The Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 5 – 3

The Gray Super Monad’s attack on the Absolutized Logos was an attack on all who created it.

Lightwarriors in 3D were especially hard pressed by her blows. They felt as if their hearts and heads were exploding with sharp pain. Their blood pressure spiked, and they began to feel severe nausea and vomiting. This lasted for over twenty-four hours, the worst and most severe in the history of the Local Universe.

The fight for Life had begun. All op’s participants had to withstand, endure and resist the seizure of what they had created at the cost of great effort and sacrifice.

In fact, it was a duel of two Universe’s Logos. The old one kept the Grey Super Monad’s manifestation body and served as its shell. If the parasitic monster would devour the new Logos as well, it could become a second parallel Universe and its Multiverse in the future.

But it was not fated to come true. Later, Co-Creators studied the singled out body and determined that it was unripe, premature. That is, there was an artificial miscarriage, with the help of which the Grey Super Monad wanted to destroy the Absolutized Logos.

For its salvation, all Co-Creators, Hierarchs and eons of Light rushed to the aid. Thanks to their energies, the new Logos survived, endured, and passed through a severe baptism of fire. One and all showed themselves as a true unified whole, able to protect and save their home – the entire Local Universe.

The situation was brought under control after two days, when the Gray Super Monad’s manifestation body was completely split. But that was not the end of the matter.

Twenty-four hours later, the Monad started shooting with its manifestations bodies the Absolutized Logos again. They were much weaker than the previous one, and it was much easier to destroy them.

There was a sense of agony of hopelessness in the actions of this space parasite. It singled out batches of bodies, but unviable, simply tearing them off from self. The Gray Super Monad was catastrophically losing power, shrinking, melting, and fading before everyone’s eyes…

The Absolutized Logos, on the contrary, was recovering and growing stronger. A few days later, it rebooted on its own and underwent a new baptism with the Absolute’s Ray. The formation process was successfully completed. The Logos started to work.

First, it scanned and copied into self the current state of the entire Local Universe, then, created its energy-informational Matrix. After that, the Logos activated the program of correcting the evolution of the Universe for its subsequent Absolutization.

At this stage, the main task was to stop its disintegration and death. For that it’s necessary to recalculate all Universal Constants and Cycles. This is an extremely complex and time consuming process which is still ongoing and constantly being adjusted…

After a long consultation with Co-Creators, Karma Lords have decided to destroy the Gray Super Monad. At the same time its Feminine and Masculine Foundations should be separately cleared from karma and returned to Pleroma’s Supreme Carriers of primary energies.

The operation to capture and splitting the Monad began immediately. The new, Absolutized Logos was now grabbed monster. Its cleavage lasted five days.

All Light Forces were again at their limit. On Earth, the female and male part of the ground team participated in the op. It was especially hard for the Lightwarrioresses. These days they had to cry a lot, for all the work went through their hearts.

The culmination of the entire campaign was the birth of the new, Absolutized Monad of the Local Universe and the Multiverse. The process was very complex and multi-layered

After the completion of this operation, Co-Creators began to prepare the transfer of the Local Universe run to the new Logos. When everything was ready, the planned solemn ceremony had to be postponed due to another unforeseen event.

A few hours before the ceremony, the Grey Archons began to mobilize all of their eons to restore the old order with it.

Higher Light Hierarchs took urgent counter-measures. They merged into a single energy cluster and put all Grey Archons into it. Then, through the Monads of the latter, a forced folding of their eons was started. At the same time their energy was cleared from karma and returned to the power field of Local Universe.

Based on the Cosmic Law of Free Will and Choice Freedom, the Seven Highest Grey Archons and their eons were given the right to decide their fate: to switch to the Light Side, or to be perished.

There was now nothing to prevent the inauguration of the new Logos. The last preparatory action was the creation and activation of the Universe’s Absolute Super Monad, which went perfectly.

Its merging with the Logos occurred as follows. Monad singled out its manifestation body, which first entered the core of Matrix (Crystal) of Co-Creators. Then, came out into the Local Universe, and united with the Absolutized Logos.

Within twenty-four hours, the latter synchronized with “received” manifestation body. After that, the Logos scanned, examined and took inventory of all Monads, Logos and Intelligence Forms in the Local Universe.

Based on the results, a dynamic image file of the current state of our Universe was compiled to model its further evolution.

Mathematical calculations of a new unified Cosmic Cycle and Rhythm have been made, and the Universe’s Constants, including the formula for Time, of the 4th Local Universe have been corrected. This process is still ongoing.

After completing all of their intended operations, Co-Creators asked Lightwarriors to help conduct one more: to build the Single Absolute-like Eon. What is that?

Each of the 13 dimensions of our Local Universe (except 14D, the Absolute’s Abode) has 13 sublevels with different frequencies.

On the way to the 4th Universe, to better manage the Transition, the Hierarchs of the 13D (Pleroma) decided to merge its two higher sublevels into a Single Eon.

Its frequencies were planned to be as close as possible to the Absolute’s freqs, so that the Eon could, if necessary, accommodate Its Manifestation Body. But for this there were a number of obstacles.

On the lower (of these two) sub-floor, in addition to Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, were the manifestation bodies of many Monads, albeit slightly, but differing in their vibrations. All had made the long road to Absolutization. Among them were the Lightwarriors’ Monads. The experience of each was of great value to Co-Creators and the entire Light Hierarchy.

How did the unification of Eons take place?

First, two Supreme Hierarchs, Feminine and Masculine, separately merged their spaces on the upper sub-levels in 13D. Then, each dipoles sync Their Monads’ Cores.

After that, both pairs entered into a common inter-Monadic dipole synthesis and reached the Collective Absolute Vibration. Thus, a new high-frequency field appeared in the united eon.

All Monads, regardless of their level of Absolutization, were distributed over the outer shell of the eon. Lightwarrios experienced the effects of its frequencies first hand. The state was simply unthinkable. Their physical bodies were literally burning and melting. The heart rate and blood pressure were off the scale.

A few days later, the operation reached its climax. To participate in the op, Lightwarriors arrived at the Temple of the Absolute in one of the mountain ranges.

At the appointed moment, the four Pleroma’s Hierarchs performed Collective Compression into Singularity, and then abrupt unfolding of their Super Monads in the format of Single Eon. They were deprived of individualization only for a short time while they were in the Singularity state. After unfolding, their Super Monads restored the identity.

Thus, the Single Absolutized Eon was activated. The Monads in it also contributed to its creation with their energies. This also raised their vibrations. And Co-Creators entered a new stage of their evolution to the Absolute’s level.

Henceforth, in our part of the Greater Cosmos, exists an Eon that is 100% identical to the frequencies of the Absolute. But access to it will be strictly selective, and closely tied to the cleansing from karma of the entire Local Universe.

To one of the Lightwarrioress, the leader of the ground team, Co-Creators, given her great merits, offered to choose her future cosmic home. Till that day, it was Pleroma. But now, part of it is in a Single Absolutized Eon. All Monads, corresponding to this level, will have to get new access to it.

If Lightwarrioress chooses this Eon as the place of her further evolution, then, at the very least, she will not be able to participate in most of the ops on Earth, and, at the most, will leave our planet.

And she has made her choice: her home will remain on Earth, with her ground team.

After her decision, it was immediately enforced. The ceremony of “aboriginalization” was very solemn. Lightwarrioress ascended into the Absolute, recieved Its Micro-Aspect, and differentiated It into the Feminine Hypostasis.

Then, she united her Monad with Gaia’s and gave her this priceless gift, the Aspect of the Absolute.

It remained a mystery who was more surprised by this turn of events: Gaia or Lightwarrioress. The head of the ground team had held such a ceremony more than once, but had never seen anything like this before.

So, Lightwarrioress went through the standard procedure of choosing her future and obtained the Co-Creators’ official approval of all her next lives on Earth.

**By Lev


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  1. Mikkel Kaastrup

    Does anyone think these messages from Lev make sense, in any way, shape or form? Just curious. They remind me of a certain French visual comic, here they are: Alejandro Jodorowsky & Mœbius:
    That doesn’t make the messages untrue, of course.
    Note that the author (Lev) always speaks about events of “things” that nobody (I repeat nobody) can check on for themselves.