Locals Amazed as They Spot Rainbow-Coloured Scarf Cloud Above Chinese City

A multi-coloured scarf cloud was spotted above a city in southern China. The incredible video was filmed in the city of Haikou in Hainan Province on August 21. This is the Galactic presence on Earth.

“This is a small cloaked Galactic Federation craft that looks bigger because of the frequencies it’s emitting to clear toxins and viruses in the air. Neioh: This is a cloaked craft that was smaller in size before Expanding in Color and Light. These are stationary for up to a day.” From Kabamur and his sources.

It is clearly seen that chemtrails are being neutralized here.

“They originate from a Mothership that is a great distance straight up. The Fleet number is 30 and the various sizes and shapes are changed as the assignment progresses. This particular craft is silver in color and changes to neon and rainbow colors as it rises in Frequency.”

“These are emitting High Frequencies into the atmosphere to assist in clearing the area of toxins and viruses. These are excellent for cloaking as the size can contract to accommodate the cloud area.”

Watch the skies for streams of light. As we enter a new phase of disclosure, humanity’s guardians and family from the stars are to make their presence more known to the world.


4 Replies to “Locals Amazed as They Spot Rainbow-Coloured Scarf Cloud Above Chinese City”

  1. John R

    There are lenticular or UFO clouds very near, so not sure this is haarp generated. If it was it kind of backfired!!?

  2. John R

    Is this possibly The Sign that the GFL said would be seen in the sky in Blossom Goodchild’s last message? I wonder..