Ascension Update; Adapt to the Shift

Beloved Ones,

As we approach September, we enter into a new cycle, a more harmonic and calming one in which we are being invited to nurture ourselves, as well as both our soul and birth families.

This new period is one of reflection, revision, and retrospection, for it is vital to pause for a while and be able to witness all we have walked, until this time.

During this transitional time, in which we all are going to be immersed in a profound change for a long time, we are being assisted by many energies, especially Andromedans ones, so we can adapt to the shift that is taking place within all of us, and find the peace within that we all need until the change has been properly anchored. This is what this six universal year, together with this month of September, which is also a six one, is helping us with, so we can regain harmony, strength, and more clarity.

One of the many events that will help us connect to our soul to retrieve more guidance about the next steps of our human journey, and personal mission, is the True Node semi-sextile Chiron, at the end of August. This will repeat three times, the second one on September 3 and the last on September 6th. This is how important it is for us to look ahead, to create at every Now moment the next step, rather than to keep looking backward.

This passage will help us focus on our personal evolution on this earth, on both a physical and a soul level, on where we are heading, what we have created, and where our creations are taking us at the moment.

It is about the future timeline that we are forming, with every thought, feeling, and act, in this Now moment. On the other hand, Chiron has a very healing essence per excellence, when both co-create, we are being invited to heal, from the present, past timeliness, or parallel ones as I prefer to call them, as when we awake our multidimensionality and consciously and intentionally choose to heal in the present, this same healing extends to other parallel timelines, helping us heal at all levels, in all dimensions, and all aspects of who we are.

We no longer need to dig into the past, as there is nothing there for us anymore, but to learn how to heal in the present, properly, so we are also healing what we call past selves. So, we are healing ourselves and helping our own future generations to heal as well too.

We have another wonderful month ahead for us to continue our journey of DNA rehabilitation, healing, and clearing, for the current energies come to help us burn away the old, so we can move ahead without constantly focusing on the past, as it is what the majority of the times bring into the present unwanted situations and outcomes.

Guides invite us to continue working with an infinity symbol, which represents perfect eternal balance, the one that helps us anchor the Light that we are embodying within our physical and crystalline bodies (although this symbol has many different uses) creating an eternal bridge to conduit the energies. The infinity symbol can be utilized to anchor wisdom, clarity, balance, or what we uniquely desire to embody. We are the ones that through the power of our words need to direct this energetic symbol towards our unique purpose.

To help us direct this Light – wisdom, power – guides invite us to work with a lapis lazuli, as the universal crystal to help us cleanse our fifth-dimensional chakra, and open the portal to pass from the earth realm to the soul ones. This crystal is wonderful as well to protect ourselves from attacks, and to improve our third eye vision.

If what you wish is just obtaining more clarity, especially about an important choice you need to make or simply working on mental cleansing, Guides recommend crystal quartz, programming them to help us release all mental and emotional debris, confusion, and desperation feelings, and regain clarity and purity again.

I wish you all a healing and loving passage, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba