Hakann: One Day in Hakann’s Life

Question: Hello Tunia and Hakann, I want to ask you how the daily life looks in your dimension and reality?

Answer: This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Thank you for your question. It pleases me that apparently Earthlings and we are thinking alike, because Tunia sent a message to the channeler detailing what a day in her life was like, just before receiving this question. That message is called “Tunia: A Day In My Life (NSFW).” It will probably have been posted a short while ago.

In this message, I will detail what a day in my life is like. To provide context, my position is about analogous to an Earthling general. I am a bit lower in our version of the hierarchy than Ashtar Sheran.

The first part of my day (or cycle) is very similar to Tunia: I rest with my family. Sometimes I do some reconnaissance during my rest period via astral travel. After I wake up, sometimes I choose to skip solid meals and choose to live exclusively off energy and liquids, as your Breatharians do.

Then once my day starts, I usually have so much work to do that I choose to be in four or five places at once. Literally. On your world this ability is called bilocation, only I choose to be in four or five locations and not just two. Normally I am only in “just” one location during family time or rest time. My family deserves my full attention and my complete presence.

By the way, Archangels can be in near-infinite places at once. So once you have learned to talk to Archangels, feel free to just talk to them as much as you want. You are not distracting them from other matters.

So, I am in four or five locations at once. It’s common for one of my beings to undertake diplomatic missions. Often I use telepathy or teleportation to make this quicker.

One reason why Pleiadians have greater access to supernatural powers is that our consciousness, subconsciousness, mind, energy, what our soul wants and what God wants are all aligned towards one purpose. Similarly, we consider it to be important that we are on the same page as other benevolent races, such as the Arcturians. Therefore communication and diplomacy are one part of my responsibilities.

It’s also common for one of my beings to either lead missions in the field, or to train my soldiers. One noteworthy way of training is that if the soldier consents, I can possess him or her and move as them, so that they can feel in their body exactly how they should move and act. Then I un-possess them and they can repeat that motion. That is now easier, because they have felt it in their body already. Their body has already made those motions.

Of course, I would never possess someone who does not consent. We Pleiadians have few rules, but “do not directly harm another” is one of them. Violating someone’s free will falls under direct harm, from our perspective.

When it comes to specifically our military, we want people to master each ladder of the hierarchy before they can ascend to the next step. So yes, I have been a regular soldier. That also means that I can instruct and train soldiers more efficiently.

In general Pleiadians do not really like to label some specific people as teachers and to have others not teach. We want everyone to teach occasionally, because teaching something solidifies the information in the mind of the teacher. In the past you have had education systems where older kids  teach younger kids, with some adult supervision. This is a good idea.

Sometimes we have holodeck war games and I fight on the front lines. This ensures that I do not become out of touch with the on-the-ground reality of fighting. And the troops really get a kick out of trying to shoot me or psionically disable me during holodeck war games, even if it is just a simulation. And I have enough pride that this pushes me to keep my own skills sharp.

Then it’s common for one of my beings to engage in intelligence work. Part of this is just downloading information into my brain. Part of this is remote viewing or astral travelling, or talking to people who specialize in that. Luckily, creativity only comes from Source, which means that beings who are cut off from Source are not creative at all. That makes it very easy to predict what the dark forces are going to do.

Note that we do not think of “the future” as if that is some static thing. We view different possible timelines. Which future manifests, depends on the actions that people take. Therefore we cannot answer questions like “when will this happen?” It depends on your actions and you are much less predictable than the dark forces. At most we can say what is likely and what is unlikely.

Furthermore, it is common for one of my beings to either learn or teach some new craft or skill. For example, I might study “energy engineering” for a day, both to learn the basics of that skill, as well as learn more about my fellow brothers and sisters on the New Jerusalem. Similarly, I may teach a skill to someone or make study materials that are aimed at teaching a skill.

I can put into a computer exactly what I do and think and how I move and what I do with my energy. That way anyone who wishes to learn this skill can replay that and see exactly how to do that, from a through-the-eyes perspective.

This is part of the reason why we are so much more effective than the dark forces. If someone near the top of the dark hierarchy gets taken out, then his underlings have no idea what to do. If someone were to take me out, then one of my subordinates would just download exactly how I do everything and he or she would be able to take over my responsibilities with only a slight loss of efficiency.

You may think that this is impressive, but remember that your psionic potential is greater than ours. One day you Earthlings will be able to do all of this and more. And on that day, I will be honored to work side by side with you. I do intend to be alive for at least several hundred more years, after all. I hope that I can see the coming golden age of Earthlings with my own eyes. Or perhaps I should call it the coming golden age of humanity, for both Earthling and Pleiadian society will blossom in the coming years.

I also want to say that no one is forcing me to work this hard. I have volunteered for all of these things, because I care very much about the suffering of Earthlings and the suffering of other beings. After all, you are me and I am you. That said, if ever I feel exhausted, then there are more than enough people that I can ask to fill in for me. But in general, I actually get a lot of energy from being at the forefront of this Pleiadian operation to help liberate Earth. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

I hope you found this interesting. Again I want to point out that Tunia has described her day too and it’s called “Tunia: A Day In My Life (NSFW).” Her days are a lot less busy, less intense and more conventionally pleasurable and relaxed. I do not say this to judge her, I am just saying that what she describes is a lot closer to an average Pleiadian day than what I describe. Among my people I am considered to be a bit of a workaholic and somewhat intense, although I do not mind working hard when I am in my purpose.

I hope that you too will one day experience the near-boundless amounts of energy that come with living your purpose.

Better days are coming. You are doing great. I love you.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light
** Channel: A.S.

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30 Replies to “Hakann: One Day in Hakann’s Life”

  1. Linnea Glimmergård

    Can you please channel Ashtar? I want to know what a day in his life looks like.



  3. Phil

    Hakann, how do you go to the toilet?
    Do you have pets?
    What are you best at doing?
    Do Pleiadian chicks like you better if you have a nice spaceship?

    I love you Brother <3

    1. Raksha

      oh, I actually wonder about that but did not dared to ask. Do you poop ? can, you have a tiger pet ? haha

    2. A.S.

      Haha, great questions.

      I’m a bit tired and have to go to work soon, so I’m just telepathically asking the questions to Hakann and getting answers, as opposed to doing a full channeling.

      Does Hakann poop: yes. Although sometimes he avoids solid foods for a while and lives off liquids if he plans to go on operations where pooping would be inconvenient.

      Pets: yes, a cat. Although Hakann doesn’t think of this as him “owning another being.” It’s more that the cat often chooses to spend time with Hakann’s family. If one day it wandered off, Hakann’s family wouldn’t drag it back and force it to remain with them.

      What’s he best at: in Earth terms, he’s a general. His answer is that he’s best at coordinating people and making sure they all act as one. It helps in this that he’s greatly respected and willing to roll up his sleeves and do any job himself. Pleiadians might think he’s a bit of a boring workaholic, but they do think he’s very good at what he does.

      That said, he’d prefer it if combat wasn’t necessary.

      “Do Pleiadian chicks like you better if you have a nice spaceship?” LOL (as the channeler).

      Pleiadians live in a post-scarcity society. So physical stuff is so easy to come by that everyone has everything they need. So having stuff isn’t really something that can be used to attract women.

      Pleiadian women are drawn to masculinity (this includes things like high status and being accomplished and being skilled and passionate about something and wanting to be a father etc etc).

      They consider having an open loving heart to be something basic that all Pleiadians have, but if Gaians don’t have that, then that’s a barrier to dating them. Although they are patient and willing to give us Gaians some time, because they know what we’ve gone through.

      They’re also sometimes drawn to exotic people, such as us Gaians.

      They also sometimes are attracted to beings who have mastery over both light and dark. So a Pleiadian who is only loving is a bit less sexy than a Pleiadian who is loving and has also fought in wars. Gaians score even better in this, because of course we have more experience with the dark than any Pleiadian.

      Light workers who have a truly loving and open heart will generally have a pretty easy time finding interested Pleiadians to date or sleep with.

      1. Raksha

        Thank you for the replies. It’s nice to talk about light/trivial things sometimes. I find it a bit hard to believe that Pleiadians could be attracted by us. Even if we are rather good looking, we carry a lof of heavy chemicals and dense vibrations, we are neither as psychic as them which is a handicap in sex. And if they are all handsome and healthy as I suppose, i find it hard to believe. Love, respect, admiration, I can get it, but sexual attraction ?

      2. Linnea Glimmergård

        I am a starseed from the Pleiades. My intergalactic father is Lord Commander Ashtar Sheran of Planet Erra. I know Commander Hakann and my intergalactic name is Commander Ashtaria Sheran.

  4. Tylette Crosby

    I want too. See your. Ship. If you. Don’t. Show. Me. You. Lying. Saint. Michael. Has. A army. It. Not. That. Bullshit His hair is. Cutie. The. Real. He’s. Handsome. But. He. Don’t play. He. Give. You. All. Chances. Time. Is. Up. For. Fools. Murders. Con

  5. Tylette Crosby

    The. Demilitarized. Is. Not human expect. This. Planet. Got. Too. Be. Cleanest. The. Bubble. Bee. Know. Who. I. Am. When. Animal. Come. Too. You. You. People. Should. Know. The. Bird. Are. Singing. They. Greet. Me. The. Bubble. Bees. I. Save. There. Master. They. Don’t. Forget. You. See. I. Watch. They. Love. Me. I. Have. To end. 🙏🙏❤️😊

  6. Maha

    Hello Hakann , I greet you in peace and love , i enjoyed your skills , your care about this earth , your connection with our source of creation , My love to you and Tunia , thank you

  7. Thanh Nhàn

    Thật tuyệt vời! Và tôi thực sự rất thích sự phân tách đó. Cảm ơn các bạn vì những chia sẻ tuyệt vời này

  8. Raksha

    My question may be trivial, but what happens if one of the bilocation is killed ? And why aren’t they all using this during operations to prevent death ?

    1. A.S.

      That’s not a trivial question at all. Thanks for asking it.

      Unfortunately, if one gets killed, the person dies (or transitions as they’d put it).

  9. Tylette Crosby

    Good morning hakann how are you may I ask what is your. Ship call the planet. Must change. And I hope. It. Don’t take until 20024 lots of. Things. Going on have a nice day I hope you. Response ♥️🙂

  10. Star_struck

    Thank you Hakann, thank you for your service. We are all co-creating a better universe together with peace and harmony. It is amazing that you can bilocate which is our innate ability to do. We were taught we need to drive cars and fly airplanes to be in a different place. That’s amazing what you do. We will soon get our abilities to do so. Thank you.

    1. Tricia

      Thank you dear brother Hakann for the insight into your day. I have always needed that skill in my life to be in many places at once, I can’t possibly do all the things I want to do in one day and always been a person that takes a lot on and feels sad and frustrated I can’t always do it so maybe in the future I can 😀 I always knew everything was possible 💖 Thank you for your Service to humanity and also for doing it so selflessly doing it just because you can and it’s the right thing to do. I have always been amazed by souls with this quality and always believed they were out there somewhere. Big hugs and positive loving energy to you and also to A.S for bringing this information forward and again being of service 🙏💖❤️ Thank you xx

    1. A.S.

      To an extent, Pleiadians feel the same way about him. “What do you mean, Hakann chooses to be in four places at once, and in all four places he chooses to do useful work? Can’t he spare at least one of his selves to travel or have some fun or something?”

      Although they also think “hey, no one forces him to work so hard. If that’s what he chooses, fine.” And: “well, glad that we have a couple of workaholics that fulfill certain critical tasks.” Certainly Hakann has done a lot of work to help us Earthlings. I’m grateful to him. But yeah, it’s not the most exciting day.

      I also think this is a good reminder that Pleiadians are people at the end of the day and they do have different personalities. Tunia and Hakann choose to structure their days very differently, but Pleiadian society includes and honors both choices.

  11. Ben

    Lots of valuable and interesting information here. Thank you so much A.S., Hakann, and Tunia!