Emma

      Being drunk is lower vibrational, but not a glass of wine. Well I dont like wine, beer and most other stuff, but it will lift many.

      Many people feeling down go to ice cream, or other food, why?, to get higher vibration. Dont overeat, but enjoy that food has that effect. And perhaps wine too, for those that like it. Believe it or not, but there are people in this world, that do not like others to be happy, and they have created bad feelings around food. This and that and everything you cannot eat, or you get sick or fat. When you believe that, that is what you create for yourself, while some can do it all, with no “punishment”.

      I have to watch my weight, because I have not worked with my feelings around the “forbidden” food, and sugary drinks. But this talk with you makes me want to do some inner talking about it. I do not want to “poison” my food with untrue thoughts about food.

      Well, I live in Europe and we have a little less processed food. In my house we eat 60-70% whole food. The rest some processed and some junk.

  2. kelly morris

    The Arcturians told you to have a glass of wine:..? That seems unlikely. Alcohol is not a part of ascension hahah. What?

    1. Light seeker

      Yeah, this doesn’t resonate with me either. The thing that made me go “hm…” was:

      “A person who is overly concerned and fearful about health and disease will automatically attract thoughts and beliefs about health and disease, often creating them for themselves.”

      This is like saying “don’t think of a red hammer.” Oh, you just thought of a red hammer. So maybe it wasn’t helpful that I told you “don’t think of a red hammer.”

      The medium-term problem with telling people not to think “bad thoughts” is that in practice, people try to accomplish that by suppressing those thoughts. But then they get pushed into the subconscious and then manifest from the subconscious. So that’s counterproductive.

      So if you worry about your health, it’s actually better to sit down and to just consciously perceive that worry, without judging it or trying to change it or try to suppress it. Then the energy will leave you.

      Maybe it’s theoretically true that saying “if you fear for your health, you will attract disease” but in practice, saying that to people (without giving a suggestion on what to do if you have those fears anyway) is counterproductive, imo.

      1. Emma

        I have friends that do all the right things like excersice, spinning classes etc. Eating salad and healthy stuff, and now have diabetes and high blodpressur, and cholesterol (medicine on all of it). Their lazy siblings do not have any health problems, so YES. People eagerly trying to be healthy is indeed creating bad health, because they have a subconsciense that is afraid of sickness.

        One of them has it all, and she is confused about her siblings, that do nothing. What you fear you attract is correct. Lesson?: Learn that you are divine, and disease is not part of you, and if you do get it, you can survive it, and be better for it after.

        I survived a disease, doctors was very surprised (acut severe pancreatis). I never felt I would die, though huge pain. When they told me what they believed, I felt very strong, that my body (and I) was strong enough to survive what people normally die from, or end cribled from. No medicine. Also no co19-vaccine, as I am not afraid, and dont feel that fragile.

        Hope I gave you suggestions to work with. Take care.

    2. Emma

      Judgement is not part of ascension. Arcturians or others never judge. If you like wine, if you like meat. All is allowed, a concept many cannot believe, as they are raised with judgemental parents, or a judgemental church, and believe God to be that little and petty too.

      I dont like wine, and seldom drink alcohol, but if wine gives you joy, then you are on the way to ascension. Do not confuse with being addicted to alcohol, making drugs etc. your master, that is not a way to ascension, but dont worry, when people are into that, they do not feel joy when doing it, signifiying that it is not of ascension.

      Find joyful things to do, and stop judging yourself for doing it. But do be aware if you are doing it for other reasons than joy.

    1. Kim

      Marilyn and The Arcturian Group always say exactly what needs saying exactly when it needs saying. I am grateful. Thanks for caring enough to share their words. ♥️