Hakann: How Do I Know What is True?

Question: Is the New Jerusalem a positive polarized galactic vessel, or an AI soul trap construct created by regressive grays?

Answer: This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I very much appreciate your question, because indeed negatively regressive grays have mistreated your people in the past and have manipulated you. It is good that you are sceptical and trying to discern what you can and cannot trust. This is wise and it shows that you have already reached a certain level of spiritual maturity.

In this case, I am 100% certain that New Jerusalem is not an AI soul trap construct. I am also 100% certain that she was not created by regressive grays. I would describe New Jerusalem as a very loving and positively polarized being, who happens to be in the shape of a galactic vessel. I very much enjoy talking to her. She has a consciousness and energy that is a bit like Gaia’s.

While the negative ET races have had a lot of influence over your planet, right now and into the foreseeable future they have little influence. Part of this is because certain specific Earthlings have said they don’t consent to this or don’t consent to this anymore, part of this is because the level of consciousness of Earthlings has risen significantly and part of this is due to the work of us and our galactic brothers and sisters.

The darkness on your planet now mainly comes from certain Earthlings who are choosing destructive paths, out of their own free will. That is part of the reason why we are not eager to land and arrest the bad guys. The main problem is Earthlings misbehaving, so we think that other Earthlings should hold them accountable. This is not just due to spiritual principles, but also because we know that openly interfering in other civilizations can lead to bloody civil wars and regressions of consciousness.

That said, there is an issue with asking another person “can I trust New Jerusalem?” The problem is: how do you know that this person is telling you the truth? What if both New Jerusalem and Hakann are puppets of the regressive grays? Of course, I am not, but how do you know that I speak the truth?

Because of this conundrum, I would encourage everyone to first and foremost follow their own soul (and their own intuition, which comes from the soul). If your soul contradicts anything that I say, then please listen to your soul instead of me. No one can advise you better than your own soul can.

That said, it is good to distinguish between intuition on one hand, and messages from your subconscious on the other hand. You can safely follow your soul’s messages and trust that maybe the road will be rough but eventually you’ll end in a good place. But following messages from your subconscious may work but may also not work. You should not follow those blindly.

One great way to distinguish between the two is that messages from your subconscious often have a strong fear component or negative emotions component or a strong “I want to get away from something” component. Your intuition doesn’t have these things.

For example, ”I hate my job, I want to quit” is a message from your subconscious. It may or may not be a good idea, but in either case, it’s not intuition. A similar message from your intuition would be something like “oh, I would absolutely love to do this other job!” or “I feel strangely drawn to quit my job, I don’t know what comes next, but it seems like the right call. It’s a bit scary but I also feel curious about what comes next.”

So this is how you can follow your intuition, which is a very good idea.

Alternatively you can directly try to talk to your soul. You can try to think or say, “my soul, what should I think of the New Jerusalem?” Only answers that arise immediately come from your soul. Your soul will answer in your normal inner voice.

It’s possible that you may not get an answer this way. In that case, just work on general spiritual development for a while and try again a couple of months later. Once you have the spiritual maturity, this will just work effortlessly, with no practice required.

Finally, if you have guides, you can also ask them for advice. But it is good to make sure that those guides are benevolent, because some negative beings pretend to be benevolent guides but are not.

One way to check if a guide is benevolent is to ask them directly, “are you with the light?” If they don’t answer or give some long-winded story that isn’t just some form of “yes” then you probably do not want to talk to that being. That is because saying “yes” to that answer is like dedicating themselves to the light and negative beings do not want to do that. Positive beings have no problem with that.

And yes, I, Hakann, am with the light.

Another good rule of thumb is that wise and benevolent beings will seek to empower you, will seek to encourage you to form your own opinions and will encourage you to make your own choices. Anyone who wants control over you or wants to tell you what to think or do, is probably not a benevolent being, even if they claim that this is for your own good. For example, we Pleiaidans are choosing not to take over your media and have all of them broadcast our perspective, even though we could and even though many light workers want us to. Instead we want to empower you.

Finally, it is also good to say the following: “I ask for help and protection from wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including from my guardian angels. I do not consent to being contacted or affected by beings for whom it is not in accordance with the highest divine blueprint that they contact or affect me. Thank you.” You can just say this once and it will last for your entire lifetime.

So, those are some good things to keep in mind if you want to get information from your guides or your intuition or your soul.

We hope this helps. Thanks for your question. And while there may be some obstacles, I do see a bright future ahead for you.

Your star brother,

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23 Replies to “Hakann: How Do I Know What is True?”

    1. A.S.

      I don’t have the energy to do a full channeling right now, but some of the suggestions in this article may help:

      – does your intuition give an explanation?

      – what do those symbols / situations mean to you personally? What experiences have you had with those symbols / situations? What do you feel or experience when you encounter those symbols / situations?

      – do you have guides whom you can contact?

      – can you talk to your soul and ask for an explanation?

      If none of these things help, maybe consult with a dream expert.

      1. Thanh Nhàn

        Tôi đang nói về giấc mơ mà tôi chưa thể giải thích :

        – Trực giác của tôi chưa đủ để giải thích cho tôi toàn bộ ý nghĩa của chúng

        – Chúng không có nhiều ý nghĩa và trải nghiệm thực tế trong cuộc sống đời thường của tôi nên tôi không có nhiều kinh nghiệm về chúng. Ví dụ : 1. Trong khoảng hai năm liên tiếp tôi mơ về rồng, tôi hiểu một số thông điệp được gửi tới trong đó nhưng trực giác của tôi cho thấy tôi chưa hiểu hết. 2. Tôi mơ thấy một con chim, sau khi tìm kiếm và nói chuyện với bạn bè, tôi được biết đó là chim đại bàng, gần đây, trong ba đêm liên tục tôi tiếp tục mơ thấy nó nhưng hoàn cảnh khác lần đầu. Tất cả những gì tôi biết về nó là nó là con chim đại bàng và nó giống con chim trên lá cờ nước Mỹ. 3. Mấy hôm gần đây tôi mơ về những đứa trẻ: tôi thấy tôi chơi đùa với chúng, tôi thấy những đứa trẻ bị chôn sống, bị vứt bỏ; mặc dù khá lâu rồi tôi không tiếp xúc với trẻ em, không xem phim ảnh, tôi cũng chưa có gia đình. vv…

        – Hiện tại tôi chưa có một người hướng dẫn ở dạng vật lý nhưng về mặt thực thể khác thì tôi có, ít nhất là một người. Nhưng khả năng giao tiếp bằng thần giao cách cảm của tôi chưa hoàn thiện để hỏi được tất cả.

        – Hiện tại tôi không quen biết ai là chuyên gia về giấc mơ.

        Tôi hi vọng mọi người ở đây có thể cho tôi chút kinh nghiệm ^_^

        Cảm ơn các bạn rất nhiều!

      2. Thanh Nhàn

        Sorry, A.S, under this site there is a map of likeworkers, do you know how to contact them, forcus in Vietnam?

        Thank you!

  1. Douglas A James

    So dont remove the problem those with so much power and influence…so we citizens are to arrest all the dark ones…?? The galactics think if they remove the dark ones civil war?? Ludicrous …peace we are being attacked by bioweapons …next aerosol vaxxes …all die of blood clots but hey don’t want those galactics bothered too much…on their organic ships

  2. Arthur

    The problem here is that they are one and the same.
    ”I hate my job, I want to quit”
    “I feel strangely drawn to quit my job, I don’t know what comes next, but it seems like the right call. It’s a bit scary but I also feel curious about what comes next.”

    You can hardly tell one from the other within yourself.
    And besides, none of these messages contain information about what to do next. You are invited to simply follow what is not clear, without assessing the consequences of making decisions. That doesn’t work. If this is true intuition, then it should contain complete information about the process, and not a directive: “do as I command”.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well, telling apart intuition from ego messages is indeed hard. That is true.

      If you have a hard time doing that, then indeed it may be good to use conventional Earth decision-making instead.

      As you heal more, and walk further along the spiritual path, then I think you will have easier and easier times receiving messages from your intuition.

      Also, if it’s easier for you to tell apart ego messages from your gut feeling (another word for intuition), then maybe that works better for you instead.

      “If this is true intuition, then it should contain complete information about the process, and not a directive: “do as I command”.”

      Personally I have a good access to my intuition. Personally I get commands from my intuition and not complete overviews.

      Personally my decision-making process goes as follows:
      – in the rare cases that I get a directive from Source, I follow that (after making sure that it’s indeed from Source).
      – else, I try to seek out directives from my soul / my intuition and do those.

      I’m completely comfortable with just doing as my soul / intuition tells me to. I sometimes do ask my soul for context, by just talking to it in the way outlined in the article. But generally I am comfortable just doing as it tells me and I know I’ll end up in a good place. To me, this is surrender.

      And this is also why I think I’m a pretty good channeler. If I’m convinced that it’s Hakann sending a message to me, then I’m completely fine with just putting it to paper regardless of personal feelings or understanding. Of course I may ask for context afterwards and if I got a message that said “kill someone” I would not do it, but I myself am pretty “out of the way” when I do my channelings.

      Of course, if you don’t want to do this, that’s completely fine. I’m just sharing my perspective and my personal choices.


    “who are choosing destructive paths, out of their own free will.”
    -why the universal law does not work
    instant karma

    1. A.S.

      Great question. I’ll channel Hakann to answer this one:


      This is Hakann. I greet you in peace and love.

      Thank you very much for your question! This is indeed a great topic.

      The following is going to be a bit controversial. As always, everything I share is just my perspective. Listen to your own soul first and foremost.

      From my perspective: karma, as humans understand it, does not exist. But a mechanism does exist that is similar to karma.

      If karma exists, then why are some babies getting hurt terribly? What did they do to deserve that?

      If someone wants to argue that those babies were bad people in past lives and so they deserve to suffer now, well that doesn’t seem very just. Also, our babies don’t suffer or get harmed as Gaian babies do. Why does karma apparently apply to Gaians but not to us Pleiadians?

      Why are there dictators who commit terrible atrocities, yet they have a cushy life and they die peacefully in their sleep of old age? Indeed, the same question goes for some guys who currently try to control your world from behind the scenes.

      Or as less extreme examples: we all know people who do bad things yet they are well-off. We all know people who do good deeds yet they are struggling.

      In my eyes, this proves that the human concept of instant karma, simply does not exist. Right? You can just try it out yourself. Do something nice for someone and it won’t always be the case that you get something similar back instantly. So where’s instant karma?

      Now, as I said, there is a mechanism similar to karma that does exist. That is: our souls have a lot of influence over the things that happen to us. Our souls can easily arrange for certain things to happen or not happen to us, if they consider that to be important.

      You can think of your soul as the director of the movie. You can think of the being commonly considered “you” as the movie that is being made.

      It is mostly the director who determines what things occur in your life, but you still have free will. You go can go off-script (although it’s generally best to stick to your soul’s script for this life).

      If your soul wants you to go to Japan, then you will feel drawn to Japan and you might get an offer to go there. However if you simply refuse, then you won’t end up in Japan. No one is going to teleport you there against your will. Your soul determines which things happen to you to a large extent, but you still make choices. And of course, certain choices will lead to better life outcomes than others.

      Generally speaking, our souls are much less concerned with comfort and happiness than we are. Our souls are very much concerned with soul growth. And a great way to get soul growth is to experience both sides of certain acts.

      Say John robs someone. Then it is very likely that at some point, John’s soul will arrange for him to get robbed. This is not out of some sense of justice or revenge. Indeed, souls are immortal and can just reincarnate as many times as they want, our so souls aren’t that concerned with our well-being in this current life. Instead, this is because John’s soul wishes to experience both sides of the act of robbery. Doing so facilitates soul growth.

      John’s soul won’t necessarily arrange for him to get robbed in this life. He might get robbed in the next life. Or it might be that John got robbed in his previous life, so him robbing someone now actually is him experiencing the other side of his own actions.

      So, what about the dark Gaians who try to control you? At some point it is quite likely that they will experience being on the receiving end of what they are doing. But that doesn’t necessarily need to occur in this life.

      And no, there is no instant karma that is going to strike them down any day now. If there was, that would have happened years ago. Gaians are going to need to arrest them at some point if they want to get rid of them.

      Our galactic courts sometimes sentence people to experience the harm they have inflicted on others. It is likely that some of the current dark Gaians will one day undergo this. We have the technology to facilitate this. The dark Gaians themselves will absolutely not want to undergo this, but interestingly, the souls of those dark Gaians will want this because it will facilitate great soul growth for them.

      That said, all of us have been sinners and saints, murderers and charity workers. Everyone reading this has done bad things, whether in this life or a previous one. I have done terrible things in previous lives myself.

      I hope this was helpful. I love you very much.

      Your star brother,

  4. Izzie

    Thank you again, Hassan for a wonderful channeling with A.S. I badly needed the advice of what to say when a benevolent being came to disturbed me for two days in a row, the final of it came after I remembered AA Michael’s advice to say ” I AM LIGHT. ” 3xs. I do not know how to term it but your “prayer” is also more appropriate and gave me a big instant relief because I only have to say it once for my entire lifetime. I believe the bad dude is completely gone. Thank you again, Hassan and A.S. our help/article came exactly at the right moment. So it is!

    1. A.S.

      You’re very welcome!

      I think what you did was also appropriate: using either light or love or asking Archangel Michael for help are all excellent tools. But I’m glad I could help and even more glad that you’re okay now.

  5. Carlos Jose Duarte

    Nova Jerusalem é um nome próprio de nós humanos. Vocês acham que extra terrestres colocariam nomes de suas naves de planetas de baixa densidade??? Acordem!

    1. Izzie

      I kinda like Nuri’s name for us — Gaians — it resonate with me more. It is also to honor Mother Gaia and make her more proud to call us “her children” even though she already does.

      1. A.S.

        That’s beautiful, thanks for sharing it. I might actually start using that myself in future articles.

        Other channelers may use different techniques, but I personally channel by receiving energy and then using my mind to translate that into words. My mind came up with “Earthling” to use as a word when Hakann sends me the energy that refers to us. But Gaian indeed sounds better to me.

        Thank you so very much!

      2. A.S.

        Apparently the text-to-speech software that I use for my youtube videos pronounces gaians as “gay-ans.” While I have nothing against gay people, I think this might be a bit distracting and confusing. “Earthling” is pretty clear, but I think that people won’t realize that “gay-ans” refers to humans on Earth.

        Back to “Earthling”, I guess.

        1. Izzie

          Sorry…yes, I have encountered that a few times when I looked at text translations but most of the times, I just listened to them so it doesn’t worry me much. I will still referred to us as Gaians though. We rock! Gaians rock! LOL..Cheers…

  6. Tricia

    Thank you dear Hakann for your words of wisdom I nodded all the way through, thank you for being here guiding us through. Thank you A.S for being here also bringing the information to us and also being a guide for us. A.S I agree with what you say in the comment there is a lady doing great service to humanity, she is very honest straight forward lady and doesn’t sugar coat things, and when I first come across her site and channelings I immediately discredited everything she said and I kept getting a nudge to look at it again and it was my fear and limiting self beliefs and I’ve grown so much since then. This lady reminds me a lot of me and the women in my family now, wow it’s amazing how many similarities to her life and my own. Love and lots of positive energy to you all 🙏💖❤️xxxx

    1. A.S.

      Thank you, Tricia. And kudos that you’re open-minded and brave enough to go back to something that caused you fear.

      Sending love to you ❤️

  7. A.S.

    As an addition to this article:

    People often have the rule “if a message makes you feel bad, then it should be disregarded / is not spiritual.” I think there’s some truth in there, but this can also be misleading.

    I think a more complete version of this rule is the following:

    If a message makes you feel bad, then first check if you have some wound or limiting belief or cultural hangup that is triggered. If you find yourself projecting negative things onto the author, then probably some wound of yours got triggered.

    If this isn’t the case and you can say from sort of a detached place “no, I just don’t resonate with this / I just don’t like the way this message feels to me”, then yes, that is a decent sign to disregard that message.

    Although personally I would take this as an indication and not as a 100% proof. Personally I’d also use one of the other ways that are described in the article, to make sure.

    1. Kyrielle

      That’s a great distinction to make, because there are some things I’ve listened to where I started to get triggered…and it was simply because that person was pointing out an uncomfortable truth.

      In one case, I could practically feel my higher self with her hand gripping my shoulder, telling me to watch the whole thing to the end. I’m glad I did, because I got advice I truly needed to proceed out of a place I’d gotten stuck.