Michael and the Council of Radiant Light: An Ascension Update

Divine Ones,

We greet you in love.

The energies of your world are increasingly present in higher harmonics. This elevated expression is coming about as the planetary field lifts and lifts too, the life on Earth that has come into resonance with these higher momentums of inner light and expansion.

More and more human beings are discovering their inner current. Their sense of Divine Timing and Divine Order that lies within and can guide them accurately and clearly in their lives.

So many human beings are waking up to this and realizing, that they no longer need to push themselves, or to march to someone else’s ideas or ideals for them. They are realizing that the TRUTH lies within and their own inner current, however they know this, or interpret this, is reliable and can be trusted. So much of this has shifted in only the last few months! As the solar activity and galactic alignments provided encoded streams of light complimenting the soul’s current within and opening up the readiness for this pivot to Truth!

There is a powerful deepening going on, within the human family as the connection with Earth and these higher fields of light present now, begin to operate in Unity; becoming a foundation in the new world.

Impulsed from the same Oneness, they are unknowingly benefitting from the amplification of these energies that is present now on the Earth and in humanity as a whole. Not all human beings are awake, but so many more have come “online” since the May Eclipse Cycle. So many that in mid-August, a huge cycle has completed; a collective momentum of higher light is established, and this is opening up new potentials for discovering the REAL YOU; the Eternal You, the Sovereign Oneness as the true Self, here.

You’re now moving into a glorious time in which personal reflection and internal growth can be significant, creative, liberating and life changing. Your inner current, more and more, is guiding you in ways that can show you, quite explicitly through the actions you’re inspired to take, and the ways of being that feel genuine, sincere, and true, HOW to be the REAL YOU (the eternal Self) here.

The coming months will bring enormous change. The tendency, if you’re not oriented to this inner current of knowing and clarity, is to feel less indecisive, and to feel the pain and struggle of your mental body running all over the place, trying to find familiar landmarks.

There are none.
The old ways have been completed. The new energy structures are in place, and the basic foundation of New Life on Earth is here.

Now is the time to deepen into your inner practices and daily methods of getting centered, calm, connected and aware of your own knowing. Now is the time, to teach your mind how to surrender and be of service to your heart and your Divine Identity.

Now is the time to invite and open to Divine Will, letting yourself be lifted into Soul-based embodiment. Trusting in the joyful, fulfillment of being your true Self here.

Each of you have within you vast, multidimensional connections which matter now. Which are coming forth in your embodiment and which you are emanating into collective experience — informing Life on Earth from the unique and essential lineage that is your own vaster expression. These changes are happening organically, without the burden of conscious effort or the weight of self-improvement. They are happening because they are within you, in your Greater Self, and as you allow your embodiment to lift and expand, the fuller harmonics can be integrated, embodied and then emanate radiantly from you, continually. There are layers of communication occurring now, from your own vaster wholeness, informing and contributing to the new world. The aspects of your personality that are not resonant with your unfolding future, are being eclipsed by your vaster presence. You might experience this as a sense of no longer feeling so sure about who you are. If that is going on for you, hang in there. Know that things will fall into order and make sense soon.

Take your time allowing what you’re beginning to understand, to come into coherence and conscious knowing.

Awakening, Beloveds, is so much a path of subtraction and the time you are in now, is indeed an in-between time. The old age is finished and the new age is emerging. The Earth is ascending. Let the Earth hold you and support you. Let it nourish you and guide you.

Breathe into your innate belonging and feel your abundance. Know how rich your Life is. Call light to yourself and charge your field with golden energy. Feel your body becoming grounded and calm. Centered and radiant.

Make peace with this time.

You’re entering into a frontier of Being embodied. Change is the nature of this life experience and of this time. Open to the unknown and allow it to be. Welcome Life as it comes and orient, continually to the center of your being, the heart, and that inner current of light that is your Source.

Remember … It’s natural to embrace yourself FULLY as you are. To be here directly, without filter, or inhibition, honoring your Truth.

As you express yourself openly, sincerely, being the you that you are when you feel free and supported, you discover a radically different life than the one of the past.

Your species is changing. You’re moving into brand new expression. If you’re not there yet, you will find that sometime soon, you will no longer give up your sovereignty in order to win love, or validation, or please others. In fact, it wouldn’t even occur to you, because it’s so natural to feel loved, supported, belonging and to know you are whole and that you matter, as you are.

This is the reclaiming of the Divine, which is happening as it can, on every level of Life in your world. The old ways of being will not work anymore, so those who continue to try and elicit your attention or to control others to get what they need will find that the effort required, and the results achieved, are not what they used to be. The Divine will not be denied.

Trust in your inner knowing.

Trust in your significance.

Welcome what comes.

Believe in Life.

This is how we would suggest you play now. Practice these ways of being. Open to the fullness of your being and invite that which you sense would serve you. Ask for courage, clarity, strength, and support. Ask for joyful moments and take time to feel the beauty of your innate belonging.

You are here on purpose.

Your SOUL chose to be here now and is guiding you, always.

Cultivate that inner connection. Open to joy and a deep sense of pleasure. Notice the moments when your life feels right and true to you — savor these moments. Expect them to expand and the feeling of joy and knowing you have, to continue to grow. Dare to believe that what is coming forth serves you and serves Life. That everything is moving as One, into new forms of expression.

The Great Awakening is underway. In truth, this has been progressing for a long time, but it is ripening now and the harvest is beginning! This is overlapping with so much of the old fighting to stay. Be wise about this — recognize it and see this clearly, and then choose intentionally where you wish to put your attention.

Do you fight the old which is leaving? Or do you follow your heart? We suggest you listen to that inner current of knowing. And when you’re unsure, trust you will have clarity when you need it. Change will bring many moments of not-knowing. Make friends with this experience.

Turn toward the new, and open to that which wants to come through you — be you, express as you and flow into the world, bringing forth the magic and glory of your own vastness, here.

Earth is a beautifully diverse and multidimensional. The inner planes of so many beings are coming up for revelation and participation, now.

You are such a beautiful and essential part of this glorious wholeness we are. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for your amazing and radiant Light!

Every moment has the potential for radiant exaltation.
Claim your joy, here and now.

Let your light shine.

Let the REAL YOU, be unveiled.

Things can turn on a dime right now, Dear Friends.

It’s an amazing and exciting time to be alive. You are now living beyond what is known. Beyond what has been. So many new things are opening up and integrating energetically, within you, and even more is flowing in, and arising, yet to be perceived or consciously discovered.

We are complete. I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel; Ailia Mira


2 Replies to “Michael and the Council of Radiant Light: An Ascension Update”

  1. harrrrrie

    This article isn’t talking about ‘soon’ or ‘someday’. It’s explaining what’s happening right now. I recognize and feel some of these changes mentioned. Open up folks. Pay attention to how you feel. Many flavors of newness, awareness, intuition, ESP, abilities, surprises, coincidences, the magical, miracles are going to happen rapidly and the elites/Cabal aren’t going to be able to hide it any longer. I heard the word “cabal” in mainstream news first time last nite. There’s no stopping the revelations now. This is real, thank goodness.

    Love, light and the good have a real grip on us and on the Earth now.
    We are on our way in the Golden Age, we are in it.