Hakann: I Love You Unconditionally

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I love you unconditionally. No matter what you do in this life, I will always keep loving you. Even if you commit the most heinous crimes, at most I will only ever condemn certain actions of yours, but I will never condemn you. I will keep loving you no matter what you do. I love you unconditionally.

From now on, I will use the word “Earthling” instead of “Earthling” because I think it sounds better. So you are Earthlings, we are Pleiadians, and both Earthlings and Pleiadians are humans. We are one race.

Most Earthlings know that unconditional love is a very beautiful thing. In fact, most Earthlings are like people lost in the desert, wandering around and trying to find the oasis of unconditional love. Many of you crave unconditional love, like you would crave water after a day of not drinking anything.

For this, you have my deepest empathy. Of course, I do not blame you at all for this. Humans, whether Earthling or Pleiadian, need unconditional love to thrive.

At the same time, many of you have the unconscious belief that love is something you show to good people, or to people who do good things. Meanwhile bad people need punishment, or at least they need to be told to do better. Only once they do better, they get love.

In this way, many of you are treating your fellow Earthlings like they’re dogs that need to be trained. In Earthling society, you show love to a dog that behaves well, and you act sternly towards dogs that behave badly. Many Earthlings treat other Earthlings in this way too. If two people interact, both treat the other like a dog that needs training.

Even a lot of romantic relationships on Earth are like this. The wife thinks, “I love you husband, but I am also going to treat you like a dog that needs training. If you please me, you get sex. If you displease me, I will hurt you emotionally by giving you the cold shoulder or the silent treatment.”

And similarly, the husband too often treats the wife as a dog that needs to be trained. For example, if she pleases him, he buys jewelry for her or takes her on a nice holiday.

And if they have children, both parents often treat the children as dogs that need training. The free will of children is not respected. The parents often just force them to comply.

We Pleiadians do not act like this. Yes, if someone plans to directly harm another (which includes directly interfering with another person’s free will), we will lovingly suggest that they reconsider. If they refuse, we may intervene. But in general, we do not see other beings as dogs that need training. We see other beings as beautiful parts of Source’s glory.

If we’re not able to see beauty in another being, then we see that as our flaw, not as their flaw. No matter how so-called bad they are.

In general, we give everyone love. And if someone so-called misbehaves, we will give them even more love. The more that someone so-called misbehaves, the more love we give them and the more attentively we listen to them.

You often use love as a carrot: “if you start behaving well, you get love.” But how can someone start behaving better if they’re without love? The order here is wrong: first you should give them love. Many people need to feel loved before they can start behaving better. In fact, if they felt loved, they often wouldn’t even act in a so-called bad way in the first place.

Many of you will read this and agree, but then when you see someone express what you think of as a particularly bad opinion, you will tell them that they are wrong or that they need to change. We empathize, but still we would like to invite you to show people love and compassion and to listen to them, even if they have so-called very bad opinions.

For example, a while ago someone expressed the following:

“I am of the opinion that I want to live amongst my own kind. I want the lands of my people to be for my people. I suppose if that makes me a racist then so be it. My girlfriend and I intend on making three more Blond haired blue eyed babies. I am not against other races having their own living space, culture, heritage and racial features, just as long as they do it in their own countries. It is untrue this oft repeated lie that there is one race the human race.”

How did Tunia and her friends respond to this person? They responded with love and joy. They said they were against directly harming another being, but nothing in this paragraph indicates this. Note the word “directly” here. And yes, we are aware of the history of Earth. Because no direct harm was being planned, Tunia responded in a loving and joyful manner and did not say that this person was wrong or that he needed to change.

Does this mean that Tunia and her friends agreed with this worldview? That is not actually relevant. We always respond with love and joy and we never tell people they have to change, regardless of whether we agree with whatever they say (unless direct harm is planned). Why is it important to tell people whether you agree or disagree? We consider expressing love to be far more important than expressing agreement or disagreement.

If you were to mind read us, you would see a little bit of, “what do we think about this opinion”, but you would see far more love and curiosity and joy at seeing another aspect of Source, in the form of another perspective. Love and joy is at the forefront of our minds when we interact with you, or with anyone else.

The channeler here is getting a bit uncomfortable and wishes to state that he does not agree with this worldview and that Pleiadians themselves welcome other races who want to live among them. So be it. Let that be stated.

I, Hakann, will continue on. If we were to express love to everyone, except to those who had so-called very bad opinions, then we would not consider ourselves to be unconditionally loving. And telling people with so-called very bad opinions that they were wrong and needed to change wouldn’t be what we consider to be expressing love.

Also consider that there may be other Earthlings who consider you to be a very bad person. A militant vegan might say, “of course I love people, but not those who eat animal products, those people are murderers and they need to change. I am only telling people they need to change because this helps the greater good.”

Or a pro-life advocate might say, “of course I love people, but not people who are pro-abortion, those people advocate for baby murder and they need to change. I am only telling people they need to change because this helps the greater good.”

Or a climate change activist might say, “of course I love people, but not those who fly in planes, they’re just selfish and they need to change. I am only telling people they need to change because this helps the greater good.”

Or some religious people might say, “of course I love people, but I will tell others that they need to convert to my religion if they don’t want to go to hell. I am only telling people they need to change because this helps the greater good.”

See, if you adopt the worldview that it’s ok to tell very bad people that they need to change, then there are many groups who condemn many other people. There are many groups who would also condemn you. And if all you Earthlings just end up telling each other that you are bad and need to change, then suffering on Earth will just continue.

The only way out of this is to just love everyone, even if you think they have very bad opinions.

On Earth the problem is not that there’s too many bad ideologies, the problem is that there’s too little unconditional love.

Besides, anyone who misbehaves, does so because they are hurt. If they weren’t hurt, they would not misbehave. I can prove that very easily. People who grow up in our society do not have significant, unaddressed pain. And people in our society do not misbehave. See? Misbehaving people are just hurt people. And the solution is love. It really is that simple.

But the solution is unconditional love, not dog-training love.

Your Golden Rule is, “treat others like you want to be treated.” Do you wish to be treated with unconditional love, or do you want to be treated with dog-training love, where you get love if you please the other but punishment if the other thinks that you have bad opinions?

Another famous saying on your planet is, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Indeed, this is very wise. Would you like to see more unconditional love in the world? If yes, here is an invitation to act unconditionally loving towards others. And yes, that is radical. Do not underestimate how much different unconditional love is from the dog-training form of Earth love.

But also do not underestimate how powerful unconditional love is.

I have said that we consider women to be more powerful than men – not more important, society needs both men and women to be in their power. But yes, more powerful. Unconditional love is why. The backbone of our society is that our mothers love their children so unconditionally and so deeply and in such open and obvious and visible ways, that those children have hearts that are overflowing with love, for the rest of their lives. That is the main reason why our society is the way it is. It is because of motherly love. There is nothing that I, as a military commander, can do that is more powerful than a mother expressing unconditional love to her child.

That said, fathers also play a critical and indispensable role. And our men make sure that our women can love our children in safety and comfort and abundance.

I am nearing the end of my message. I am Hakann and I unconditionally love you. If you ever meet us Pleiadians face to face and you consent to being mind read by us, I guarantee you that we will see all of you and we will love all of you. No matter what you have done, no matter what your personality is like and what your plans and insecurities are, we will love you. We will see all of you and we will love all of you. Even if we see that you plan to directly harm another, we will only speak out against that specific plan, and even then we will never stop loving you.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

42 Replies to “Hakann: I Love You Unconditionally”

  1. Tammy

    Much gratitude for these wonderful messages explaining life in 5D. I have been told I am here on an Earth sojourn from Pleiades so it especially fascinating since I don’t remember! Thank you for all you do for Earth humanity.

  2. Chronos

    Olá Hakann saudaçãos daqui do Sul Do Brasil sempre me sinto conectado com vocês antes do amanhacer 🧘🙏🌌

  3. Admiral Calgon

    “Commander”? Are Pleiadians militaristic? No, they are not. So, why would one refer to himself as “commander”? To appear to have a kind of peremptory credibility with the brainwashed humans?

    1. Gustavo Frein

      They must have some military structure. Didn’t they fight a million year war called the Orion Wars. Didn’t they have to develop weapons after being attacked by the Draco?

      The man is in charge of this big ship. Someone has to be in charge, it’s a spaceship not a commune in Oregon.

      Or so one would think.

  4. Dragon

    We are all One , because we all have spark of Source in souls. Commander should train himself in that.

  5. StarShine

    There is no such thing as aliens or extraterrestrials. The universe is one big giant house with many different bedrooms. We all live in the exact same place and come from the exact same source/creator. All beings are unique in appearance. Most of them look a lot better than what you see featured in science fiction films. So out with fear and in with the love everyone.

  6. Gustavo Frein

    Yes, I can imagine AS is very uncomfortable with my very politically incorrect opinion about Whites having racial interests, and me intending on making more Aryan children. Like most indoctrinated Whites he’d rather die than express a forbidden idea. He’d have no problem if I were Black or some other non-White race if I said this.

    White people or Europeans have been taking on the chin for decades. They just keep asking for more abuse.

    The woke left considers a White couple having White children “Racist White Supremacy”

    Well, considering the high vaccination rate in Europe and the Anglo world there won’t be many of us left in a few years.

    Cheer up AS, Whites are probably doomed to racial extinction. You can go to sleep now feeling much better about yourself.

    I’m not concerned about unconditional love. I’m concerned about a reckoning for the crimes and horror foisted upon humanity.

    This is my 3D view, to which all of you reading this are still a part of…like it or not.

    1. AzureLeaves

      “This is my 3D view, to which all of you reading this are still a part of…like it or not.”

      Indeed, but it’s also not necessary to exclude the Soul/”I AM”/Awareness of Being that animates the body to the equation is it not?

      “Luminous beings are we (Eternal Souls), not this crude matter (meatsuit and all of its associated skin color, hair color, ethnicity, societal labels etc.)” –Master Yoda

      For all I know, pretty much most of the people who reads on this site, including you, have a soul so old that you’ve definitely incarnated as a meatsuit not from Earth, or even if on Earth, a meatsuit having a different skin and hair color. How do I know? Through the inevitable Law of Dependent Origination.

      It’s perfectly ok to be proud of one’s -current- lineage and characteristics of one’s meatsuit that one is currently incarnated upon, but why stick so vehemently to something so ephemeral, something so impermanent, so much so at the exclusion of everyone else who is “different”?

      Want to live your own life with blonde babies and a blonde wife? Sure. Good tidings to you; after all that is your individual choice. The only problem here is that if an individual who has the same views as you, begins enforcing that ideology to others and influencing them, not letting them choose according to their own will on the kind of life they want to live while in their meatsuits of a certain skin and hair color.

      I see individuals more than their physical body, skin color, hair color, as everyone, including you, are more than our physical bodies, who have definitely incarnated in an ephemeral meatsuit that has a different skin and hair color, and even genitalia at least once.

      I’m perfectly on board with your views, but unfortunately, I no longer see my fellow human beings as their physical bodies -alone-, because my realizations makes me see through an individual meatsuit all the way to the formless Awareness of Being that animates them; the same goes for you.

      Your Soul, your Consciousness, has no race, ethnicity, genitalia, skin color and hair color; a Soul and Consciousness can be anyone and anything of those.

      I trust you remember “The Egg” by Andy Weir.

      In either case, by all means please pursue your happiness; not mating with a meatsuit of a different hair and skin color as you desire; but for the sake of the free choice of other individuals, keep these desires to yourself–i.e. let them live life however they wish as well: e.g. if a fellow blonde and fair-skinned individual wants to mate with someone that is not blonde and fair-skinned, then that’s their choice, their life, there is no need to influence them.

      At the end of the day, from what I personally realized, these impermanent meatsuits are just part of the illusion, it doesn’t ultimately matter to the Big Picture.

    2. AzureLeaves

      From what I perceived (which may be wrong), your views are so anchored to the 3D, to the physicality of things, of the physical body (and all of its associated skin color, hair color and other such societal labels) being the be-all and end-all of everything for you?

      So much so that I don’t even know how you found this website, filled with mostly people who perceive things beyond the 3D.

      Please don’t get me wrong though; if 3D view is all you focus upon, then that’s your personal desire, choice and lessons to learn at this current incarnation of yours; and is perfectly valid; the same way views that are way beyond 3D are also perfectly valid.

      Coexist in balance and harmony, despite perceived illusory “differences”, following each other’s desires without influencing and stepping on others whose desires are different from them, as long as no unjust harm, prejudice and unfair judgment is passed down upon another individual.

      I admire the pride you have on the characteristics of your meatsuit, just as much as I also take pride on my fellow Asians–though I mostly just keep these things to myself; heritage is indeed something to be proud upon.

      But one must also be mindful not to become too proud so much that other fellow humans/meatsuits differences are being disrespected, and whose members are unjustly harmed, prejudiced and unfairly judged.

      Let people life they way they want to live, let people mate with the ones they want to mate with, respect people’s individual choices; all of it as long as no unjust harm, unfair judgment and prejudice comes to others as the price of living one’s life through one’s own choices, and promoting coexistence, balance and harmony despite any perceived illusory differences.

      “The Egg” by Andy Weir.

      Sounds fair, right? These are my -beyond 3D- views. You shared yours, I shared mine.

      1. AzureLeaves

        And being a -beyond 3D- existence (i.e. more than a temporary physical body), is also a part of everyone and all that exists, including those that reads and interacts on this website.

        An intangible force that animates and inhabits a physical body, a soul, a consciousness, energy.

        For we are all a Multidimensional Existence, like it or not.

    3. Star_struck

      Gustavo, many groups will be leaving the planet not just the whites.From the past blacks and indigenous already received great lessons from the cabal by these experiment so called vaccines and many didn’t want to repeat those lessons but some still took it out of pressure. Many white doctors and scientists were blowing the whistle of how unsafe the vaccines and informing the public while risking their career to the masses about this fake vaccine. However, out of freewill majority of white people choose to listen to mainstream sell out doctors and “trust the science”. In your mind you think the whites will be extincted but you have galactic brothers and sisters can just reseed their dna into the population easily or technology to help couples having fertility issues. I mean the cabal really don’t care if you are white or black they just want us dead. Yes everyone needs to heal themselves either releasing guilt , anger, and other low vibrations. Many need to learn to forgive , accept,and let go. It is not really easy to do. Some people who didn’t even take the shot still have to emit unconditional love 24/7 and be a service to others to remain on the planet. Which I hear many are not ready to do. They are still playing in the ego’s playground. If you are feeling bad it’s because you want to feel bad and it’s an error in your thinking. You are not in your true multidimensional spark of light divine self. Sending you love and light🥰🙏🌎

      1. AzureLeaves

        Whites, Aryans, Blacks, Asians, Male, Female, etc., etc.,

        All 3D constructs, all temporary. Why are some people so fixated upon these?

        Sure, from a 3D perspective, I can understand, but if the intent is the Ascension of Humanity, of the expansion of consciousness, energies, frequencies and vibration from the lowly 3D to the higher 5D and beyond, then why continue to be so fixated upon such labels?

        I myself have both European and Asian blood running in my veins, and perhaps even other ethnicities from my ancestors, but aside from the particular facial characteristics it gave me, I don’t generally care (in the sense of being so proud of it) because everyone has different appearances, and when this body dies, only the eternal Soul is all that is left.

        Why tether oneself to a very limited view and perception of the 3D, when the planet herself and her inhabitants are on a path towards continuous rising and expansion of energies, frequencies and vibration, as well as consciousness?

        Why give something such as those 3D views so much value, way too much than it needs to be, so much that it’s already causing a divide amongst fellow humans?

        This planet doesn’t just solely revolve around Whites/Aryans, Blacks, Asians, Males, Females, etc., etc.; it’s not all about humanity either. And even then, on the bigger picture, this whole Universe doesn’t just exists for the sake of one specific type of meatsuit bearing specific types of qualities and features, hair and skin color.

        On a community whose focus is on Spirituality, and higher dimensional thinking and perceptions, way above 3D, what is the point of propagating and making a point and tethering oneself towards 3D concepts such as skin color, hair color, genitalia, etc., etc.?

        Sure, value the Physical features, for it’s also a part of us as individuals, but not so much that it already clouds one’s perception towards the Nonphysical, in that we are more than our Physical Bodies, and that it doesn’t–and never should–solely define us as individuals.

        I don’t understand (aside from the obvious Law of Dependent Origination) why some people are so vehement about their own meatsuit’s characteristics be it hair color and skin color (and that goes for both Aryans, Blacks, Asians, etc.,); none of that matters after their meatsuit perishes.

        All that’s left after a meatsuit dies is a formless speck of Divine Light/Soul/Consciousness, that can change its appearance, skin color, hair color, genitalia, and etc., whenever, wherever and however it wishes.

        It doesn’t ultimately matter in the big picture, especially if all it creates is nothing but DIVIDE amongst Co-fractals of the Divine Source.

        A very effective ploy by the Elites/Cabal to Divide and Conquer humanity from all of these “Supremacists”, “Exclusives”, “Victim-Victimizer”, “woke” and “Pride” groups, which, most of the time, definitely has some Elite/Cabal member funding them to begin with to cause further divide amongst humanity, and some people just eat all of that Psyops up to the point of having their perceptions be strictly tethered to the 3D; it’s just so sad to see…

  7. scotth9510

    You and tunia and other light oriented Pleiadian people are welcome to read my mind anytime.

  8. Star_struck

    I am really curious how their society function when Tunia said there are more singles than couples which was quite shocking for me. Do the women volunteer to have children to be bred and raise other women’s children. Do they have breeding programs? Is this how earthlings were bred along with other ETs like little seedlings? We see in our society surrogate women birthing children that couples having difficulty. We see many singles not having sex and having children and population is declining within the younger generation. I

    1. A.S.

      Uh, I’m the channeler and I do not recall Tunia saying that. Can you point me to where you think she said that?

      1. Star_struck

        “ Yes, I myself am in a loving relationship and have a family. However, lots of other Pleiadians are single and they really are not that different from Hakann and myself. ” in her day of life..

  9. Victor

    Hello, Brother Hakann! Thank you for the message-I got the impression that this is a response to my comment about unconditional love.
    In any case, the topic is good judging by the comments.I’ll start from the end
    your message-yes, I am also very much looking forward to the time when I will see
    all the dudes from the universe face to face :).I would also like to add a saying – if you want to change something, start with yourself.That is, to add in the sense that I took it into “service”.Someone else here today said that it is very difficult for us “earthlings” to give up judgment.”yes.So I want to shout with happiness because I HAVE LEFT THESE COURTS, I HAVE BEEN FREED! I saw and realized that this brought me closer to unconditional love.It’s a BUZZ.
    You can even say so-unconditional love is the absence
    of judgment, (condemnation).Now about the towing.I suggest
    replacing the term training with the term education (well, we are
    we are talking about people, not animals).Here on Earth there is
    dear psychic (and respected by me), wrote a lot
    books about karma.One of his books is devoted to the topic of educating people.
    In the sense that we -if we live between to people-influence
    on each other-that is, we educate.I agree with that.Well,
    better parenting (and children too)- by your example, by your
    life.So it turns out again, if you want to remake someone, start with yourself.Here is an example of unconditional love between me
    and my dog Sonya.It’s mutual.When you accidentally step on
    on her paw-she licks you!How can
    a person do that?
    More about dogs.I read your message-“In earthly society, you show love for a dog that behaves well, and strictly treat dogs that behave badly.”
    Again, there is a moment on the topic here.Dogs feel the spiritual
    world of man.Yes?That is, the behavior of the dog depends on the spirit of the person
    who came to me now.Why is she greeting my friends and barking (not letting in the house) inspectors from the gas
    office?In short, I am learning unconditional love from my
    dog.But here it is impossible to compare with other (not mine)
    dogs-this is another topic.Or should I say so-the meaning of life
    a normal dog is to serve the owner.If you come to a neighbor
    and his dog barks-it’s okay-how to treat it -in any way,
    these are your problems-think only about not biting.
    Strictly-not strictly -this term is not from here.
    And more…I write in Russian-I translate in the browser-so I apologize in advance for the following.What I’m thinking about.
    Unconditional means without conditions.Without ANY conditions.Further.
    Here I have a neighbor.For unconditional love-I have to accept him
    as he is.Do not be upset and DO NOT REJOICE.This means
    to minimize all emotions.That is, I understood what is needed here
    control your emotions-or, more simply, close them.
    And another comparison comes to mind.You can say this-about sex-
    when sex begins, all words fall silent (even in game
    porn movies)- so is unconditional love – if there is one -of words
    no need for any.Al though it is also not true-it’s time to talk, time to work -everything has its time.
    I apologize for the long letter-I love all brothers and sisters.Thank you.

    1. Victor

      Once again about love.10 years ago I was standing outside the store,
      drinking beer from a bottle.A homeless woman approaches.- Leave the beer
      to drink.I say-I’m not leaving beer, go away.She says-And I love you
      , brother.I stand, I drink, she doesn’t leave.- Leave the beer! I say-I’m not
      leaving-Go away!!.- And I still love you, brother.So I didn’t
      leave the beer.Or maybe it was my happiness?(

  10. Ken

    This is an interesting topic. I understand your perspective of not wanting to condemn anyone and to love first and foremost.

    My perspective at this time is I would feel obliged to point out a better way(if I knew it) of doing something without forcing that perspective on anyone. That way he/she has more information with which to make their choices.

    If I saw someone making something incorrectly and I knew a way of improving the product I feel I should lovingly venture a few suggestions. The person can then better decide what they want to do

    1. A.S.

      From my personal perspective as the channeler, I think that offering suggestions can be useful in two situations:

      – they literally ask for your opinion

      – first you listened to them extensively until you fully understand them. Then you’re offering them a suggestion they very likely didn’t hear before. If you’re going to offer to suggestion that they heard before (e.g. “you should have well-known opinion x about widely discussed topic y”), they’re just going to get annoyed I think.

      As a thought experiment, you can also think “how does this person see me? Has this person heard that opinion before?” Then picture someone who sees you equally (un)favorably and offer a suggestion. Do you actually appreciate receiving that suggestion?

      1. Ken

        To A.S

        Well, according to Hakann, in human history they DID offer lots of suggestions during Atlantis and Lemuria. Perhaps they stopped doing so after those civilizations fell.

        Lots of people would be grateful for information that would help them make better choices. Some people who do bad things, do them out of ignorance and is a cry for help. Loving advice, without being imposing, would help them

  11. Tricia

    Hello Dear Hakann and A.S How beautiful 💖 something to work on and to think about here. Thank you 🙏💖❤️

  12. AzureLeaves

    Ah, this is good, it aligns quite well with my personal realizations regarding Unconditional Love, with one of its aspects being Unconditional Acceptance of perceived illusory “differences”, and the realization that whatever others’ opinions are is just pretty much a different “aspect” of you, which in turn is just a different Aspect/Fractal of the Divine Source, just playing a different role.

    “What you’re here to do”–indeed, it’s mostly an individual’s drive to do what they are here to do; and if I myself went lost and overboard from such a path, I sure would like someone to help set me to the correct path, be it through words, or actions, or a contest of power and strength, all without hatred.

    Still I hope it doesn’t make such misconceptions that Unconditional Love means continuing to allow Entropic individuals to continue terrorizing innocent people and causing much suffering while insisting to be on power even if their role as an Adversary already ended.

    One must still–from my perspectives–strive to protect themselves and those they care about. Otherwise, Hakann and the Pleiadians wouldn’t even have any “Military Forces”, because “Oh they are so Love and Light and Unconditional Love; why would they need weapons, martial arts, ways of self-defense and a military force? Just send love and light to anyone, even to the most Entropic/Evil individual; they don’t need self-defense because Unconditional Love, Love and Light are the most powerful force in the universe ever!”

    No, please, don’t have such misconceptions.

    But hey, just my perspectives. It’s not like I know the full reason why a love and light/Unconditional Love-promoting society like the Pleiadians would need a military force to begin with, nor any semblance of Martial Arts practices and weaponries; perhaps A.S. can help answer that through a short Hakann channeling haha.

    1. AzureLeaves

      Though I suppose it’s similar to a Jedi from Star Wars?

      Of using the Force and the Light Saber for defense, never for attack(-ing FIRST).

      Can’t really help it though, by Law of Dependent Origination, if there are purely love and light societies where no war and other Entropic energies exists amongst themselves, then it’s inevitable for the Divine Source to also implement its Fractals that will be on the opposite end of that spectrum to keep the show going, or else Stagnation occurs and no, if any, overall -Progress- is made for the development of the ONE, through its Fractals.

    2. Star_struck

      They do the least harm methods but with earth ascending and solar upgrades in the solar system there is going to be peace around the Universe. The ones they capture they want to extract information out of them and they get proper healings to be loving. These dark forces are mind controlled as well.

  13. John R

    Thank You Hakann, Tunia & A.S.

    .Pleiadians and many other Galactic advanced civilizations live a Divine form of Communism with unconditional love as its Foundation.

    It’s not in my view a subtle carrot and stick manipulation of the (free willed) unawakened. It is simply Light in Operation, in Action, in Service to the Whole.

  14. Max He

    The problem of any enforcement lies in the will of doing the opposite, aka freedom of choice. It is observable A free will that is suppressed will not disappear but only be stored for future fulfillment. That is what constitutes “karma”, as “unspent energy”(Sri Nisargadatta). So when you forced someone against their will, even in the name of “correct behavior” or “greater good”, that unwillingness eventually manifests as disobedience and even revolt if accumulated too much. That is why the behaving people who were put under strict and morally good laws can become mob when the machine of society posted a glitch.

    The ruling class clearly knows this effect and they uses it to overthrow an opposite faction in revolution time.

    This is what Taoism says “Evil person will not disappear if saintly men are still there”圣人不死, 大盗不止

    So I’m also finding it paradoxical, that if you advocate unconditional love and its many benefits, is it also posing a carrot and trying to manipulate people into buying it? But yes heres the dilemma of all education.

    1. AzureLeaves

      “Taoism says “Evil person will not disappear if saintly men are still there”圣人不死, 大盗不止”

      Indeed. Basically the “Law of Dependent Origination” (Pratityasamutpada).

      The reason “Above” exists, is because “Below” exists–vice-versa.


      “So I’m also finding it paradoxical, that if you advocate unconditional love and its many benefits, is it also posing a carrot and trying to manipulate people into buying it? But yes heres the dilemma of all education.”

      I myself advocate “unconditional love”–of which is pretty much the reason I realized as to why the Divine Source allows all possibilities and instances to happen and exists–even from the most holiest of Saints to the most despicable human/animal you can imagine.

      But the way I personally advocate Unconditional Love as a Spiritual Warrior is that if an Entropic Entity’s role finally ends and they still insists on overstaying on their role as an “Adversary”, that’s where I and others step in and vanquish them, in a contest of strength and power–whoever loses, fair and square, must obey the winner and go back to the Divine Source, or be annihilated and restructured; their choice.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Though some might ask: “How the heck is vanquishing someone with a weapon considered unconditional love; why not send them love and light energies instead?!”

        I consider helping them be set back to the path to Source an act of unconditional love; using a Spiritual Weapon forged with such love and vanquishing them, in the swiftiest, decisive strike possible. Because letting them stay in such an Entropic/Adversarial role for more than they had originally agreed upon can make their transgressions even worse and more innocent individuals suffering; sometimes you must -remove- something by force.

        Like a Doctor excising a cancerous tumor without hatred in their hearts for the said tumor; and instead just fulfillment of their duties.

        Otherwise if my spiritual weapons are forged with Hatred and “an eye for an eye” without any ounce of “love” on it, I would instead have an approach similar to a lot of “Lightworkers” I see on various websites wherein they keep asking for these Entropic individuals/Elites/Cabal to be tortured with prolonged suffering, letting them experience the cruelty they gave to other Co-fractals of the Divine Source, instead of a quick, painless -removal-.

        Treating this whole Grand Play as nothing but a Martial Arts competition wherein defeating/overcoming one’s opponent without hatred in your heart is the name of the game, afterall, why hate -yourself-, when you and everyone, from the most holiest of Saints to the most despicable people, are all co-fractals of the Divine Source; with the Divine Source itself just playing different roles?

        And a blade shrouded with Hatred can never strike -true- to begin with.

        “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
        “…and God plays all the parts.”–Neville Goddard

        1. AzureLeaves

          Sometimes it’s nice enough to see someone from an Entropic Alignment go back to Negentropic Alignment once their role as an Adversary ends (to help facilitate, accelerate and stimulate acceleration of progress for the whole).

          All without having to use force and just mere talk.

          But by Law of Dependent Origination; since such Entropic individuals exists, it’s inevitable that some Entropic Individuals who gets too drunk on power and terrorizing other individuals, even innocent individuals, also exists. With no other way to help them back but to overpower them in a “Martial Arts Competition” without hatred… well I suppose whoever felt hatred and “attacks” with such hatred in their hearts inevitably loses; just like in Physical Martial Arts.



  16. Vicki

    Thank you for the beautiful message.It’s very hard for Earthlings to not make judgments . I’m guilty of it and I think it’s a big problem for us even in the spiritual community.

  17. MD

    Thank you.. that was deep, Strong and powerful msg… or unconditional love itself in msg form… felt so light and calm reading it..

  18. Claudia

    May I challenge you dear Hakann?

    “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” has always been on top of my agenda, and I have come to realize that “to love” means to always only want to understand. ALWAYS, because that’s what unconditionally means.

    Now look at what you did in regard to that comment you reposted here. To me there is somebody expressing what kind of outer circumstances he believes would make him happy. No more no less. To me all he is asking for is PEACE and those 3 BLOND babies that might be simple reminders of home for him.

    Now let’s look at what you did:
    You DECIDED to turn a private opinion into a “WORLDVIEW”… you blew it up, showing no unconditional love whatsoever, can you see that?

    There would be much else to say here but I hate the feeling of wasting my energy… but I invite you to “mindread me”.

    And last: You can EITHER love OR criticize because they’re opposites. That’s a hard one to live with but all else is only fooling yourself.


    1. Star_struck

      Hakann did not make any opinions for this to be a worldview of the individual’s opinion. He just emphasized that we need to be more loving than expressing whether we agree or with other’s opinions that seemed bad.

  19. unionylibertad

    I think about unconditional Love and try to imagine a world where all of us respect and care for each other…I see the New Earth and all of us sharing the Peace, Love, Abundance and Beauty…Infinite blessings to You Commander. Hakann and Tunia and A.S. and to all…

  20. Tylette Crosby

    Thanks. Do you thank earthlings or some get there There are lots of people who are lost the evil been. Around long time I agree on. What you. Saying the planet got too be cleansed What do think about theses men and women just going and. Knocking people harm people it is outrageous I say no jail time they. Must be taken off the planet they. Have no. Soul they. Got. To. Go but any way hakann have a nice day love always

  21. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

    I believe ego stands in the way of unconditional Love. The desire of some people to always be right is the gretaest enemy against love, but i guess this is the duality and maybe the lessons we need to learn. Maybe Hakann knows better.

    1. A.S.

      Yes, ego absolutely can stand in the way of unconditional love.

      Although personally I prefer to integrate my ego in a healthy way, as opposed to trying to “destroy” it. My perspective on ego is that is has good parts too once it’s healthily integrated, such as wanting to do a good job and standing up for yourself. Although I guess it depends on how exactly you define “ego.”

  22. A.S.

    There’s someone who translates these articles into Spanish. Thanks, much appreciated!

    To that person, the following entire paragraph can be omitted: “From now on, I will use the word “Earthling” instead of “Earthling” because I think it sounds better. So you are Earthlings, we are Pleiadians, and both Earthlings and Pleiadians are humans. We are one race.”

    (This was a relic from the brief time where I planned to use the word “Gaian” instead of “Earthling.” However, I found out that the speech-to-text software I use for Youtube, didn’t pronounce “Gaian” in a great way. So I went back to “Earthling.” I did a search-and-replace but I forgot to delete this paragraph.)


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