Let’s Talk About It


Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about that for a bit. After all, it’s the hottest topic in town right now (no pun intended!)

First things first, let’s get the difficult bits out of the way. To start with, EVERY LAST SEXUAL FANTASY that you can IMAGINE – or that you CAN’T yet imagine – already very much so EXISTS as a part of Source. That’s because SOURCE is INFINITY. It is, after all, all ALL-That-IS. NOT “ALL-That-Is-MINUS-THIS” or “ALL-That-Is-MINUS-THAT”.

This Source, aka this All-That-Is, contains EVERYTHING. Everything you can IMAGINE. For if you can simply IMAGINE it, it already EXISTS somewhere within creation. Else, you wouldn’t even be able to as much as imagine it.

Which means that, every weird, perverted, scary, wild, creepy, taboo, abhorrent, disgusting, degenerate, unusual, or even downright insane sexual fantasy of yours (or someone else’s) ALREADY EXISTS somewhere or the other within creation. Whether you like it or NOT. And it will stay this way forever, for all of ETERNITY (no less).

Why is this so very IMPORTANT to know, realize, and fully come to TERMS WITH at this time?

Because sooner or later, you’re going to RUN INTO and MEET all of these people.

It really is that simple.

If there’s one thing that divides and polarizes the spiritual community (as smoothly and effectively as “extraterrestrials are real” divides awake and asleep humans), it is sex and spirituality.


Some would like to believe that even the very mention of the word “sex” AUTOMATICALLY disqualifies one from talking about spirituality and other related topics.


Others believe that someone can’t be “spiritual” unless they’re a 100% celibate or something. LET ALONE them being an enlightened spiritual guru or a teacher or a guide or a master.


In fact, one can almost see a race of sorts (within the spiritual community at large) to pretend that “sex” – even as an IDEA – does not even EXIST. I mean, think about it: Most of you reading this article visit multiple spiritual and alternative websites each day. What PERCENTAGE of articles on these websites (or even YouTube videos or whatever) even as much as MENTION sex – LET ALONE discuss it in depth – as much as they mention every other spiritual topic in existence out there?


That too, when it’s by far THE MOST SIGNIFICANT, POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL energy WITHIN you…one, that affects your very LIFE, your very WORLD no less?


And GOD FORBID if the person who helped you come out of some of your life’s very toughest challenges – as is true in my case anyways – is quite literally a spiritual teacher who has enjoyed literal threesomes and POST their self-realization at that. What blasphemy! (Note to people translating this article: this was sarcasm).



We – as the spiritually AWAKENED ones – would so LOVE to believe that we are “charting the uncharted waters” with every imaginable topic, well, all except for SEX and SEXUALITY, a topic that we consistently run away from (or shy away from addressing or even as much as ACKNOWLEDGING), no different to how the asleep and brainwashed masses of humanity do themselves.


What’s so “cutting edge” about us all, exactly, if we are all going to act NO DIFFERENT THAN the sleeping, BRAINWASHED masses, when it comes to addressing what is likely THE MOST powerful energy within our very BEING? The energy that is the MOST misunderstood, repressed, and traumatized of them ALL?



At least the asleep ones can blame their inability to see through all of the religious, societal, political, parental, governmental, educational, communal and social programming and BRAINWASHING for their tendency to run away from addressing anything and everything to do with sex.


What excuse do we have? Especially as an awakening or awakened being who’s looking into all of their shadows, and healing, releasing and dissolving all of their hidden and repressed traumas, the biggest of ones pertaining (in most cases) to SEX?


And above all, if we (as the awakened collective) shy away from this (admittedly uncomfortable) topic completely, how exactly are we going to even serve our asleep brothers and sisters?


Worth a thought, is it not?



And speaking of sex, everything, literally EVERYTHING within creation comes from the merger of masculine and feminine energies, aka SEX.


What we call Imagination or the Creative Force is the Masculine energy (and polarity). Whereas Feelings or Emotion make up the Feminine energy (and polarity). And through their merger with one another (aka sex) via combined INTENTION / FREE WILL, “babies” aka “creations” are born. These “babies” include everything from the tiny saplings that you see sprout out of seeds, to stars, galaxies, and entire universes no less.


The universe. It’s one big orgy.


Not to mention that our enlightened ancestors – quite unlike us – UTTERLY REVERED sex. Look into the paintings of the temples at Khajuraho. Look into the ancient book of timeless spiritual (and sexual) wisdom known as the Kama Sutra. BOTH of these things (among countless others), by the way, contain imagery and descriptions that look and feel extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY “perverted”, “deviant” or “degenerate”, by current people’s standards. And yet, only do they contain (intensely sacred and timeless) understandings of sex and sexuality and sexual expression in all of their myriad intense forms no less!


Tantra –i.e. the branch of Tantric Sex and Sex Magick – is  THE most powerful way of altering your very REALITY itself. So much so that those of the negative agenda have done EVERY LAST THING IMAGINABLE to suppress the said knowledge within our world!


And last but by NO MEANS the least, you, yes YOU are here today because of SEX. Yes, that terrible, abhorrent, unmentionable, taboo little act of your father’s penis entering your mother’s vagina…an act to be so very ashamed of, apparently. Unless of course, you truly were born in a test tube, in which case, comments welcome.


How exactly are you going to move past shame, guilt and embarrassment into UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE (just like all those “legit” and “uncontroversial” spiritual teachings want you to…), if you feel ASHAMED and GUILTY even about the very WAYS in which you were even BORN?


Just a little something to think about, ya know.



Now, all of this does NOT mean ONE BIT that you must Like or Accept or Indulge in every other wild or wacky way of expressing sexuality that there is all throughout existence. Nope, of course not. For you eternally have the God-gifted Free Will to create your own reality, by choosing that which you prefer, over that which you do not.


That, however, does not AT ALL mean that you can simply IGNORE and PRETEND-OUT-OF-EXISTENCE all of your misaligned sexual beliefs and hidden / repressed sexual traumas, and then gleefully hope that they will never ever show up in some way, shape or form ever again within your life or your very world. For these traumas, repressions and sexual misalignments have very likely (and most cleverly!) disguised themselves as various forms of “morality” and “rights” and “wrongs” and “appropriates” and “inappropriates” deep within your very Self and your very Subconscious no less! And they need healing and resolution, as opposed to blaming, shaming, hiding, repression, suppression, self-deception, or name-calling!



In conclusion, NI****. Nope. That’s not the N-word you’re thinking it is. In fact, the word is something far more innocent: Nipple.


Is it not extremely strange and weird that our world has programmed and brainwashed us into believing that even the very holy parts of our most SACRED body are to be considered abhorrent? Disgusting even? That our very God-gifted BODY is to be seen as something incredibly vile, sick and something to be creeped-out by? That something as natural and normal as masturbation is something to be extremely ashamed of?


Come to think of it, what’s so wrong with a nipple that women must cover-it-up-at-all-costs or risk being slut-shamed? It’s a natural part of their very bodies. In fact, it’s so much more than just “some body part”, for a nipple brings through breast milk, which is literally LIFE for a baby. And not just a nipple, every other body part that you can name, be it on a man or a woman, is a gift from GOD.


So why is it then, that if I said the words Penis, Vagina, Nipple, Boobs, Tits, Cock, Pussy, Balls or Richard — that so many would find it either extremely offensive or incredibly hilarious (out of their sheer perceived offensiveness, mostly?) Is it the words themselves – which are mere sound vibrations unless put into the context of a specific human language – or is it the sheer amount of taboo and derision and disgust and other forms of darkness and negativity associated with it by our very society? By our very world?


How is it that our world has taught us, nay, CONVINCED US, to be so very weird and disgusted and awkward about our very God-gifted and normal and natural physical vehicles and their parts? I mean, imagine being offended about actual vehicle parts for a second: imagine people losing it if you said a word like “tyre”, or “steering”, or “windshield vipers”. Sooooo kinky, right?



So, did we forget that we came into this world utterly NAKED, not too different to that of any and ALL other animals?


Did we forget that most of our ancestors (who lived in ABSOLUTE harmony with nature) – including some beautiful indigenous cultures around the world even today – lived (and continue living) completely NUDE?


Or are we truly under some sort of weird belief or impression, that we are somehow vastly superior to these “tribal types” (who had and continue to have FAR lesser diseases and disorders than we do, somehow), because we wear “clothes” and suppress all forms and manners of sexuality? And are then, somehow, smarter and more “advanced” to these “lesser beings” who live AT ONE and AS ONE with Mother Nature?



My dearest friends, we CANNOT seek Extraterrestrial Disclosure and First Contact on one hand, and be THIS judgmental about our own BODIES (let alone our SEXUALITY and so much else) on the other. For if we judge OURSELVES this much, just IMAGINE meeting (and making friends with) OTHERWORLDLY cultures! Cultures, who could very well have ENTIRELY different ways of being, sexual ways and norms and morals and cultural standards no less! How exactly is THAT gonna work?



Above all, who are WE ANYWAYS to say what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”? What’s “okay” and what’s “not cool”? When we OURSELVES haven’t even gotten past our OWN traumas and repressions and misaligned beliefs to begin with?


Who are we to say what’s “correct” and “incorrect”, when, EVEN TODAY, we are the EXACT SAME CULTURE that considers numerous things such as homosexuality and transgenderism, for starters – things which occur naturally and commonly in NUMEROUS other species even upon our OWN world – as something to ELIMINATE, DISCARD, ABHOR and even MOCK no less?

Are we even really QUALIFIED to judge others for THEIR “rights” and “wrongs”, when we have barely gotten our OWN shit together, yet?

We can’t HAVE our cake and EAT IT too.

We can’t exactly seek or expect First Contact (and great friendships and relationships) with our EXTRATERRESTRIAL brothers and sisters – whilst doing a THOUSAND other things TO OURSELVES that PREVENT said occurrence from ever even HAPPENING.

We can’t build bridges whilst burning them simultaneously, and hope that it all somehow “works out for us” in the end.

So folks…

It is time to heal.

For our own selves, AND for ALL ELSE that’s ever really worth living for.

You are loved.

– Don Spectacularis

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  1. David

    As a lot of guidance comes from old text,it would be Fun to find that Celebate was a miss translation and “Celebration” was the intended desire, as to unite with source etc. in an intimate sexual way with your partner, now thats a celebration.

    1. AzureLeaves

      Indeed. And symbolism-wise, since the Divine Source (and all of its Fractals=Souls=All of us) have both the Masculine and Feminine aspects and energies, the union of the Masculine and Feminine energies at Soul-level while being incarnated and making love somehow symbolizes that Union between the Feminine and the Masculine, and thus, connection to the Divine Source as one sort of “returns” to that Oneness state.

      But then again such a thing seems to happen more strongly only on individuals who make love with others in a conscious way, i.e. they involve conscious manipulation of Spiritual Energies, Conscious Imagination and intent (e.g. Tantric Sex, Sex Magick), rather than just mindless lovemaking for pleasure alone.

  2. Aga

    Original version of Kama Sutra has on firts page text saying something like: “Do all of this and then move on”.

  3. AzureLeaves

    About this homo and trans topics and proper sexual education, I don’t really deal much with them since all the issues surrounding it doesn’t take precedence on my interests. But allow me to share my perspectives from what I’ve observed so far:


    –Homosexuality and Transgenderism:

    By Law of Dependent Origination, if there are individuals who want to form romantic relationships with their opposite sex exists, then it is inevitable that those who want to form romantic relationships with individuals with the same genitalia as them must exist, and vice-versa

    This cannot be avoided because at our very core, BEYOND the confines and limitations of our Physical Bodies, our Soul inherently possesses BOTH Masculine and Feminine qualities and energies, and as a Soul that is not restricted by a meatsuit, it can both assume the Masculine and Feminine sexual traits anytime, anywhere.

    Hence love making between two meatsuits that has the same genitalia can still produce similar energies (minus the possibility of conceiving a child) that is produced between those with opposite genitalia, because their Souls, who has both Feminine and Masculine energies and aspects and TRANSCENDS the physical limitations of what a Male and a Female should be) also partakes in the process and produces NEUTRAL energies that can be used, as a tool, for better or for worse; hence PROPER Spiritual and Conscious Sexual Education is necessary, rather than just brainless mating.

    Such is the inevitability of creation. And I would prefer for nature to take its course, based on its own will, without being “groomed” or “influenced” by external influential individuals who has a hidden agenda, e.g. turn everyone into homosexuals by popularizing it enough with propagandas and publicity until the desire to form a romantic relationship and mate with those of the opposite sex is completely gone, leading to humanity’s extinction, and then give Sex a bad reputation and something to be avoided.

    And then groom individuals who don’t know any better that hating oneself and their genitalia is ok and they should transition if they don’t want to be in it; the desire to be of the opposite sex will of course happen on individuals, by Law of Dependent Origination, but the problem here is when certain influential individuals gaslight these people and continue egging them to hate themselves and their body, leading to them undergoing such harsh processes in order to change their Biological Sex (which can be done painlessly and easily if one is NOT in a meatsuit to begin with), and then often leaving them with regret, for being taken advantage off by these Elites in their moment of emotional, mental and spiritual weakness.

    It would have been completely fine with me personally if they truly, and genuinely want to undergo the Sex Reassignment processes out of their own will; because they TRULY want to, and NOT because they got influenced by the Mainstream Media and various influencers and are of SOUND mental and emotional–heck, even Spiritual–health.

    Now my problem here is that the Western “Woke” propaganda, from my observations, seems to be doing a worldwide “grooming” and “influencing” that X and Y is ok to do; it’s ok to hate your body, and that it’s the new, popular “In” thing to be into; it’s like they are egging on a natural process of nature and using it against humanity to turn them to each other and further divide them, and cause innumerable amounts of harm to an individual’s body, emotions, thoughts and even spirit.


    -Proper Sexual Education:

    A lot of people got triggered by a message from a Pleiadian called Tunia, regarding her having Sex in front of her daughter.

    But from what I noticed, not a lot of them completely understood the context of the message; as the whole message left them tunnel vision into that description alone rather than including the context within it.

    I mean, damn, English is not my first language as I’m born, raised and currently living somewhere in Asia, so I MAY have indeed misread something, but from my basic ESL (English Second Language)-trash abilities can do, here is what I understood from the message:

    -Tunia, born and raised on a CULTURE that promotes love and sexual positivity, is really in love with her husband, so much so that when she sees him again, she had the desire to make love with him

    -Tunia, born and raised on a culture that has TEACHINGS on how to properly, and genuinely make love similar in point to Esoteric Sexual Practices here in the East, decides that she wants to make love to her husband; typical normal reactions with someone you truly LOVE.

    The kicker here is that what they plan to do is NOT just brainless banging like what most people do in porn or heck, even most Spiritually Asleep folks nowadays (they just make babies and get it over with and onward with their marital squabbles etc.; though some are blessed with actual healthy relationships).

    They actually consciously do it, incorporating CONSCIOUSLY their Souls in the process FOR a purpose; this time not to make children, but to produce massive amounts of Spiritual Energy, which is then sent to this planet (from what I’ve read).

    -Putting those kinds of unique (than the general Earthling population) type of lovemaking aside, Tunia then started to mention that, her Son left to do his own practices and training, or meditation and wished his mother and father to have a good time, but her daughter, who is ALREADY AN ADULT, decided to stay and watch, in order to LEARN how to make love in the way that has actual Spiritual benefits, not just mindless banging.

    -Seeing that, Tunia and her husband allowed her to watch and learn; now, if we’re talking about Earthling couples, Tunia’s daughter would’ve been kicked out of the room out of shame (i.e. because the parents value their “privacy”), and perhaps, god forbid, told her to just learn about sex from Porn or from strangers they don’t know, who may even have hidden agendas (like what the Western “woke” propagandists and influencers are spreading now).

    Or at the very least, and is probably safest, from scientific medical books. But then again, she’ll be nothing more than “Armchair” sexually educated, and we all know “Armchair” learners can only go so far; the students needs experiences, it needs to see and observe, learning is more than just studying theories and concepts–the same goes for Sex.

    And since Tunia and her husband (and heck, even their whole community up there) is already in the know on the true method on how to REALLY make love, as Divine Source intended, then there’s no better way for her daughter to learn about these other than through them acting as teachers; honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with this.

    -Now, Tunia, whose Soul has BOTH Feminine and Masculine qualities in it, is also not far off from the possibility of appreciating the beauty of her fellow Female, whose soul also has both Feminine and Masculine qualities; and now, as a natural consequence per Law of Dependent Origination, and without any external influence from any poisonous Mainstream Media and influencers like here on Earth, decided she also would make love to that beauty she saw in the garden; repeating the process of true, Spiritual Lovemaking, and not just mindless banging–sure, no children were made, but if both of them experienced orgasm, which, as one of the commenters said, is the highest vibration of the physical body, then you can be sure as hell massive amounts of Spiritual Energy is generated, which can then be used for whatever; which in Tunia’s account, was sent to Earth to help the planet and its inhabitants ascend.



    -I myself value my privacy very much; I take control over my online accounts, not sending any “data” to these companies to “better their product” or have “targeted ads” etc.

    -But taking the Oneness of all into account, Privacy doesn’t indeed make sense, when all of us are pretty much co-fractals of the same Divine Source.

    -Now take into account a community of mind-readers, where no secrets are hidden; privacy will indeed be nonexistent.

    -Personally however, since I value my privacy (and I’m sure a lot of you are, too), I would still continue to have a few secrets and privacy-related matters here and there once First Contact happens.

    But the thing here is, everyone’s INDIVIDUAL choices should be honored; just because Pleiadians don’t even attempt to do practices related to “Privacy” even in the bedroom, doesn’t mean you have to let go of YOUR desire to be private; they don’t have the right to tell you to NOT become private just because they don’t practice privacy.

    And just because you have a desire to be private, especially in the Bedroom, doesn’t mean you have to be prejudiced against these beings from ANOTHER PLANET, with another CULTURE, growing up from a different ENVIRONMENT than us Earthlings, with their lack of privacy, especially in the bedroom, so much so that you condemn her letting her daughter, who is an ADULT and just wants to learn, how to properly make love.


    It’s pointless to even say that I’m defending anyone here, but what I don’t like is when people are so ignorant about so many things, that they lash out on an individual, who clearly has a different culture than theirs.

    It’s no different when individuals from another country condemns the practices of people from another country, who clearly has a different culture.

    I mean I could understand the condemning IF the culture involves hurting innocent individuals and children, but on something as harmless as an ADULT wanting to learn PROPER sexual education from NON-STRANGERS? I don’t understand the condemnation other than an individual’s biases, ignorance and double standards.

    And then some of these very people preach about Love and Light and Unconditional Love, but then present them with something like this and they lose their minds and tunnel vision. It’s hilarious, but sad to see as well.

    1. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

      Very good points. And clear head mentality on some of the biggest issues in human history by far. Respect.

      If only more people would have the clear consciousness and judgment that you have the situation could be swiftly resolved.

      I do hope you are a teacher or someone that works with people and can mold future generations with such clear judgment, but nonetheless eastern people do have a far better and clear judgment opossing to those in the west.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Thank you friend, I appreciate you. I’m also glad I was able to convey my message just fine.

        I don’t usually comment on topics like those, but I think it’s high-time now for humanity to address these things more, and become more accepting of the differences (especially those that doesn’t cause harm to innocent, pure hearted individuals young and old) instead of being prejudiced and condemning them under the filter of their own biases and standards.

        Much more especially if the intent is contact and intermingling with Extraterrestrials, each with their own different cultures, morals and values.

        As for being a teacher, it’s one of my goals. Planning to take such a role after my current primary duties and assignments as a Light/Spiritual warrior is done for this current “phase”.

        In any case, I hope the West would also soon see through all the corruptions and distortions; I wish them the best in overcoming such challenges. Well I guess, it’s not really a matter of “hope”, but “when”. Definitely soon.

    2. AzureLeaves

      And goodness gracious the amount of people I’ve seen who had a tunnel vision after reading that article.

      They kept saying “child” or “pedo” etc., when it was clearly said that Tunia’s daughter is already an adult.

      I would take some issues if Tunia is the one to offer her daughter to watch them (but then again, I won’t judge if that was the case–it’s their culture, it’s their life: not like they are teaching their daughter anything harmful for herself as a person).

      But well, from my ESL understanding of the article in a non-tunnel vision way, Tunia’s ADULT daughter is the one who wanted to watch in an attempt to learn, without being offered by her parents at all.


      And then some of them goes around on a tangent with the so-called corrupted religion’s construct such as the “Seven Deadly Sins”, not realizing that it’s just a compromised concept from a long-corrupted belief system, and being completely blindsided to the true message of that concept.

      Each of the “Seven Deadly Sins” are nothing but a natural consequential existence from their opposite concepts, per Law of Dependent Origination, and these opposites must coexist and be balanced and harmonized; it is not about choosing either-or between the “Sin” and the “Virtue”.

      Because choosing only one or the other can, and will always lead to unwanted and potentially damaging circumstances; the teaching here is balancing both of these concepts that has been labeled as “Sin” and “Virtues” and transcending them:

      Chastity, Lust
      Charity, Greed
      Diligence, Sloth
      Patience, Wrath/Anger
      Kindess, Envy
      Humility, Pride

      Each if these are a necessary existence; you can’t just have one without the other; the Law of Dependent Origination is an inevitable part of this Illusion.

      The secret is in consciously utilizing these in MODERATION and discipline, and for a good, beneficial, Negentropic purpose.

      Yes, each of these Sins and Virtues are nothing but tools; it is how, when and where you use them: each if these can be used for both destructive/non-beneficial AND creative/beneficial purposes if managed well and are in moderation, with proper consciousness and discipline.

      Please realize: there is always a right time and place for everything, and these “Virtues” and “Sins” are of no exception.

      At the end of the day, these are all part of the Illusion/Maya: Prime Creator allowed everything to happen and exist for a reason, and the lesson here is to TRANSCEND such opposites and dualities, while maintaining Balance and Harmony between them; NOT by choosing a side.

      My advice is to pick the whole “coin” itself, and see it for what it TRULY is, rather than just choosing one side of it and refusing to look at the other side, which are still part of the “coin”.

  4. Dhara

    S.E.X. is Sacred Energy eXchange. And male dominated religions teach that sex is a sin so they can sell their ‘protection rackets’ that tell the world that women are to be blamed for the fall in consciousness, totally ignoring the fact that males created the fall when they had sex with animals, creating the half-human, half-animal creatures.

    When S.E.X. is held sacred – from love, not ego – the energy fills the world with high vibrations – love vibrations – from which the couple attracts good things in their life – the ‘law of attraction’ at work.

    Unfortunately, males all too often encourage each other to exploit women to bring women down; to brag to each other about what they were able to get away with. And the dark forces have been using abusive sex – rape, war – to lower the vibrations and health of humanity to make humanity easier to control. They hate women because we are not as easily manipulated.

    Unfortunately, all too often negative entities leach energies from the sex act, attaching themselves to the individuals and leaving behind dark energies, and/or attaching themselves to the individuals. Know what you are dealing with.

    It is a medical fact that “constant irritation” creates unhealthy female bodies that all too often cause female cancers, especially when having sex with males that use her as a dumping ground for his bad habits, including spraying insecticides, herbicides, etc., not washing their hands (herbicides, insecticides cannot be totally washed off), taking it out to urinate and entering the ‘holy grail’ female body with no sense of responsibility for what they are creating within her. Our mother died – female cancer – from this senseless uncaring act. The ‘holy grail’ is the body females create for ‘Spirits’ (each of us) to enter.

    Sex may be safe and honored on other planets but all too often not on the Earth. Time will change that but it will take time. Until then, males are losing their ‘Y’ chromosomes and vital fluids – a medical fact. When sex is held sacred, loving and wonderful, enlightening energies feed the world.

  5. Phil

    Love = highest vibration of the emotional body
    Light = highest vibration of the spiritual body
    Truth = highest vibration of the mental body
    Orgasm = highest vibration of the physical body

    Instead of having “love and light” in your signature try “truth and orgasm”

  6. Jason

    Thanks for sharing, and for your honest description of sexuality among some of our brothers and sisters from the stars.

    One of the worst forms of darkness here on the planet — largely promulgated by the major religions — has been the perpetuated and inherited tendency to misunderstand, mischaracterize, malign, and generally suppress sexuality.

    This has led to a host of injuries to the human condition, including internal, personal suppression and suffering, undue shame and fear, and tremendous damage which is plainly seen in spots all over the planet, in a number of contexts — especially human aggression and wars

    Jesus could have spoken very explicitly about which types of sexual arrangements are wrong, and which are not. Understanding the rife sexual suppression around him in his setting, which persists to today, he wisely limited his condemnation to “sexual immorality,” generally — which, I think, to him, simply meant any type of TRUE sexual harm. Like that which often comes from adultery (i.e. where no agreement exists between partners to be “swingers”).

    Jesus also made vague comments about “lust” perhaps — immediately put forth by reptilian minds, then and now, as condemnation, apparently, of that natural aspect of desire that God almighty Himself has programmed into the very human genome. Of course even those scant few things Jesus said have been misinterpreted, happily seized upon and made into tools of suppression by the Church, state, other religions, and other causes.

    There is such a thing as true harm which affects others negatively. But there is also a falsified type of “harm” that is fabricated from a false societal or moral construct, or condition, that shames or suppresses things or people which aren’t — or don’t necessarily need to be — harmful. The context — or societal norm put forth — often frames or causes the “harm” complained about.

    Seems to me that true sin is harm. Nothing more, nothing less. And that we ought not create false moralities, or faulty social norms and modalities, or stigmatization leading from these which disrupt peace, privacy, happiness, and even the healing and well-being that can come from principled and free sexuality. Also, we ought not judge other cultures, particularly more enlightened cultures, by our own limited beliefs and standards. Yes, rules are important to shape behavior and society. No, not all rules or societies will be the same or have the same notions of harm.

    Sex, however, comes with its own natural modality, a universal mode, I would think. It cannot be forced by any means. It should be private — not done or referenced in lewd, public displays like we’ve seen in the parades, street fairs, and shows on public city streets. Sex also should be enjoyed without creating unwanted life/pregnancy. Abortion is wrong. It destroys life, and the life process. Therefore all necessary pains ought be taken beforehand to prevent conception.

    Thanks for sharing, I hope our society continues to grow to a more enlightened sexual state — while still holding space on this planet for those human beings who want to live in communities which are still highly restrictive of sex because of their personal beliefs. So long as they are peaceful, and care for Mother Earth, and don’t seek to force their views and ways on other communities, they have a place here, too.

  7. Miguel Gonzalez

    As a spiritual seeker I disagree with the whole high-horse thing. We do not mean to sound arrogant. The simple fact of the matter is all sex and eating food does is keep the soul trapped in the lower three chakras, which allow the human body to function outside of Oneness. Saints do not do these things.

    In Initiate-level, with our focus taken off the physical-body, this allows us the space to develop serious spiritual powers such as angel-channeling, casting out demons, teleportation, creating money/food/clothing out of thin air (conjuring).
    and Oneness. These are all possible by invoking Diamond-Fires of Holy Spirit.

    This is NOT an occult thing or even Christian, although it can be. This is a Tibetan Buddhist and mystical Christian concept which has been practiced for thousands of years. Advanced spiritual knowledge or discipline is NOT possible without mastering Diamond-Fires. It is the same energy Jesus used to raise himself from the dead, and that which appeared to apostles on Pentecost-Day.

    1. AzureLeaves

      If that’s your belief and you genuinely and profoundly feel it can propel you on your path forward, then good.

      I don’t know how the saints lived, nor am I really interested in their way of life; that’s their path and that’s how they do things–I have my own path and I have my own way of doing things.

      I eat–enjoy and take spiritual happiness and fulfillment on the activities related to the lower chakras, and derived spiritual inspiration from them, because after all, they are part of existence–I don’t feel at all that they separate me from Source– “I AM” Source; it is within me and it is within all existence, for better or for worse–even the most holiest of Saints, to the most despicable of humans you can think of. The only way I can be separated from Source is if I declare myself to be.

      “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

      As an Eclectic Magick Practitioner (prefer to shorten as “Mage”) that does the Bruce Lee method of “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own” and who walks the path of both teachings of Light and Darkness; balanced and harmonized by the path and teachings of the Void, for more than a decade now, I partake in the activities of the lower three chakras (for both generation of happiness, spiritual inspiration and prolonging the survival of my physical body), alongside the upper chakras, yet I’m still able to enter a “space” to “develop serious spiritual powers” through meditation.

      This “space” of Nothingness/Zero Point is provided to me by the Void/Nothingness/Sunyata and the Goddess Consciousness that reside in it; continuously being guided, protected and blessed by Her; the Nothingness from which all creations originated, and to which shall return at the “End of Time” (Mahapralaya/Great Dissolution). And everyone can access this through meditation after diligent practice.

      For me, a mark of a True Mage is someone that can still develop, train and use Spiritual Powers even if they are living “ordinary” everyday lives–otherwise, most of these Tibetan Monks you see will have dilapidated temples; I’m no Breatharian or Tibetan Monk–though I do fast and only eat just enough meals once or twice a day and drink mostly water, as is needed to sustain my Physical Body and continue my work on this planet as a human being, yet I don’t feel my powers depleted.

      Like Bodhidharma says, before you are enlightened, you chop and stack wood, and after you become enlightened, you chop and stack wood. There is no level of consciousness where you are above physical labor.

      As an aside, and in the hopes of not sounding arrogant: “angel-channeling, casting out demons, teleportation, creating money/food/clothing out of thin air (conjuring) and Oneness. Invoking of Diamond Fires”; I can do these things too at different degrees of proficiency; I have to do them to conduct my Spiritual Work.

      -Diamond Fires? Easy; imagination and intent is the limit–and there are many colors of that Diamond Fire for many different purposes.

      -Angel-channeling? I communicate with angels on the daily; no need for them to possess me as a “Channel”; nor do I have any interest in being a “Channel” for them so I can ask them questions and post an “Angel Channeling” on this website–I have other things I’m more interested in doing Metaphysically–so instead the Angels support me in my Spiritual Work in various ways, and my skill to “Channel” entities like angels and send messages to the people through websites like this are underdeveloped; but not because I partake on the “Lower Chakra” activities, but because I have no interest in developing such as skill.

      -Casting out demons? I hardly personally encounter malevolent and Entropic Demons that I need to “cast out” since they are constantly being casted out; they never attempt to touch me now and those I care about at this stage of my development–lest they found themselves swallowed by the Eternal Void and returned to Source through its multitudes of portals–instead I found myself in the company, friendship and respect of Neutral and chill Infernal Beings, often on the highest ranks on the Deepest Levels of “Hell”; for I acknowledge that they themselves are also Fractals of the same Divine Source and they, to me; and we all each have our own roles to play–as Co-actors, Co-scriptwriters and Co-directors of this Grand Play–we respect and love each other, as Co-fractals of the Divine Source; such is the nature of Unconditional Love not limited by whose being is on which “Location”; they are all Source Fractals.

      -Teleportation? Under the confines of the Physical Laws I can do it through techniques like Remote Viewing, Remote Presence, and Astral Projection; granted there is still work to with these, but I can perform my Metaphysical Duties just fine with the degree of ability I can muster.

      -And the “Conjuring” part with the help of Neville Goddard’s teachings with Law of Assumption and Law of Reversibility and other such techniques, I do have good success with them to a certain extent; granted they don’t “suddenly” appear out of thin air like what happens whenever I’m “Out of my Body” /Astral Projection (a state where I can literally conjure anything out of thin air and appear instantly since it’s on a Higher Density field), and instead gets eventually and gradually presented to me, under the confines of the Third Dimension.

      All that while still partaking in the activities of the “Lower Chakras” that saints or whoever seems to not care about any longer. Then again, I’m no Saint or Tibetan Monk–just a Minister and Child of the Void.

      The only limits that can stop me is if I declare myself (e.g. my “I AM” sentences) to be limited–the Void and the Heart Sutra (derived from the meaning of its words with the Guidance from the Consciousness/Goddess in the Void) taught me that there are no “Limits”; only my conception of myself; in this illusion/Maya/Grand Play.

      At the end of the day, it’s not about being on or off “High horse” to me, or being an “Initiate-level” or above that; it’s all about Balance, Harmony, Moderation, acceptance and acknowledgement of the ALL/One/Divine Source Creator and its existence in all of creation and deriving Spiritual Harmony and Inspiration on all that I do.

      I can find the Divine Source everywhere, because it is within all of creation; no matter how many levels of dimension it is, it is omnipresent–through us, its Fractals and present as well in ALL activities, without exception, for better or for worse (both from the most Holiest of acts you can imagine, to the most despicable acts you can imagine), because it is the ALL.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Oh and about the “Oneness” part which I missed out on–my meditations and Projections of myself in the Void already provides me with that state of Oneness; by being one with the Void and becoming it.

        For the Void is the origin of the ALL; as part of the Divine Source, where it lays to rest after Mahapralaya/Great Dissolution, and where it emerges from again once it’s “time” to start another Cycle of Existence in its never-ending Genesis-Destruction Cycles to continuously learn more about itself and reach even greater heights in its own development–through its Fractals: all of creation, including us.

        Lastly, by the words of Neville Goddard to summarize my state:

        “In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

        By this law – first conceiving, then becoming that conceived – all things evolve out of No-thing (my note the Void); and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.

        Before Abraham or the world was – I AM. When all of time shall cease to be – I AM. I AM the formless awareness of being conceiving myself to be man. By my everlasting law of being I am compelled to be and to express all that I believe myself to be.

        I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things.

        I AM that in which all my conceptions of myself live and move and have their being, and apart from which they are not.

        I dwell within every conception of myself; from this withinness, I ever seek to transcend all conceptions of myself. By the very law of my being, I transcend my conceptions of myself, only as I believe myself to be that which does transcend.

        I AM the law of being and beside ME there is no law. I AM that I AM.”
        – Neville Lancelot Goddard: “Your Faith is Your Fortune”

    2. AzureLeaves

      Oh, before I forgot–on the topic of “Saints”, it might pique your interest to know of a monk named Drukpa Kunley– a.k.a. “The SAINT of 5,000 Women’ and “Fertility SAINT” , who named his penis the “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom” (gave me a good laugh the first time I read it) and whose phallus statue are used to repel Evil Spirits and whose penis itself is used to Bless other Co-fractals of the same Divine Source, of the Feminine alignment: Women.

      This is a testament of the fact that every Chakra is a also a part of Creation. a.k.a Divine Source, and has inherent divinity in them–and can be a path towards Enlightenment if used in the right and proper way.

      Again, it’s all tools–it’s how, when and where you use them.

      And for me, a True Mage is someone not letting themselves become restrained by limitations of any kind. After all, from my experiences, ALL paths–eventually and technically–lead to Source. There are many ways to the top of the same mountain.

      1. AzureLeaves

        One of Drukpa Kunley’s poem:
        Poem about happiness

        I am happy that I am a free Yogi.
        So I grow more and more into my inner happiness.
        I can have sex with many women,
        because I help them to go the path of enlightenment.
        Outwardly I’m a fool
        and inwardly I live with a clear spiritual system.
        Outwardly, I enjoy wine, women and song.
        And inwardly I work for the benefit of all beings.
        Outwardly, I live for my pleasure
        and inwardly I do everything in the right moment.
        Outwardly I am a ragged beggar
        and inwardly a blissful Buddha.

        And I like the fact that he “broke the norm”, and introduced more ways to achieve enlightenment and awaken other beings; a true testament to the fact that there are indeed, many ways to the top of the same mountain.

        His methods has its own merit; “Divine Madness” and all that–still a part of Creation; still an aspect of the ever omnipresent Divine Source.

  8. Bill

    I feel that people often get on what they believe to be a moral high ground with sexuality. Because they’ve taken the spiritual path therefore sex is beneath them. Why that is is very understandable, as often people have had only bad experiences with sex. And it give them the impression that only low-minded animals let their urges control them. Like it’s a weakness that’s only there to temp you. I suppose it’s fine if you’re going for that nun lifestyle, or only sex after marriage. But these are their choices, my issue has more to do with the sort of unconscious negativity they spew towards others who don’t share that viewpoint.

    I’m more of a ‘do what feels right to you’ kind of person, BUT you’ve got to also understand that there’s a limit… a line that you can cross where it can become detrimental to your health/mentality. Pornography typically would fall into that category for me but it’s not black and white either. More like a gradient where there is “healthier” things of that nature and then there is the bad for you kind which I feel takes the majority of that space.

    As an example, I do NOT agree with the Tunia character at all letting her kids watch their parent’s make love.

    I guess what I’m saying is if you want to follow the paths of a spiritual leader where they live by example. Then that’s great. But it’s not wise to label certain aspects of life that every person has to deal with on some level as an all-around bad thing.

    1. Raksha

      I admit, that scene did perturbe me. On earth it would be too weird. But can we at least try to imagine that in a society filled with love and mind-reading, where there are no taboo about the body and sexuality, it might have another meaning ? I am a bit saddened because everyone here want to meet our star brothers and sisters (I suppose), but if we already start to judge their ways and cultural differences without even pausing a moment and try ton understand their perspective…. then I suppose the direct contact is not soon to happen. We have projected enough on God already, I hope we can refrain from projecting too much on others civilisations based on our own bias.

    2. AzureLeaves

      It’s quite a problem with a bunch of “Spiritual” and “Love and Light” communities nowadays; it’s like “Magusitis”–they immediately label something that doesn’t conform to their views as corrupted or non-spiritual, when in fact, here in Eastern esoteric practices, Sex can be used for esoteric practices too.

      It’s like they want all of humanity to be celibate or else they won’t “ascend”. Ignoring the fact that Source allowed all of these to happen for a reason, and the energies, the strong bonds forged through such an act is a gift from Source.

      It’s just that the “woke” agenda nowadays seems to be the culprit in corrupting the true and sacred function of Sex and intimacy in reaching Divine UNION; an aspect of the union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, irrespective of one’s physical body (heck, they even ignore the fact that Souls that are not in a meatsuit can freely change their dominant energies into Masculine or Feminine whenever and wherever they wish (and that includes “genitalia” or Sexual Characteristics inherent exclusively to the Masculine and Feminine).

      Tunia’s messages did caused quite a stir though, which is a good thing. Her message actually let me see who truly are ignorant people (as in those who don’t really know what the heck they are talking about), egotistic people, narcissists, and all that 3D stuff on spiritual communities. They all came out of the woodwork as if they got smoked out of their hiding spots. It’s quite hilarious.

      Not realizing the fact that as you go higher and higher, 4th Dimension and beyond, you become more and more accepting and acknowledging of everything that happens because you understand that Divine Source creator is in all of creation, and everything has a reason and purpose to happen, and that includes Sex.

      And yes, even that situation when Tunia provided much-needed sexual education to her daughter (WHICH IS AN ADULT, not a child anymore) who was curious and want to learn about how to TRULY make love, instead of letting her daughter learn it from a complete stranger, or god forbid, learn it from Earthling’s version of porn where it’s all fakery and has no spiritual aspects at all, or even esoteric work mixed in (e.g. Tantra).

      1. AzureLeaves

        I also found it odd that they seem to focus a lot on the functions of their classical “upper chakras” while in a meatsuit themselves, as if those on the lower chakras are beneath them, and they keep trying to free themselves from their “base” and focus more on the top.

        It’s like continuously erasing one’s foundations. i.e. without sex, humanity didn’t thrived as it was now, as a species. Not like they already developed means to propagate the species without sex when they first started in their early stages.

        Then you have people going on about “oh Love and Lust can never be together”, or like “Sex=LUST, no other way around it”. Not realizing that Sex, as with any act, are just tools; it’s how, when and where you use them.

        Whoever said and thought that you can’t have Sex without both emotions of Lust (or in this instance, sexual desire; i.e. the desire to become “one” with your beloved) and Love (e.g. romantic love) seems to be missing the point, from my perspective. Not to mention sex with only one or the other can hardly be enjoyable.

        What’s worse is there are a lot of people who don’t even care, or have forgotten that your can use the energies generated during lovemaking to do Magick and various other forms of beneficial metaphysical work, like what Tunia and her family does, and the ones on the New Jerusalem with their exclusive area where a bunch of couples do lovemaking and generate such energies in a CONSCIOUS way and send it to where it’s needed, rather than just mindlessly mating for pleasure.

        And then you have some ignorant fools who can’t even tell the difference between brainless orgies on this planet and that situation with the New Jerusalem special areas that are obviously not Earth and has a different culture than us (can’t even bring themselves to respect other cultures), are not filled and saturated by “woke” agenda corruption, and various other nasty stuff.

        I seriously hope the ones coming out of the woodwork are not part of the “Critical Mass”, or else these poor, genuine souls waiting/working for the event have their work cut out for them for several more decades haha.

        But eh, no worries about that, no one can stop the “light” that is approaching, and it’s accelerating, FAST.

        1. Raksha

          My understanding is that our “lower chakras” are the most in need of care. Especially for spiritual people. I also think that there is a confusion between the cabal agenda (which aims to abolish Yin and Yang) and genuine authentic sex without shame. They did well.

          1. AzureLeaves

            Indeed, without a strong base (the three lower chakras from the Heart), you can’t even hope to ascend to the higher ones; at best it manifests in the one afflicted with such imbalance various forms of egotistic, narcissistic, and even ignorant qualities and way of thinking.

            And now you have folks telling something like “oh we don’t have Chakras anymore, it’s all Lightbody now”, it’s like they even deny the existence of our Lightbody’s internal organs (i.e. Chakras), and are Chakras are instead EVOLVING, instead of disappearing altogether.

            Genuine, authentic sex/lovemaking without shame is a beautiful thing, irrespective of one’s physical body; the Soul partakes in it as well, so I don’t really understand why they equate sex as something exclusive to ones in a meatsuit only.

            Heh, Entropic Forces really did a good job on distorting so many things; and now look at all these ignorant comments (from my perspective) on this site and on other websites.

            So many distortions to fix. Got our work cut out for us, huh.

          2. S

            Agreed, everything that doesn’t go well with one’s belief system gets labeled as “cabal” nowadays. About time we look into why we think the way we think.

          3. Raksha

            But the light will prevail in the end AzureLeaves. I believe. Let’s focus on what we like (sex included)

          4. AzureLeaves

            Agreed, brother; though I suppose at this point, the “Light” already succeeded. I wish you the best on your path.

            And yes, let’s continue to enjoy life and acknowledge all of its joys and sorrows; it’s all part of the Divine Source.

          5. AzureLeaves

            And indeed, s; it’s quite sad that they continuously become prejudiced on practices without fully scrutinizing and analyzing it. Sex, for example, is originally a divine and sacred “Dance of Creation” and it utilized quite well in various Esoteric Practices here in the East, to generate massive amounts of energies that can be used for various purposes and benefits.

            Then comes the corruption and propagation through “influencers” and mainstream media–now you have people prejudiced against such practices without first analyzing its true origins and true functions, the way the Divine Source intended.

            A lot of them preach about Unconditional Love, but present them with a topic like Sex and they all go ballistic; it’s quite hilarious but quite sad at the same time.

  9. Raksha

    Hi Don. I was intuiting that you would do a post about sex. Nice read. This topic is so super charged with all kind of bias and “stuffs” that it was no suprise for me to see all the explosive comments on A.S channeling. I admit I was a bit tiggered by some comments, which is why I chose not to reply. Quite courageous for both of you. Thanks

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Cheers Raksha 🙂 Not gonna lie, intuiting article topics is NEXT LEVEL cool lol. And yes, there’s always a trigger or two in the comments, some of those, the exact same culprits as always. But that’s okay I guess. I’ve come to the realization that what I’m writing probably isn’t worth much if it’s not triggering at least a FEW good men (and women). Far easy to be like the goody-goody post crowd who will repeat their “Love” “Light” keywords and never ever take on the hard topics. No judgement against these ones of course, for they too offer their own benefit. But alas, such ways are not for me 🙂 Thank you once again for your most kind words! ❤❤❤

  10. Sahar

    Thank you Don 🙂 I always love to hear your perspective! I send love to all of those who are getting triggered here. That in itself begins the healing in my opinion. Love to all!

  11. Gustavo Frein

    Gee thanks, Don. We here in America don’t have enough of our attention focused on sex by the media, government and education system.

    We need more Transexuals, more Drag Queen Story Hours, more gay bath houses and Homosexual BDSM orgie clubs. We need more internet porn, more young boys being Transexually groomed into genital mutilation and hormonal castration.

    Never mind Transexuals have severely shorter life spans and a high rate of suicide. It’s all part of creation and we need to love and embrace it if we are to get some of that hot Pleiadean tail or “hot” Pleiadean man-meat. Never mind Homosexuals use sex as a form of self destruction and have thousands of sexual partners in a lifetime…it’s all part of the contemplative eye, the one eye experience, right Don?

    We don’t need that outdated Vannila sex between a husband and wife. We need our kids at least to be watching while we have sex. Only this way can we attain vibrational alignment with these hot and ready to go Pleiadeans.

    Thanks so much again for one of your long winded diatribes.

    I did take a deep breath.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I sincerely thank you for your most incredible sense of humour. It is much needed for our planet, at this time. Stay blessed.

    2. S

      Honestly that’s why these convos are needed for this very reason, since this culture turned something sacred into cheap propaganda and through religious dogmas as well taught it to be sinful, it seems like our collective is in need of mass healing in this area so its coming up now. If we shifted our perspective slightly to it being needed in order to have our energy bodies working they way they are meant to, so women aren’t cut off their lower chakras and men feel freer to connect emotionally during love making wouldn’t we be more willing to talk about it? Especially since many younger souls need a healthier model of relationships and sex. Something else in my opinion is it comes to bridge the gap between men and women as both have repressed traumas due to this ages old battle of the sexes.

  12. Zuza

    Life is for enjoyment, so is sex. Life is also a choice from many opportunities, so is sex, you can chose not to have it. Anyway, everything is about energy, and energy sharing, mixing, transposing, changing, receiving and giving. This is how is see the Pleiadian sexual activity.
    I think on Earth there is a lot of trauma around the root chacra, that is why this topic seems to be so sensitive to many.
    I do like sex, and I do like periods without sex.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Completely agree! Basically, by trying to suppress sex and sexuality this much, we have actually CONTRIBUTED (as a whole) in making it bigger and more important than it actually is. In a society where it’s NORMAL and NATURAL to have conversation around it (or around any OTHER topics pertaining to one’s body and body parts), talking about sex would be no different than talking about the weather and roaming around naked would be no different than going for a jog at the local park.

      In other words, our “Don’t even MENTION sex EVER!” attitude is no different really than telling everyone “Don’t your DARE think about the PINK ELEPHANT”. And then, Pink Elephant porn becomes the hottest selling commodity and everyone’s (secretly) curious and excited about everything to do with Pink Elephants…for SOME reason.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  13. Geoff Turner

    This website really is being given over to egomaniacs and demonic spirits.

    The gullible always fall for it because they believe that just because something is published on a spiritual website it must be the truth and from the light, but sadly, a very large number of the articles here are from dark entities or individuals with agendas.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      If such is indeed the case, it will only assist the spiritually awakening ones in learning (and sharpening) their own discernment skills. However, from what I’ve personally observed, the only ones who shout and scream the most about “demons” and “Satan” taking over our world, are the ones who would much rather have every other viewpoint that is not stamped ‘APPROVED’ by their choice of religion be silenced in the name of the greater good.

      Let everyone share their perspectives. Let the angels talk. Let the demons talk too. Let the readers, listeners, viewers and audiences discern and decide for themselves as to whom to listen to, and whom not to. And that’s by far the ONLY RELIABLE WAY that they’ll EVER be able to learn how to discern things for themselves. Which is in any case a prerequisite to being a mature and responsible human-guardian of this planet, as also a full-fledged creator being oneself.

      We’ve let the churches and the state discern and censor what’s “right” and “wrong” for all of us for millennia already. And we can all see as to where THAT’S gotten us so far.

  14. kieran laffan

    having experienced, sex ,and having experienced the energy of atonement, I can assure you ,that sex is part of the human illusion. that is why most awakened ones ignore it , not out of shame or guilt ,but indifference.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Even though there’s (far) more to spirituality than just sex, what I’ve seen here is a tendency to push the very IDEA OF sexuality itself under a rug. A tendency not just of the “normies” and the priests and the politicians of this world, but also of those who seek greater and greater depths and expansions of spiritual awareness today, i.e. the awakening ones, most specifically. When fact remains that sexual understanding / maturity is VERY MUCH so VITAL and INTEGRAL to many aspects of spiritual understanding/cognizance, especially considering the existence of numerous high level spiritual (mystery school) understandings having to do with Tantra, Sex Magick, and the like. Also, not all awakening beings are necessarily aiming for enlightenment alone here, at this time. Some seek greater levels of empowerment. Some seek to resolve their shadow side more and interface with specific aspects of the illusion while doing so. And many beings – of the lightworker and starseed variety most specifically – are here to break through numerous taboos, woundings, traumas and the like, especially with regards to sex and sexuality (as perceived by the majority of humans) overall. Hence they (the starseeds, lightworkers etc.) have also subjected themselves to life conditions in which they themselves have greatly faced and explored such traumas, blockages and woundings. This is where the lack of openness and discussion regarding these topics hurts them (and in turn, all of humankind) the most, and causes so many of our repressions, blockages and pains.

      We are here to heal our own selves (first), and, in that process (and also through our subsequent teachings), heal the rest of humankind too eventually and consequently. And we can’t really do that if we continue to stay THIS silent all the damn time about sex -> that jolly big elephant in the room. Hope this helps!

  15. john

    Thanks don good article with many truths, its a shame many souls cant see past the blinkers and judge by their own standards, forgetting that we all have freewill and the world has pretty much been enginered this way for hundreds of years through religion and the social manipulations of darker powers

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you John for your most kind words. And you’re right, they’ve firstly taught us to be ashamed of our own body and its parts, to the degree that many people on this planet are disgusted at the very existence of their own genitals, to start off with. The indigenous cultures – for the most part – thankfully rejected the idea outright. And then, the degradation of our body parts was only the first step. The next step being the ostracization of sexuality altogether. Something that we can all see in the comments sections of late.

      If even the spiritually awakened ones have so much to resolve around body-acceptance and sexuality, imagine what the rest of the population must be having it like! Once again, thank you for your comment. Cheers!

  16. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

    Interesting article but i find some contradictories in it. When you talk about Transgenderism and Homosexuality you ignore the fact that these 2 special categories can not produce babies naturraly. They can only adopt. You tottaly ignore the biological fact fom that statement.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I agree with you, however, there will ALWAYS be (and even TODAY are) PLENTY OF people who are having straight sex and producing babies naturally. So neither transgenderism nor homosexuality is threatening the baby-production rate, exactly. We have plenty of population as it is, with plenty more on the way each year.

      In other words, transgender ones, homosexual ones, or even asexual ones for that matter, won’t ultimately have the numbers to prevent humanity from either reproducing, or prospering. And it’s high time that we understood such as a civilization, and simply let them be, and make them all feel as loved and cared for as possible, with the same amount of grace that we extend towards the rest of the civilization.

      We are all, MADE UP of LOVE after all. And the more we come to terms with that, the more we FEEL THAT both WITHIN ourselves and AS ourselves, the better and better our world even gets!

      Hope this helps!

      1. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

        It is not about baby production, it is about policies that catter to their mental ilness instead of treating it. Accepatnce of this degenaracy is comply. The fact of the matter is they corrupt children at a very young age with their ideology, creating more problems for both children but also their parents. This fact is what i am stating. Otherwise as long that what you do stay private i have no problem with it.

  17. A.S.

    Thank you very much for this article, Don.

    As a behind-the-scenes look, a few days ago my article “Tunia: A Day In My Life (NSFW)” was posted. In it, Tunia discussed her active sex life in quite a bit of detail, and mentioned a few other controversial things. That comment section exploded.

    The Pleiadians actually told me that they personally considered that article to be most important and most beneficial to humanity that I had ever channeled.

    Not Hakann’s “you can do it” messages, not Tunia’s “you are loved” messages, not the upcoming history of humanity message. Those are all very important too. But they considered a message that shows healthy sexuality to be more important than all of those.

    Of course, you’re completely free to disagree that that message was the most important, or that it showed healthy sexuality at all, or even whether I’m really receiving genuine channelings. Everything I share are perspectives, not the sole and absolute truth. Please listen to your own soul first and foremost.

    But I did want to share just how important Pleiadians consider healthy sexuality to be.

    Indeed, when you really think about it, it is kind of stunning that people have become trained to be completely ashamed of the human body, and that they may get angry whenever someone discusses it.

    Imagine a cat who got uncomfortable or angry whenever it saw cat genitals. We would consider that cat to be mentally unwell.

    That said, the upcoming articles in the pipeline are not about sex, so don’t worry that now every article is going to be about that topic.

    1. A.S.

      It might be healthy to have a nation-wide nudity day, where everyone is invited to be naked for that day. Of course, a day should be picked in which the temperature is comfortable.

      I have more than enough on my plate and I’m not going to organize this, but I wanted to share this idea.

    2. Jitka

      Dear A.S.,
      your channeling (Tunia: A Day In My Life), is very important and contains extra healing potential for humanity. Human beings need to heal their sexuality, learn to self-love and to be more transparent to each other. Your channelings with Tunia and Hakkan are literally Healing Sessions!
      Thank you Tunia, thank you Hakann, thank you A.S. I appreciate your work for all of us!
      I love you all!

      1. A.S.

        Thank you so much! I appreciate you and much love to you too.

        And I love that you say that those channelings are healing sessions.

        When I started out, I thought “I personally don’t want to focus on messages that instruct people to do certain exercises, because there’s plenty of those already and people have more than enough on their plate.

        I don’t want to focus on intel, because that feeds the mind but not the heart. I want to primarily give out messages that make people feel loved and appreciated. Then they can figure out the rest themselves.”

        Of course I also love doing Q&A, but it makes me very happy to hear you describe the channelings as healing sessions. You brightened my day.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          I agree with this perception of your work completely. For yes, ‘healing sessions’ would be a great way to put it. What I would also add here is that you PLEASE NEVER EVER STOP because of any criticism that comes your way. In fact, from what I’ve seen the most, the ones who bring out the most TRUTH get THE most criticized most often. And that’s because their LIGHT tends to make many people’s hidden dark parts very, VERY uncomfortable. Now, I’m not saying that discernment isn’t a thing or anything, but many are still learning the difference between judgement (from the mind / ego) versus DISCERNMENT, which comes from the HEART and is more so VIBRATIONAL in its nature.

          To be very clear and honest, even I don’t personally agree with every word you’ve ever channelled or brought forth. And yet, on the overall, your messages resonate HIGHLY of TRUTH to me PERSONALLY anyways. And PARADIGM-BURSTING levels of truth at that. So yes, don’t let criticism ever stop you. Coz the very BEST ONES get criticized the MOST; at least, from what I’ve seen in my own life experience anyways.

          Keep on shining like the LIGHT that you are!
          God bless you.

        2. Don Spectacularis

          By the way, A.S., I’ve just commented on your ‘A Day In Hakann’s Life’ video with a request. Just a heads up! Cheers! 🙂

    3. Don Spectacularis

      “That said, the upcoming articles in the pipeline are not about sex, so don’t worry that now every article is going to be about that topic.”

      I actually laughed out loud when some of the comments called you a porn writer / fetishist / erotica specialist. But then I realized that it would indeed be great alternate career to have, possibly more creatively satisfying, enjoyable (for obvious reasons), and, with any luck, better paying as well 😉

    4. Don Spectacularis

      To begin with, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to you as well as our Pleiadian brothers and sisters to bring up the topic of sexuality to even as much as begin with. It was VERY. MUCH. needed, especially at this time.

      Secondly, yes, nudity needs more and more acceptance. It is the way God sent us all in, after all. Now, I’m not saying that we should never ever wear clothes again for protection or style or fun anything like that, I have nothing against clothing or fashion here. All I’m saying is that people need to realize the PROGRAMMING and BRAINWASHING that has been created around our own BODY that makes us REJECT our very body parts, disrespect them, devalue them, degrade them, and consider them as something to be disgusted and appalled by. And then we wonder why our body reacts negatively by storing said trauma WITHIN our very body and its genitals, and ending up with diseases and disorders. Or, as Ra (of the Law of One) would call it, distortions.

      Not only sexuality, I feel that even Love, Romance, Dating, Connection, Relationships, and more so Possessiveness and other certain unhealthy behaviours need a bigger discussion within the spiritual world at large. We ARE here, after all, to help us (and, with that, help others) out of this mess ultimately.

      This is all so funny to me because WE, as HUMANS, used to be SO. INCREDIBLY. accepting and loving and welcoming of all forms and manners of sexuality back in the day. And I’m not saying that in support of paedophilia or zoophilia or anything. But, as far as I’m aware, as far as something is done with FULL CONSENT at ALL TIMES of the said act, whichever act it is, sexual or otherwise, falls under the protection of the Divine Laws. Now, this fact might be hard to imagine or accept for many, but nevertheless, it is how things work by Divine LAW.

      Thank you for your most beautiful comment and channellings. They’re changing the world, and I very much so mean that seriously as well as literally. Keep them channelings coming! You’re doing a great job! 🙂

    5. S

      Its probably meant to bring all these shadows to light. Tbf, the comments made it seem so much worse than it actually was.

    6. Gustavo Frein

      Finding the notion of having sex in front of your children abhorrent does not equate to being ashamed of the human body, neither does disagreeing with open relationships where both partners can engage in homosexuality. Stop making false equivocations.

      Does your latent homosexuality and new found desire for gay sex somehow prove you are NOT ashamed of the human body? Or does it just prove you’re a homosexual?