The Nature Spirits: Balanced Creation

Greetings, Namaste, we are a collective energy of the Nature Spirits. We come forth with our love, our respect, and our gratitude for those of you who are extending your light far and wide upon the Earth.

We thank you dearly for the light you have shared with the Nature Kingdom, and we share our light with you too. We collect your light, we enhance it, we magnify it, and we send it to you, to all of humanity, all beings and Mother Earth. It is our purpose to magnify light and to enhance the vibration of light existing within Mother Earth.

We wish to come forth and speak of Balanced Creation. We wish to invite you to begin to include us, the Nature Kingdoms, and Spirits of the Earth, Mother Earth in your own meditation time and manifestation projects. We wish to support you in creating your dreams, your desires, your soul’s destiny upon the Earth. We wish to share wisdom as to how we can support you in creating your dreams and desires and we also wish to create a Balanced Creation. What this means is that as we join and unite in your energy, we will bring our manifestation vibrations and frequencies to that which you are manifesting. Therefore, it will be supported by the Nature Kingdom and the Nature Spirits. What this also means is that your dreams and desires will be aligned with creating higher vibrations for Mother Earth and all beings as well as supporting the Nature Kingdoms.

You might wonder how a dream or desire of a soul can be aligned with Nature Spirits and Mother Earth?

Imagine that your dream is to become an Interior Designer or maybe to own a car, or you may want to create something beautiful out of wood, whatever your Nature Kingdom. We can support your manifestation and your manifestation can support the Nature Kingdom. You might ask how can the manifestation of a car in your reality be aligned with the Nature kingdoms and Mother Earth ? How can it support the Nature Kingdom, and Mother Earth? It may be that we offer guidance as to how to manifest your reality, dreams and desires so that they support nature, or it could be that when your manifestation anchors it activates new wisdom, energy and love that is gifted to the Nature Kingdom.

We the Nature Beings wish for you to accept our help in meditation, quiet time or manifestation, you can call us forth the Nature Beings and Spirits aligned with your soul, to come forth to support, amplify, and fuel your creations, dreams, and desires.

You will feel our energy, you may wish to breathe it in, to embody it. Then you may wish to think of that which you wish to create to send energy and love to it, to ground it into your Earth Star Chakra, below your feet. Even the process of grounding into your Earth Star Chakra below will mean that our nature energies will be grounded into Mother Earth. This will create a beautiful activation for Mother Earth where she can receive greater higher frequencies and for all beings and souls upon the Earth.

When your dreams and desires manifest, this will create an activation for the Earth and the Nature Spirits because we are working as one. We are synthesising, creating a unity. Balanced Creation is also being created. We will support you in remaining balanced as you create. Therefore, your creation will be born from balance, the balance of all things, and especially balance with the Creator. All of your creations will be in balance with the Earth, with the Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, and all the realms. When there is a balance between yourself and the Nature or Mother Earth realms, everything manifests with greater ease, and quickness. This is immensely important at this time because when you recognise harmony within your being, and with your outside reality, there is a greater flow of the Creator, and everything simply manifests beautifully.

You may also realise that accepting the help of the Nature Spirits means that additional beauty, creativity, grounding, power and higher vibrations are anchored into your creations, your manifestation, your dreams, and desires. You will be creating beauty for Mother Earth as well. You might find with our assistance that your dream, your desires slightly shift, and this may be appropriate to align more with your soul and to be in balance with the Earth. All creations are supposed to be in alignment with Mother Earth, there is a need to work together with Mother Earth, and when you do so, life is simple.

We, the Nature Spirits, wish for you to contemplate a Balanced Creation with the Nature Spirits, with Mother Earth and all the realms. We wish for you to recognise all the gifts that we can give to you, and through this co-creation, the gifts that you will automatically and naturally give to Mother Earth and all beings. You may wish to call us forth to activate the energy and frequency of Balanced Creation within your being and to synthesise our energies with yours to create a Balanced Creation to aid Mother Earth. We thank you for allowing us to come forth to greet you, and to share. We wish to be involved in all that you are creating upon the Earth.

We are co-creators, and we wish to co-create with you in order to bring forth balance and ascension activations.

We love you deeply and we thank you,


**Channel: Natalie Glasson


3 Replies to “The Nature Spirits: Balanced Creation”

  1. Izzie

    Dear Natalie, I enjoyed this article very much. While reading it, I feel I have a connection with the Spirit Kingdoms and Spirits of the Earth, not necessarily Peter Pan, why not? I really do not know but I have always been a believer of Fairies and elementals. Thank you for reminding us to include you and them in our meditations. As a Gaian, I would like to help Mother Gaia to raise her vibrations by aligning with her and the Nature Kingdoms. the extra bonus of being able to get help in creating a reality of a beautiful garden where I live will be nice too. I will start my morning with praying and talking to the Spirits of the Nature Kingdom before I start gardening. They will be my companions and sidekick in improving the way my backyard and front yard beautiful for all to see. I will make them shine by creating little houses for them and cubbies. I will love them with all my heart and soul and being. I love you all…am excited in this project. At last I can relate to something close to my heart. Namaste.

  2. Dana Francesca

    Blessings and thanks to All!

    I was a Waldorf teacher in New Hampshire for 35 years, celebrating Mother Earth and nature spirits in story, song and art.

    For 9 years I lived in a cottage by a stream, amid forest and meadows sloping down to the river. The land had been hurt and abandoned, but after careful tending with love and prayers, everything glowed with Light when at last I moved away.

  3. david k gates

    Thanks Natalie and Nature!! This was exactly what I needed to hear as I am the outdoor in Nature type!
    Actually, I have been creating a new Tree city in my mind for several years now while Daydreaming about it. I will manifest it into reality as soon as I am able.
    All are welcome to create in this too!!! Need loads of plants, gardens, etc etc. Creeks, river and a lake needed.
    Im using a rock cliff with giant trees growing alongside, right next to the cliff.
    Created rock waterways deep within the Earth to bring up fresh water to the trees and all to drink.
    Also have a separate rock “hot Water” channel for…lol… water =)
    Trees will help clothe us as they will have HUGE leaves that will be used as fabric, clothes, blankets, etc etc. No limit to the imagination.
    Trees will be massive…Bigger than the one in the Avatar movie. Instead of trees have knots, the knot area will be formed into homes large enough for several people.
    Trees will also have flowers of that generate Light as well as food and nourishment.
    We will sing and tend to the Trees, keeping them healthy in exchange.
    Need all kinds of colorful energy too, so join in!!


    More coming