Website Update 5/25/2022

Greetings, it is I Kejraj.

I’m working on fixing the Translate plugin issue. We’re going through an update with the server.

Please be patient with the Q & A with Hakann and Tunia. I go through many emails every day. Also, when I submit them to A.S, he does his best to respond. And at times he needs a break as well.

Last but not least, a reminder, to breathe before you comment on any article.

That is all for today.

9 Replies to “Website Update 5/25/2022”

  1. Geoff Turner

    “And then you have a bunch of non-genuine, ignorant, egotistic, narcissistic, etc., “spiritual people” seems to be coming out of the woodwork because of that one post, and now look at all the hilarity.”


    That’s rich, what are your credentials?

    Which star system are you from?

    What was you mission here?

    What level did you achieve while here?

    It really makes me laugh when I read half baked comments like yours wherein you suggest a greater level of spirituality than others when you don’t even realise that most of the posts here are from egomaniacs like you that are, have been and always will be 3rd density muppets.

    1. AzureLeaves

      “And then you have a bunch of non-genuine, ignorant, egotistic, narcissistic, etc., “spiritual people” seems to be coming out of the woodwork because of that one post, and now look at all the hilarity.”

      Haha; it seems you’re quite stressed–I’m really sorry about that, friend, seems my attempts at organizing such people who blatantly showed such behaviors congruent with those words and met the criteria, all for specificity purposes on my end, got misconstrued as me insulting and attacking them out of some negative emotions, prejudice and immature tantrums.

      Rest assured attacking and insulting them is never my intention at all though, nor a product of me throwing a tantrum; again, just to properly cast a net to those from which those terms truly apply, according to the behaviors they have shown (i.e. no specific individual are those terms directed at), which I’ve observed numerous times for years now from other people (even including myself in the distant past), again all for specificity purposes, based on the behaviors I’ve seen.

      But hey, just so you know, I’ve been such kind of a person as well during my younger, immature years, so I can relate to them in some way and wish them the best on growing out of it, like I, and many others did.

      “Takes one to know one” and all that.


      I’m not gonna try to post the answers I have on your four other questions as it feels to be just a string of sarcastic sentences.

      Though let me know if you still want the answers, I’ve prepared and typed them already, I just decided not to include them on this post because it’s gonna be a long comment for questions that might not even be needed/intended to be answered.


      “It really makes me laugh when I read half baked comments like yours”

      I see, so it seems my long as heck comments over various articles here (except perhaps on this little Website update page), where I tried to be as detailed as I can to explain and present my perspectives to the other person in an attempt to exchange ideas with them for their benefit, is still half-baked by your standards, haha.

      Can’t please everyone I guess; I do hope you can excuse my inadequacies.


      “wherein you suggest a greater level of spirituality than others”

      What? All I’ve been posting on my comments on the various articles here so far are nothing more than my personal realizations and things I learned on my journey so far though.

      It’s not like I’m posting them to appear/suggest as if I’m “holier than thou” or “greater than thou” person, in a vain attempt to stand out; what my intention is to just share my perspectives to others and so we can learn from each other.

      Granted I still commit human errors wherein I forget to preface my each and every post as something that comes from my own perspectives and own personal realizations for the benefit of those who might not be able to get that impression; but then again, boasting is not my intent at all; I just wanted to share my perspectives.

      I think it’s a healthy learning experience when each people, on a public forum like this, has the opportunity to exchange and present their own ideas, right? And yet you still misconstrue my posts as something insinuating arrogance…? I don’t understand you people sometimes.

      We learn from each other’s differences after all, and it’s a good way to break one’s boundaries and widen their horizons even more through exchange of ideas and perspectives, so that they won’t be restricted to limiting beliefs and world views which can be detrimental for spiritual and personal growth.

      Still I apologize if my messages came across you in a negative way; it’s never my intention for my messages to come across as that.


      “when you don’t even realise that most of the posts here are from egomaniacs like you that are, have been and always will be 3rd density muppets.”

      I admittedly don’t know much about the specificities of what makes a person an egomaniac, but with the help of this one online article and objectively looking at myself, hardly any of these apply to me at all; if anything, I keep saying that all of us a Fractals of the Divine Source, possibilities are limitless, there are more things to learn, etc,.

      If I’m an egomaniac, I would instead be blatantly proclaiming on every posts that “I want and can to conquer the world, better than everybody, the ONLY fractal of the Divine Source and everyone else are just a weakling NPC, that I’ve achieved perfection and enlightenment and there’s no higher state to attain than this”, and all of that BS.

      But I did not, and will not say nor proclaim those things because that’s not the type of person I am, and because I understand that there is always something new to learn.

      In addition, if I’m an egomaniac, I would definitely be spouting direct, hurtful and insulting words back to you by now; you probably won’t even see me apologizing to you, even more than once by now, too.

      And I do hope you won’t misconstrue my constant apologizing as some vain attempt at being “holier than thou”–I’m just genuinely upset at myself that my messages came that way towards you. Can’t really do anything about that except apologize anyway; what choice do I have.

      Unfortunately, calling a person “3rd density muppets”, like what you did, and in a DIRECT fashion at that, and including words that proclaim that an individual will never grow up and improve as if you’re some major authority that determine what a person was, is, “and always shall be”, is objectively rude, and an attempt at directly attacking me–and such a behavior, apparently matches one of the “seven signs” mentioned on this little article to know how to identify an egomaniac.

      I sincerely hope you’re not one, even if we apply the “it takes one to know one” factor.

      The sad thing is, from my own perspectives and paradigms, spiritually–and even technically, at this point–speaking: what you do and say to others, you also do and say to yourself (cue: “The Egg” by Andy Weir); so I hope you grow past calling other people such words, as you will only really end up hurting yourself in the end.

      In any case, it would be nice if you could enlighten me as to what specific posts of mine that displayed I’m an ignorant, arrogant, egotistic egomaniac that baselessly and directly attacks and insult people with full-on prejudice, and an always-will-be “3rd density muppet” that has no hope of redemption.

      And don’t even hit me with that quoted post of mine you misconstrued; I already explained my reasons for saying those terms a few paragraphs above.

      While yours, from what I see on your post, are mostly baseless ad hominems, sarcasms, and you misunderstanding the true intent of my words.

      In any case, if you could humor me, I highly recommend reading Andy Weir’s “The Egg” short story freely available online, or watching the 8-minute presentation at YouTube. Something to give you an insight on my thoughts whenever I post a message here; if you’re interested that is.

      It’s not for everyone of course, and will probably not benefit you in any way, but at least you get to know where I’m coming from from my posts. Then again, only if you’re interested and has 8 minutes to spare.

      Again, I’m really sorry about those posts that brought about such a misunderstanding; not my intention at all.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      A.S are the individuals initials. As they requested for their full name to not yet be made public.

  2. AzureLeaves

    Thank you as well for all that you do on this website Kejraj, it’s a nice hub for various info during these important times.

    The comments though, with the “controversial” articles lately are quite amusing, made me want to join in on the fun and play around a little bit haha.

    And then you have a bunch of non-genuine, ignorant, egotistic, narcissistic, etc., “spiritual people” seems to be coming out of the woodwork because of that one post, and now look at all the hilarity.

    Anyway, I’m also planning to share an article in the near future. It’s mostly just about the wisdom and personal “truths” I’ve realized on my journey (“Truth cannot be told; it can only be realized.” and all that good stuff).

    I want to share them somehow, unfortunately, I don’t have a “platform” if you will, and this website seems to be a nice platform for it (yep, haven’t posted it anywhere else online yet; only some part of it for a few people I know), so I hope it will be fine for me to share here what I learned and realized from my journey up to now, to others. It feels kind of a waste if I just keep these all to myself.

    And it would bring me so much gratitude and joy if at least one of those pieces of wisdom and personal truths managed to change the paradigm of at least one person, for the better and the further acceleration of Humanity’s Ascension.

    I’ll be sure to submit it to your email once it’s ready; hoping for your kind consideration until then.

  3. Vincenti

    Obviously I don’t much communicate with anyone. And I’m definitely not gijjy-gadet tech savvy. I recently posted a comment. First time. Was emailed prompted into…whatever. And sought only to go to home page to start an actual account, only to be met with a 404. Confused.
    Will you get this? How do I join in? (Been a watcher/reader for a long time.)
    Just wondering how to participate and without my email address and name on display.

  4. ClaRo

    Dear Kejraj!

    Thank you for working on refixing the Translate plugin.

    It helps a lot to be able to read all these needful and interesting articles in my mother language German. And I want to stay with
    BRAVE browser.

    Go ahead like this!


  5. Don Spectacularis

    Thank you so much KejRaj for all of your behind-the-scenes work and endless efforts to make this site an incredible place! You’re truly one of the mighty pillars of this Great Awakening simply by having this beautiful portal up for all of us! Much, much gratitude to you, and stay blessed! Cheers!!!