A Message from Creator: Connection to Source

When you are born you come from the light. You are connected to me, God, knowing only oneness and unconditional love. You reincarnate into your physical body secure in your connection and your purpose for coming to the Earthly Plane.

As time wears on, life in the physical form can begin to take its toll. People make you believe that you are worthless or that you are not believable. The ugliness of human emotions makes itself known to you and your connection to Source begins to wear down. In the place of connection, love and peace comes fear, hatred and self-doubt. There begins to be a void in the place where the strong connection to my love once was. Unaware of what is causing this void, you begin to find ways to fill it to help you to feel better, or to escape from the harsh reality of living on Earth.

This is where people who have lost their connection to me lose their way, looking to fill the void with addiction to substances that are not for their highest and best. Without awareness of what is causing the hole in their lives, people turn to substances that temporarily relieve their depression and despair.

It is a reality that many souls are lost in this way at this time, and it seems that their energy is bringing or keeping the world stuck in a lower vibration. To some extent this is true, but the prevalence of disconnection to Spirit is also the catalyst for bringing about change. Where once there was judgment and condemnation or even pity for people who were addicted, now there is help and the possibility of reconnection to Source. Sometimes, the only way to the light is to go into the darkness.

People will change when they can no longer accept to stay in the energy of despair and addiction. They will also change when their fellow man looks beyond the symptoms and recognises the cause. This, Dear Ones, is occurring around the world, and is lifting many out of the darkness of separation and disconnection and back into my light.

Many people do it through affiliation to religion, but they are still only part way to their journey. Connection to Source through religion is a temporary measure that will allow the person to feel more fulfilled while overcoming their need to fill the gaps in their hearts through substance abuse. When they are ready to fully embrace the lessons of the past, they will move beyond the safety of religion full-force into the realisation of oneness with me. It may take years, but at least they are back on the path of enlightenment and truth.

For those of you who have bypassed or moved through the lessons of religion, I say to you, “Welcome home!” When you are able to feel fulfilled just through connection to my light without the need to take unnatural substances into your body, then your journey along the path of truth and light will become clearer and more fulfilling.

Your body is a temple, because it is your direct connection to me. You are a co-creator and as such you are a God yourself. You may decide that all is in moderation, but your connection to me is strongest when your body is free of chemicals and all that is unnatural, including caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. It is wise to avoid these substances when your connection to me is important or there is a need for your body to be the clearest and purest channel.

People who distribute banned substances illegally for gain or profit are on their own paths of learning and will need to reckon with the karma that they gather either in this life or in their life’s review after their death. All souls reckon with their life’s dealings on return to the ethereal planes, but not all souls choose to resolve their karma or to extend their learning through to another reincarnation. This is entirely their choice to which there is no judgment attached. However, should the karma stay unresolved, their soul journeys will be severely hampered and they may remain stuck at their level of attainment for quite some time. Whenever they choose to reincarnate, issues to do with any unresolved karma will arise, affording an opportunity to resolve it.

The interference to one’s life from the effects of drugs and other chemical-altering substances cannot be ignored, but the lessons gained from such experiences can have positive long-term effects on the universal consciousness and on Earth’s ascension, if the lessons can be learned in time. One can argue that the energies of the Earth will be lowered through the use of mind-altering substances, but the counter argument is that the energies of Ascension will not allow for or tolerate the actions of those who use these substances to the point of abuse, violence or crime against others. Personal use of drugs can be seen as a lesson, but when the use affects the free-will of other people and has the potential to alter their destiny, this is another matter altogether. These people will now be quickly exposed, and karmic retribution will be swift.

Look to the light to extinguish the darkness in your lives. Look to me to assist you with finding your way and remembering your higher purpose for being on this Earth. I am always with you, and I always love you, no matter what you have done, what you believe or where you are going.

We are one.

I AM Creator of All-That-Is.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


11 Replies to “A Message from Creator: Connection to Source”

  1. Harald Leggereit

    Religion like any external knowledge is valuable to a point. Young Samuel did not recognise the divine voice within him and turned to Eli but once he had his own connection he no longer had to go back to Eli.

  2. Chessgal

    The information about substance use or abuse has an all-or-nothing tone that may reveal a judgmental soul inserting personal opinion into a possibly genuine channel.

    If a parent simply must stay awake all night to properly care for a sick child and uses caffeine to ensure they do not fall asleep, is that okay?

    If a human being suffering from chronic pain and cruelly denied adequate physically addicting pain medication takes something to make life bearable (and avoid suicide), is that okay?

    These substance issues are in the gray zone, and I sincerely doubt our Creator would share such unloving, black-and-white opinions.

    1. Emma

      This channeller, Victoria C, always insert personal opinion, and poluting possible genuine channel.
      I too doubt that Creator would talk like this, and that Creator would even care about such petty subject.
      I do not use caffeine, tobacco, drugs etc. so I am not trying to defend my own stuff. Just feel this is far from what an all knowing and all loving God would say.

  3. 💥

    ReBirth Fully into Ur SouLite

    HigherSelf CrystaLite PoweredBRIDGE

    Never look back in the


  4. Mikkel Kaastrup

    That was a very beautiful and valuable message…I liked especially the description of religion. It reminds me of Benjamin Creme, who quoted Maitreya that “religion is useful as a ladder to get to a certain place. Once you’re there, you can then throw the ladder away and continue”. And, well, in my experience it takes quite some time to realize one’s oneness with God, since there are smaller or larger parts of the personality which do not think they are worthy of this. And yet they have to be loved and forgiven and taken into the heart.

    1. Emma

      Sandt at religion ikke er vejen til ascension. Men hende der kanaliserer dette er ofte meget ude af balance, og meget fordømmende.

  5. one

    “many souls are lost in this way at this time, and it seems that their energy is bringing or keeping the world stuck in a lower vibration.”

    Seems Victoria is a victimhood player, yes it’s all their fault we’re stuck here.

    Most so called channel’s are fake and only type their own problems and issues claiming they apply to others, projection, buyer beware.

    1. Keith

      I agree. In recent weeks I feel is if this site has been pushing many false and or personal narratives thru “channels.”
      Many of these people perhaps need to clean up their own lives before preaching as if some Guru.
      Stay well.
      Buyer beware is correct.

      1. Phillis Stein

        We must also bear in mind that channels can be hacked, just like everything else – so, the channel may be genuine, but the source may not be what it claims to be. Just coming at this from another angle as an alternative possibility. As usual, we should use our discernment and only take from this what serves us, and leave the rest.


    , but when the dark” affects the free-will of other people and has the potential to alter their destiny, this is another matter altogether. These people will now be quickly exposed, and karmic retri