The Telosians: Rarely Has a Humanity Been as Asleep as Yours

May peace be in you, in your hearts, dear children of the Earth. What disturbances in your beings! Wherever you are, whatever country you live in, we see your energies spinning around in a very disturbed way. We know that you have been living for some years now with events that strongly disturb you and momentarily prevent you from understanding what is happening in you and who you are in this world that resembles a general earthquake.

Since 2012, many energies have increased around you coming from the Celestial Spheres, coming from the Earth itself which is transforming and is only asking to live the return to the New Earth.

Why do we say “return to the New Earth”? Because, quite simply, the New Earth or rather the New Earth existed at a certain moment in the life of your planet. We have already spoken to you about this in previous messages: At the very beginning of humanity, the beings who lived on this planet were beings of Pure Light and Pure Love. This lasted for some time until other beings from elsewhere, from other planets of non-Love, came to take over this wealth that was the Earth.

When we speak of “wealth” we do not mean gold and other materials contained in its soil, but these riches were those beings of Pure Light who lived there. They attracted the attention of beings from other planets who wished to make the Earth their new possession, which gradually led to the downfall of humanity.

Yes, even Beings of Light can, at a certain moment, under the influence of other beings of non-love, let themselves go downhill. Gradually this has led to what you know of humanity and what you are.

But we have always watched over you without, of course, interfering in your life paths which were to lead you at a certain point to what we call the New Earth, that is to say to the return to the Initial Purity of the earthly man at the very beginning of his creation.

But after a decline such as you have experienced, it was important to protect the Earth, a small planet in the galaxy but very important in its galactic life, to shake you up in various ways. Rarely has a humanity been as asleep as yours, but it had to be this way.

This is why for the last few years of your earthly time you have been shaken, shaken energetically, emotionally in order to awaken in you the knowledge of who you really are. You are those beings from the beginning of life on Earth, beings who have carried the seeds of Pure Light, Pure Love, respect, joy etc.

It is this Light, this Love that is important for you to find. These marvelous seeds are within you, they have been transmitted from generation to generation but you had forgotten everything, unfortunately for your happiness.

You are shaken, stirred up within you and around you, you no longer know what is happening to you, what is happening to the Earth, and you do not understand, for many of you, what is happening now: Why so many problems, why so many diseases, so many floods, so many fires etc.? In our previous message “Purification” we explained it to you.

Purification is essential in you and around you so that you meet again the seeds of Pure Light and Pure Love sown by your very… very distant ancestors. However, this is what you are experiencing little by little: this return to the Original Man of the Earth. Of course, this is not going to happen tomorrow after your night’s sleep, it will still take time on earth, but all these disturbances that are happening around you are there to wake you up, to wake up the human being who was too asleep and who let himself go too easily in everything in his life.

It is important to understand that you cannot leave it to technology to do everything for you. What do you become at that point? You become the robot of robots that are put in front of you by beings that have every interest in placing you in this position of constant demand in order to have a great control over your life.

React! React! Don’t let yourself be directed by robots! Have your consciousness of life not through all these devices of all kinds that divert you from the look you should have on you, but by looking at the Earth, your wonderful planet, which shows you its Beauty, which gives you all its Love ….Relink to your planet, talk to it, it is a living being, different from you but really alive and thank it for loving you, for feeding you, for sheltering you etc.

Abandon all your devices on which you spend most of your time, leave them in your bags, in drawers and look at life around you, in you, it is the only way to understand the wonderful link you have with the Earth and to find the seeds of Pure Light and Pure Love deposited a long time ago in your cellular memories.

Dear Children of the Earth, the New Earth is reaching out to you, it is within you and in front of your eyes on your beautiful planet.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation by


5 Replies to “The Telosians: Rarely Has a Humanity Been as Asleep as Yours”

  1. Franciely

    You know I just want to understand one thing.
    Why do some messages say that our souls agreed to participate in a game where dark and light would fight to see who would win in the end and other messages simply say that we fell into our vibration and because of that dark beings interfered with our experience? I just wish I knew the REAL truth about this.

  2. Diamond Black

    yer, around half a million years asleep.
    This is because of the archonic invaders during atlantis (the whole planet).
    The $nakes paralysed, and the vulture$ preyed upon the paralysed.
    And i am done with the prick$. Time to erase them from existence.

  3. Lilas

    De Telosianen zijn precies dezelfde mensen als wij ,het enige
    Verschil is dat zij gebruik maken van alle levensbevorderende
    apparatuur in Mount Shasta ,beschreven in het boek
    Ontmoetingen met St Germain deel 2,geschreven door
    Godfre Ray King.