Tunia of the Pleiades: GESARA

Question: Hi, Tunia and Hakann,

I am glad I can ask you this question. My question is about money —— some suggest to obtain gold, silver and crypt currency. I understand we are moving up to 5D. Do we still value silver, gold, crypt currency in 5D? What do you think of the suggestions?

Nesara & Gesara — are they real and human should expect it? If yes, why do we need silver, gold and crypt currency? Some say Nesara & Gesara are complicated, and humans will receive more user-friendly money. Do you see this coming? If yes, could you elaborate on it?

Thank you so much!

Answer: Dear questioner,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you so much for your question! This is a great topic to talk about.

Most of the time when we get a question, the channeler hears either me or Hakann tell him, “okay, I’ll answer this one.” This was the first time that both Hakann and I were very eager to answer a question, so that the channeler heard both of us say “I’ll take this one” simultaneously. Thankfully, Hakann was gracious enough to allow me to take this one. He’s sitting next to me and will offer input as needed.

First I will offer some general comments about money. As you may have heard before, we consider it to be a form of slavery.

If we’d ask you, “do you have enough bricks and enough unoccupied land and enough unemployed people so that you can build houses for everyone,” then clearly the answer is yes. But if we ask you “do you have enough money to build houses for everyone,” then suddenly the answer is no.

If we’d ask you, “in the US, only about 2% of the population is employed in agriculture. With this in mind, do you think that it makes sense that the entire adult population needs to be spending most waking hours and most of their energy doing jobs they hate, in order to keep society running?“ You would probably say, “no.” But if we were to ask you, “can we afford to base the economy around 20-hour work weeks,” then suddenly the answer is “no, we don’t have enough money for that.”

There is a discrepancy here because an incredibly large amount of money is subtly siphoned off from the real economy and disappears into secret bank accounts. The actual richest people on your world are not who you are told they are, and those people are far richer than the current so-called richest man, namely Elon Musk.

Bad people often try to control you by telling you to think in terms of models about reality, instead of thinking about actual reality directly. In general, it is often better to directly look at reality, instead of looking at models of reality.

For example, thinking “do we have enough bricks and unoccupied land and unemployed people to build houses for everyone”, then you’re thinking in terms of actual reality. If you are thinking about how much money that would cost, then you are thinking in terms of models of reality.

One possible future for Earthlings is that your positive military gets its act together and starts arresting the bad guys. If they do not do this, another possible future is that regular Earthling civilians at some point decide that society has become so toxic and absurd and they simply walk away from it. They’ll start their own lives outside of the system and especially outside of the current money system. Once enough people do this, the current system will crumble and the way will be prepared for something better.

Consciousness is rising every day, so every day one of those scenarios comes closer and closer.

So, that is conventional money. Then, what is cryptocurrency?

Basically, the appeal of crypto currencies for the issuer is that I can make them out of nothing. Then I can sell my nothings for something.

So cryptos are just another money-magic trick. Often a bad guy creates them out of nothing and then sells them for something. And then most average citizens start fighting to acquire these tokens that have an inherent value of zero. The bad guys think this is hilarious.

The bad guys want you to spend your money on things that do not exist, so that you will own nothing. And they want you to have your attention firmly directed towards video games and virtual worlds and porn and towards how bad the other political side is.

So you can think of regular money as a scam by bad people, and you can think of the vast majority of crypto-currencies as another scam by the same bad people. Cryptos are like the controlled opposition.

Have people become rich from crypto-currency? Yes. But keep in mind that crypto-currencies do not generate wealth in and of themselves. If Tom makes money from Bitcoin, then mathematically at some point other people need to lose that same amount of money. Yes, if Tom times is smarter at trading cryptos than Anne, then maybe Tom can get some of Anne’s money. But do Earthlings as a collective benefit from both Tom and Anne effectively playing a crypto zero-sum trading game against each other? Not really.

Yes, I know that some average people have gotten wealthy from crypto-currencies. I am not denying that. But still that will inevitably mean that at some point, other people will lose that same amount of money. Society as a whole does not benefit. And the days where you can trivially make a profit by just buying and holding Bitcoin are behind us. I am not saying that it is impossible to make a crypto profit in 2022, but it is harder, unless you’re a scammer.

Note that the gini coefficient, which is a measure of wealth inequality, is huge in cryptos. So cryptos aren’t actually this tool that allows the average person to climb out of poverty. It’s yet another tool with which the rich and the cheaters can extract money from the population.

Also keep in mind that your mainstream media generally cover crypto-currencies in a neutral to positive manner. Do you think they would talk about crypto currencies this way if those really were the common man’s path to wealth and liberty and freedom from banks? If cryptos were really that, then your mainstream media would make sure that the common view on crypto enthusiasts is not that they’re cool and smart and hip people. Instead the mainstream media would make sure that the common view on crypto enthusiasts was that they’re weird basements dwelling nerd incels who are dangerous, unhinged and possibly alt-right or criminal.

I’m not saying this view is accurate. I am saying that if cryptos really were the common man’s path out of financial slavery, then mainstream media would slander cryptos and crypto enthusiasts.

Yes, I know that theoretically cryptos have use cases, but how many average people have actually used crypto systems for anything? The only really effective uses cases of crypto currency so far are scamming people, getting around sanctions and crime. Admittedly if you live in particularly authoritarian countries where it’s really hard to buy certain legitimate goods, Bitcoin might be genuinely useful.

If you like cryptos, I would like to invite you to ask yourself the following. Suppose that there was no way to make a profit from trading cryptos and no way to buy illegal things with cryptos, but you could still do things like record purchases on the blockchain and buy cups of coffee or concert tickets with cryptos, albeit in an expensive and roundabout way. In that case, would you still be passionate about cryptos? If not, then do you like cryptos, or do you like the idea of becoming wealthy without much effort?

I am actually not judging the desire to become wealthy without much effort. In fact, from one perspective, every Pleiadian is born wealthy without much effort. We do not have a currency, but I just get everything from the community that my heart desires and I do not have to contribute very much labor to the community. So I am not judging you for wanting to have a comfortable life without much effort. I want that too. In fact, I was born into that life.

But if you have cryptos and you want other people to buy cryptos too because that makes your own tokens more valuable, then well, just be honest about that. Just say “I genuinely think you should buy this crypto, but to be transparent, if you buy them, then my own tokens will become more valuable too. So I have a financial incentive to tell you to buy them.”

Would you like it if I recommend you to buy something without mentioning that I will financially benefit from you making that purchase? Don’t you think that you deserve to know that information?

As always, I am merely offering my perspective. If you disagree with me, that is fine. Please do not treat me as an all-seeing oracle who always speaks the one and only objective truth, for I am not that. I am not perfect, I have my own biases. As always, we encourage everyone to use their own discernment to determine what is true and what is false. Hakann’s message “How Do I Know What Is True” can help here. Your own soul can always advise you better than I can.

Are there any forms of cryptos that I am not skeptical about? Yes, those that are backed by actual physical real-world assets. In that case, there is no money-magic like trick where something is created out of nothing and then sold for something real.

So, money is a magic trick and it’s subject to inflation. Crypto is a magic trick and it’s controlled opposition by the dark forces. The stock market is overvalued. Suppose we’re not a particularly savvy trader who can make profits even under these conditions. Where should average people put their savings?

Well, I know you have strange rules about not giving financial advice. So the following is not financial advice. I will merely share what the channeler has done. The channeler has most of his savings in silver (and would have bought mostly silver and a bit of gold if he was rich enough to afford gold). Will silver make a good profit in the short term? Very likely not. Will silver make a good profit in the medium term? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least it’s a good store of wealth in this inflationary environment.

The channeler has also bought some Iraqi dinar and Vietnamese dong. It could come to pass that those currencies will become much more valuable in the future and will each become worth one or a couple of US dollars. At that point, the channeler hopes to be able to sell those currencies for a profit.

Will indeed the Iraqi dinar and Vietnamese dong indeed become more valuable? I, Tunia, am genuinely not sure. Some people are working towards that goal and are making plans, but those plans might not come to fruition. That said, the upside here is large and the downside here is small.

Another option is to start out by thinking, “what do Earthlings need and how can I help” or “how can I serve God?” or “what would I like to see more of in this world?” That line of thinking might lead you to realize that you can start a company that benefits humanity. In this case, you can invest your money into your own company. You don’t necessarily need to store your money in some kind of “stuck” form and hope that it becomes more valuable over time. You can also use it to build something that benefits the world.

Finally, what about GESARA? For people who don’t know about GESARA, it is a law that includes the abolition of illegal debt, which is most bank-issued and government-issued and mortgage debt. It abolishes the income tax and replaces it with a flat tax on the sale of non-essential new items. It increases benefits to senior citizens. It creates world peace and releases large sums of money and suppressed technologies so that they may be used for humanitarian purposes. And it does several other good things. You can think of GESARA as the key to the economy of the new world.

Will GESARA and NESARA happen? It is quite likely, but not certain, that something like this will one day be implemented. I don’t think it is super likely that something literally called GESARA will be implemented and that it will have the exact same bullet points that are floating around on your internet. But something a bit similar to GESARA, with maybe another name? Yes, that is likely, although again not certain, and again it is not clear when that will happen.

You are wise to ask if gold, silver and crypto currency will still have value in 5D. In our Pleiadian society, we do not use gold or silver or cryptos as currencies or wealth. We do not have currencies.

You can think of our society as sort of libertarian, because no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do. We just freely volunteer our time to benefit the community, and that is enough. So long as we don’t directly harm anyone else, we are free to do as we like. We have very few laws.

That said, while we do have personal belongings, no one owns means of production or bits of the ship we’re on. That would be weird to us. And why would we desire to do so? We already get everything we need simply by asking for it.

In this way you could also think of our society as communist, because we get everything we want from the community. And most of us are inclined to freely contribute to the community. That said, there is no top-down control over us, as communist societies on your world exercised over their people.

This society works for us because we have a sufficiently high level of consciousness that no one abuses this situation. Why would they, when they can already get everything they desire by just asking? We do not have people who have insatiable levels of greed, because our parents love their children so much that their hearts are filled by love, and so they do not become greedy.

Although it is up to you how you want to build your society, we think it is likely that you will construct a society like that too. And at that point you will not need gold or silver or cryptos.

But that point is some time away still. In the current moment, gold and silver and money and cryptos still have their uses. And in the coming in-between period where you transition from the old system to the new, gold and silver and money and cryptos will still have uses for some time.

I hope this helps. Better times are coming, I promise, but it’s not certain when exactly they will be here. And unfortunately the direct future may be challenging. However, you are very strong and beautiful and capable. You got this. I love you very much.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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28 Replies to “Tunia of the Pleiades: GESARA”

  1. Arthur

    ” an incredibly large amount of money is subtly siphoned off from the real economy and disappears into secret bank accounts.”-
    Can you describe this mechanism in detail, so that it is completely clear how this happens?

  2. BlueLilah

    Nesara/Gesara (National Or Global Economic Security and Recovery Act) Obviously the current system of our money/currency is very corrupt.
    Because it is managed by a corrupt banking cartel and/or Kazarian mafia. In that sense, yes the Kazarians/globalists would have every intention
    to use currency towards enslavement and/or for their own nefarious goals. Despite our currency being trusted with the wrong people, we all cannot
    exist as lightworkers without financial stability/security. This world has become an absolute struggle. This old corrupt civilization is about to collapse, and we need to start a new one. That doesn’t mean run away to some remote island while the deep state runs free. What I am saying here, is that we need to soon remove the wrong people in power or control of our everyday lives and that involves replacing the corrupt financial system with a new one. The way the economy functions is through major spending. Yes, 95 percent of the global economy largely depends on your spending. Small to large businesses cannot function without consumerism/consumption/customers. The economy requires the full participation of every citizen to WORK, SPEND, AND REPEAT (have fun too) Society can happily exist through a guaranteed income that helps you to function and continue with your existence. I know people who work 3 jobs a day and Nesara/Gesara would help that person work only part time. Think of things in this nutshell explanation. I live in a corrupt world that needs to be replaced with lightworkers leadership and my role within a society is to support all my other brothers and sisters through love, understanding, and a safe/adequate amount of funds to help bring global economic stability circulating continuously towards the enrichment of my well being. My physical body that carries my soul is kept well nourished and my soul in particular can have wonderful safe transitions into higher dimensions.

  3. Tess

    I’ve thought exactly the same way about money in all forms as Tunia describes and I’ve contemplated taking money I make and putting it into a company rather than saving it as a matter of units in a container for future use. Tunia and Hakann make so much sense. It is a matter of resources and Love. Tech should be used to make lives easier and the busy work is ridiculous and must go.

  4. Douglas A James

    Cobra passed on?? So all the mass meditations and all the Intel is ?? Last update the cobra person stated galactics have an agreement with the dark ones and actually notify them if a cabal member is to be harmed or arrested.. and how galactics have a non intervention agreement on the surface …so they can’t help us ..but hey the dark ones could come to the surface and literally start eating humans..I paraphrase but that was the gist of it…meditating I call BS…manifesting yes…think positive thoughts get into nature walk on the grass bare feet…but after learning all the darkness and children horrors how does one pretend to be joyful and happy …not until justice is served it’s all pretend to think otherwise…for if we are really 1 unified field of consciousness then how can I ignore all my family who have been brutally tortured for adrenachrome and sexual exploits by these sadistic I think non source negative beings.. hard to fathom source created such Darkness but I don’t have another explanation .
    Send the wave enough talk ..pleaidians helped humanity it went bad…the galactics allowed the dark to take us over.. just the truth …they sacrificed humanity to the dark to appease them and stop the galactics wars ..we were literally the sacrificial lamb…how ironic

  5. David

    Hello Tunia,
    How are you? Thank you for all the beautiful content & knowledge you provide. I think I’ve posted this comment before but I’m writing, in hopes that someone could go further into the topic of the 144,000 twin flames, maybe even channel Archangel Michael? Specifically I would be fascinated to know if the 144,000 tf are also the 144,000 volunteers? So are there some people that are only volunteers and only tf’s? I happen to be a volunteer, I don’t know if that lumps me in the 144,000 volunteers? My tf is currently incarnated on earth also. Also are the 144,000 volunteers also the same 3 waves of volunteers that Dolores Cannon speaks of? Thank you for your time. Have a beautiful day.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Harrrie

      It’s called the Quantum Energy Generator. It is an adaptation to a machine Nikola Tesla invented as a perpetual motion machine for energy generation. The patent is open source. Everyone has access to it on the net.
      Here is one location


      This patent includes the plans, instructions and details to know before you build the machine. It says it’s best to collaborate with electricians and engineers in building one, but from this site or others, you can contact people who have built them and collaborate with them. Hundreds have built them and are in the process of perfecting them for use in every application using energy. I saw one example many years ago when the energy used to power one light bulb started the machine and it produced enough energy to light ten light bulbs. I’m sure they have exceeded that output in recent years. What’s really cool is it is perpetual motion.

      What’s not cool is that Thomas Edison stole and hid the patent along with 5 others, luckily they were found. Perhaps now is the right time to develop this technology anyway. The Cabal and Deep State would have prevented it’s development had we tried to develop it earlier then now.

  6. Apenas eu

    Gratidão Tunia/ Hakann por responderem nossos questionamentos!
    Porém sabemos que atualmente muitas notícias verdadeiras estão sendo ocultadas da sociedade humana por aqueles que vocês chamaram de humanos que controlam o planeta e seguem a agenda sombria.
    Vocês realmente acreditam que a humanidade com a consciência tridimensional será capaz de se levantar contra eles? Não vejo as pessoas muito interessadas em mudar sua vida, na verdade, nós humanos gostamos muito de reclamar, fazermos de vítimas e fugir da realidade pois ela parece impossível. Por favor, peço uma perspectiva que vocês tem em relação às mudanças dos humanos em relação aos controladores.

  7. gaffer

    And one more thing. Your civilization did not develop in such conditions as on Earth. All the souls here were simply captured by demons from outer space. I WOKE UP, MY EYES OPENED! tired of the constant struggle for life. Every day I go to the world, as if to war. And we are not to blame for this, you know. You really want to live with dignity, but you live in poverty and not a company focused on humanity, you you can hardly open it. And so I became a trader, but how else to make money on a piece of bread? You can’t imagine how much deception in our society. People earn pennies and even they don’t give it, they deceive. Right now we need your help, Atlantis is a thing of the past, there’s nothing to look at and be careful about. There’s no other way. Give all the villains a kick in the ass and remove them from the planet

  8. gaffer

    Hi Tuniya Hakkan. I have a question for Hakkan. We have a blogger called Kobra, he claims to be related to your race. Personally, I believe him. And you tested me, I passed the test. He claims about the coming pole shift and giant tsunami washing away the remnants of the darkness that we are destroying here. The question is, will there be an evacuation of all mankind to other planets?

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      The original Cobra transitioned in around 2017. He had contact with the Pleiadians. The individual now sharing as Cobra is the original’s friend. Much of the information is recycled. And they do not have contact with any ET beings.

      1. AzureLeaves

        That’s very interesting information, thank you for sharing that. It’s quite a hobby for me to read on his blog too, but the–understandably–constant despair and defeatist attitude of the commenters there is quite a sad sight to see.

        Now I wonder if Cobra’s friend, as you say, can still play the role once The Event draws near… there’s still that Contact Dish Project, Med Beds, etc.

        This new substitute seems to have quite a lot on their shoulders.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          You are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT about the defeatist (and helpless) attitudes that we see on some places, such as the COBRA portal, and even here (though less often now). It is really saddening to see people lose their hopes like that. I keep sending these ones my love/light to help them get through this, and with any luck, find their true power WITHIN.

          1. Jiten

            Oh Don, how is the weather in Poona? I hear it’s raining tomorrow, I do hope you have an umbrella.

            I have a security issue with my computer, if I give you my bank details can you fix it?

    2. Thanh Nhàn

      Excuse me, can you give me the link to the article on the topic you are talking about? Because up to the present time I know, the evacuation will happen to the souls, and there won’t be an evacuation of all of humanity, but just a few, and if that happens, those people will have experiences that are just right for them, to adapt. ( sorry about my english)

      1. Emma

        The evacuation time line is cancelled. Humans are now to much light and love to be on that timeline.

        Being rescued is for weak minded people, and the people of Gaia is now stronger than ever. More awaken, that is, and sort of the same.

  9. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    We do not know if Nesara and Gesara are real. We do know that gold and silver are real and that they are USA Constitution money. The fiat dollar might crash and the trading exchanges might close. That is when silver finds its true market value. Learn more from Bix Weir, youtube RoadtoRoota. The banks are printing trillions of fiat for a reason — to crash and destroy this money system. Fiat is the bankers money and silver is the peoples money.

    1. Kirk Stmoritz

      You don’t know if they are real?


      They either are real or they are not, there is no “not sure.”

      If you are not sure, they are BS.

      And they are BS, so get get s job and quit waiting on someone to pay your bills.

        1. Kirk Stmoritz


          But at least I’m not walking around with my head in the clouds, waiting for someone to wake me up.

          It makes me laugh that people like you would chide me with such comments. How long have you known about NESARA? How long?
          A year, two maybe?

          I have been reading about this for 15 years. It’s always about to happen, always. And it doesn’t, if never does. But the instant anyone puts a negative comment about it, someone like like you always comes along and makes an accusation of negativity, instead of being able to understand the comment.

          I doubt you have the intellect or experience to actually understand the problem here, so go ahead, call me a “charmer” and sit there waiting for someone to come along and wipe your debts away and give you free money.

          Just see how far that gets you <3

          1. gorgi2

            Your assumptions about me are 100 per cent wrong.I understand perfectly. ,your frustration .I guess I was just trying to lighten the tone.didn’t intend to annoy.

          2. Emma

            I have read about Gesera and Nesara since like 2010, and I dont wait for it, and I dont find justice in it.

            Rich people big mortgages, getting it wiped, and poor people no house, no mortgages, gets NOTHING. That is not the world I am longing for.

            Until proven otherwise, Nesara and Gesare to me is; an invention from dark hats to entertain little people, or useless eaters as they call us. As long as we entertain us with the N/G stuff, then we dont fight for at better future, we just wait for it, and they like that, they like to be undisturbed by us.