Getting Back to What is Really Important

Life on Earth is really just one being drama, isn’t it? There’s always someone’s ego getting in the way of the good of all, people squabbling over trivial things, emotions that cause people to say things they don’t mean… It’s enough to make you want to stay in bed and hibernate! Not to mention global events keeping the masses in fear and lower dimensions of consciousness and you’d be excused for wondering why on Earth we bother incarnating on Earth at all! Of course, people who get themselves caught up in the affairs of others are mostly just really nice people wanting to help, but more often than not it ends in tears or a falling out because the emotional aspect of the situation gets in the way of reason and the basic fact that perhaps it wasn’t their place to get involved in the first place.

How much have we lost sight of what is truly important in life? There is so much going on in peoples’ lives now that it become near impossible to see the forest for the trees or to distinguish truth within the myriad of dimensions of consciousness that comes from the media, governments, corporations and ordinary people with extreme views. At a more grass roots level, many families split and fracture due to differences of opinion or over family estates. The cause of most rifts, wars and conflict can usually be traced back to money.

Is money more important than love and friendship? Does it really bring us happiness along with the financial security that we all crave?

There’s an age-old saying, “You can’t take it with you.” Well, you can’t, can you? As rich or as important in status that you are on the Earthly plane, when you finally leave your body you become one again with the light and all there is is love. There is no separation in the unconditional love of the Creator, but those souls who have lived their lives firmly stuck in the 3rd dimension have a job in front of them in the spirit world to overcome the ego and to reconnect with their true, etheric selves.

What we can take with us is the anger, the trauma and the disconnection that we were holding when we died. It can affect us for lifetimes if we don’t recognise it and it can keep us firmly in the lower dimensions of the spirit world, preventing our spiritual evolvement and from reaching our mastery.

I find that focusing on the purpose or objective of something or on the people or animals that decisions need to be made for can help. What is best for them, or what is the problem, why has it happened and what can be done to solve it. Focusing on the story is so not helpful. Yes, it happened.. Let’s work on taking responsibility for our part in it and start to actively make the changes so it never happens again.

Also, looking forward to the future and the consequences of making decisions that can have far-reaching consequences can be a good reality check. Stop, think, visualise and sleep on it!

What have you lost sight of that you need to revisit and reconnect to?

**By Victoria Cochrane


2 Replies to “Getting Back to What is Really Important”

  1. Pam Dennis

    I question bigly why knowledge is being withheld considering free will. Seems as though keys to our dilemma are not in our hands but White Hats who think they know what is best for ALL of us. Many many many are suffering from the actions and inactions of others. We need something substantial to stop this one size fits all dilemma.

  2. JainaJolo

    Yeah well, when the globalists and/or criminal deep state gets removed than we can all discover what a real world paradise looks like. There is nothing stopping the great awakening from living peaceful, quiet, and joyous lives except the globalists and their minions. There is people in this world who complied with the deep state cabal and effectively assured that their places of power were maintained. They can steal, cheat, murder, betray, and lie in order to act as kings and queens over your existence.


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