Genghis Khan: Be The Nonliars

(Note from the channeler: I think that this being isn’t outright lying or malevolent, at least at this point in time. However I do think that he’s a bit lower consciousness than Tunia and Hakann are. I think this message is interesting and I agree with some of his points, but I do not necessarily agree with everything that he’s saying here. So use your own discernment and judgement. If something doesn’t feel right to you, just discard it. You don’t have to agree with or do anything that some channeled being says. No one can guide you better than your own soul can.)

My honored brothers and sisters,

It is I, Temüjin, whom you know as Genghis Khan. It is my great pleasure to speak with you.

As you know, your history has been completely falsified. Therefore I ask you to keep an open mind to this message, and to only judge me once you have heard my words. Everyone deserves a chance to be fully heard before he or she is judged.

One of the things I did in my life is to fight against those who would seek to control the entire world, from behind the scenes.

It is my great pleasure that you Lightworkers are continuing this fight. I bow down to the wisdom that you are showing in this struggle.

During my life I physically fought against those who were puppets of the dark controllers. At the time, I thought this was necessary. However, while I did break multiple strongholds of the dark controllers, a lot of suffering was caused. I failed to address the root cause of the disease.

You lightworkers are mainly fighting not physically, but via love and sovereignty and sharing truth. Especially in your time, I very much think this is the right approach. I commend you for it.

I have gathered some knowledge about how this group operates and I would like to share it with you.

First of all, they are cowards. When they are confronted, they will flee. When they are brought into the light, they panic and start making mistakes.

Second of all, they project. Whatever they accuse you of, they do themselves.

Third of all, they are weak. The only reason why they can cling to power is that they manipulate good-hearted Earthlings to do their bidding. Their main weapons are deception and lies and manipulation. I tried to physically fight those who were controlled by them, and in some cases that is still necessary. However a lot of people who are controlled or brainwashed can be brought back to the light via truth and love and by being a living example of a sovereign and truthful being. In the cases where it is an option to bring the brainwashed back into the light, it is preferable.

Personally I think that the term “light worker” is not great at communicating to the general public what you do. If I were you, I would rebrand “lightworker” to “Nonliar.” So when describing your group, say you are the Nonliars.

You feel the power in those words, do you not? Branding yourselves as Nonliars offers a clear challenge to the rest of the world to also start living up to this ideal. It communicates to the general public the simple truth that almost everyone lies, especially those in positions of power. Plus this is a personal commitment to not lie.

If you make a commitment to not lie, you are still free to at times not mention certain things. That is fine. And if you are in a situation where someone would unfairly harm you if you told the truth, lying is acceptable. But there is way too much lying going on in your world and everyone is desperate for truth. Therefore the time is ripe for a group to call themselves the Nonliars.

And of course, if you call yourselves such, then actually behave in that way.

From the perspective of a lot of benevolent ETs, lying to someone is harming them. If you want to be compatible with ETs and one day meet them, it is good to stop lying.

Now I will offer my perspective on your current society.

A problem that you have is that nearly everyone in your society may be good at heart, but currently behaves in a selfish way. This makes everyone else feel unsafe and so they become more selfish as well. This is a destructive spiral downwards.

You break this spiral by acting selfless and loving towards other people. This makes other people feel safe and loved, and hence they start acting better towards other people as well. Then you transform the destructive spiral into a positive, upwards spiral towards Source.

Yes it can feel unfair that you have to act better to other people than they act against you. I empathize. Yet this is the way – be the change that you want to see in the world. And luckily, whenever people of lower and higher vibration interact, there’s a natural tendency for those in lower vibration to slowly be pulled upwards. So you might say that physics is on your side.

Also, I would like to share some priceless Indian wisdom here. It is: you should do your duties to the best of your abilities, as a service to Source. However, you do not need to be concerned with whether you succeed or not. You only need to be concerned about trying your best. If you feel called to start a youtube channel with the goal of helping people, and it turns out that no one watches you, then you did not fail. You did your best. That is all that matters.

Of course, if right now you are in so much pain and stress that you have no room to help anyone else, then help yourself first. Everyone is one regardless, so helping yourself is the same as helping others (so long as you’re not helping yourself in a way that is harmful to others). If you are doing better, then everyone on Earth benefits from that in a small way.

Finally, I commend you for continuing my fight in a more wise and heart-centered way. You are going to win. And while your lives may be painful right now, they are going to get better. Furthermore, it is likely that your children (or at least your children’s children) will not have to suffer as you did.

Isn’t that a goal worth fighting for?

With love,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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11 Replies to “Genghis Khan: Be The Nonliars”

  1. Hj4477

    I know the truth about your fight to wipe the Khazarian from Earth is being misled by the darkness. I have also heard that you are still working for the Light on other planets. History is forged and misrepresented. Thank you for your courage to bring the truth here in the midst of false history.

  2. Mikkel Kaastrup

    What an interesting message! I agree with the description of the “dark minions” that is presented, the cowardice, etc. – how often we saw that during the Covid-19 crisis, their lies, their deception, their utter lack of responsibility.
    Theosophy (Alice A. Bailey) says that Josef Stalin was a reincarnation of Djenghis Khan, and I do not have a positive impression of either of these two personalities. It would be interesting to hear Josef Stalin describing his role in the 20th century as well. I keep and open mind about Djenghis Khan, for – of course – I only know of his actions through the history books, and as Napoleon said: History is the fable that people have agreed upon.

  3. Tina

    Thank you and I love this in content, readability, and down-to-earth reality. Doesn’t feel “lower vibe” at all to me but rather has the lovely and comforting lack of condescension & incoherent language that I unfortunately find in (too many) other messages. It’s helpful in a real sense that is reassuring and relieving. Grateful thanks to you from this fellow Nonliar.

  4. david k gates

    Didnt feel anything wrong……He realized his methods of fighting the Dark could have been better.

  5. Lilas

    Deze website haalt woorden uit de comments waardoor
    de context totaal veranderd ,dit heb ik al vaker meegemaakt
    en dit is vandaag weer gebeurd ,dit is geen toeval!

  6. AzureLeaves

    Thank you for this A.S., him and I pretty much have the same views, such as:

    “Of course, if right now you are in so much pain and stress that you have no room to help anyone else, then help yourself first. Everyone is one regardless, so helping yourself is the same as helping others (so long as you’re not helping yourself in a way that is harmful to others). If you are doing better, then everyone on Earth benefits from that in a small way.”

    This is akin to my principles of balancing and harmonizing both Service to Self AND Service to Others (e.g. self-care, self-maintenance, self-acquisition of various skills, abilities, knowledge and wisdom, in order to not only help oneself spiritually and personally develop, but to also help others as well).

    Choosing just one or the other solely is not the most logical and wise thing to do and can lead to various unwanted circumstances, and self-destruction or the destruction of others due to the imbalance.

    Help oneself before helping others. Don’t add oneself to the casualties.



    Well, I see lying as more of a tool to utilize if the environment is not as open telepathically as Pleiadians are. If lying can provide means for victory and to protect oneself and those important to them, and even for the protection of innocent and pure-hearted individuals, then by all means. I’m glad he did also make it clear that lying can still be used when necessary, to that I agree.

    Being a stickler to the rules is no way to fight this war; especially if sticking to the rules will cost your life and safety, as well as the lives and safety of others you care about and innocent and pure-hearted people.

    It’s all a tool; it’s how, when and where it is used. There is always a proper and right time and place for everything, that includes lying.

  7. Lilas

    Zoals iedereen weet waren de mongoolse strijders o.l.v
    Dzengis Kahn buitengewoon wreed en dronken het bloed
    Van hun paarden,Wat hun kracht versterkte.
    Degenen die bekend staan als satanisten deden dit ook,
    maar gaven de voorkeur aan mensen en stierenbloed
    De huidige satanisten geven de voorkeur aan babybloed,
    dat op een dermate weerzinwekkende manier wordt
    verkregen(adrenochrome) dat dit voor normale mensen
    niet te bevatten is.
    Het is de hoogste tijd dat deze psychopaten niet alleen
    van deze planeet verwijderd worden maar uit ons
    hele zonnestelsel.

  8. Nick R

    I thought this to be an interesting channeling. History has indeed been falsified and we have no real way of knowing the path and actions of Ghengis Khan through historical records. What we know may very well not be the truth, yet this was a curious choice of a channeling source. Most of the content in this channeling resonated with me at least. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love and Blessings