Hakann: Boxes Are For Cats, Not People

My beloved brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Our favorite forms of spirituality are those that remove stories or concepts. Our people are wise not because they carry around many concepts. Our people are wise because they carry around very few concepts. Because of this, they can love very easily.

When we look at an Earthling, we actually see the Earthling. Therefore we love them.

When your average Earthling looks at another Earthling, they do not actually see him or her. Instead their subconscious quickly dumps that other person into a pre-made box. Then that Earthling starts treating their fellow man not as a person, but as a box.

For example, let’s say that Anne meets John. Anne is politically left-wing and she hears John express worry about how many migrants are coming into the country. Anne immediately places John into a box and thinks she now knows everything about him. Anne assumes that John is racist, is sexist, is uneducated, is selfish, et cetera et cetera. Anne doesn’t actually know whether these things are true, but she just assumes they are, based on one point of data.

So now when Anne looks at John, she does not actually see John. She only sees the box that she put John in. And of course she’s not going to act very lovingly towards a box that’s filled with negative stereotypes.

Or to give another example: Hans meets Tammy. Tammy expresses a negative opinion about rich people. Hans is politically right-wing and immediately he places Tammy into a box. Hans is now convinced that Tammy is lazy, wants free hand-outs, doesn’t think for herself, gets all of her opinions from mainstream media, et cetera et cetera. Hans doesn’t actually know whether these things are true, but he just assumes they are, based on one point of data.

So now when Hans looks at Tammy, he does not actually see Tammy. He only sees the box that he put her in. And of course he’s not going to act very lovingly towards a box that’s filled with negative stereotypes.

If you do not actually see your fellow Earthlings, how can you expect to love them? Especially if you place them into pre-made boxes that are filled with negative stereotypes against them.

Now imagine that Tunia meets John. Tunia hears John expressing worry about how many migrants are coming into the country. Tunia listens attentively to him, asks questions so that she can understand him better, never puts him into a box and she expresses love and appreciation. John feels heard and leaves happy.

Then Tunia takes a stroll and she meets Tammy. Tunia hears Tammy express a negative opinion about rich people. Tunia listens attentively to her, asks questions so that she can understand her better, never puts her into a box and expresses love and appreciation. Tammy feels heard and leaves happy.

Is Tunia left-wing or right-wing? Doesn’t matter. Tunia is love-wing. Tunia cares less about telling people that they’re wrong, than she does about listening to people and expressing love and appreciation.

At most Tunia may say, “I agree with you on these points and I really admire that you care so much about that. I think that’s awesome. And thank you for sharing this argument with me, I had not considered that yet.” And she’ll simply omit the points that she disagrees with, unless specifically asked. Why? Because Tunia cares more about love than about who is right.

Tunia knows that people on Earth have for millennia played this game of, “if only I can tell everyone they’re wrong, then all our problems will be solved.” And guess what? It does not work.

I’d like to invite you to a new game. It’s called, “love people, and if you think that people have bad opinions, then express even more love towards them and listen even more attentively to them.”

Will you join this new game? We’ve been playing it for a long time and we think it’s really fun. We think you will enjoy it too, once you get the hang of it.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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4 Replies to “Hakann: Boxes Are For Cats, Not People”

  1. lagloriadelyosoy

    Saludos Comandante Hakann desde mi corazón. Tengo una pregunta : El Comandante Ashtar Sheran trabaja con la luz ? …. Porque he escuchado y leído que no es así …. Y eso me genera duda …. Gracias !!

  2. AzureLeaves

    I understand being lovingly accepting of anything, regardless of an individual’s stance, after all such is one of the manifestations of Unconditional Love, even more so when putting “Nothing is true; everything is permitted” and the teachings of the Heart Sutra into the equation. And I think it’s a noble thing.

    Every opinion, every stance, etc., is “valid”, for it is inherently “Nothing” (Heart Sutra), a product of an Illusion/Maya. Everyone plays their own role in this Grand Play; co-fractals of the Divine Source taking opposing sides to keep up the Grand Play and prevent stagnation.


    Out of curiosity however, I do have some questions:

    -What if an individual’s stance prevents them from becoming their greatest version, and forever -enables- them to continue being “separated” from others because of their views; do you at least offer to help them realize their mistakes, offer guidance, teachings, advice to help them get back up to a -path- to oneness and Unconditional Love (even though they will come to terms with it eventually, however long/lifetimes it takes)?

    -Or do you just stay quiet and acknowledge their views, let them be on their way (letting them commit mistakes on their own and realizations that comes from it), and not offer any helpful advice unless they asked?

    -What if an individual’s stance is particularly destructive and entropic–causing them to harm innocent and pure-hearted individuals, and even themselves or worse… do you also just silently accept and acknowledge their views and not offer any help to help them stop harming themselves and their Co-Fractals of the Divine Source?

    Well, such questions does arise from someone like me that has such a sense of personal Justice, i.e. not allowing undeserved harm towards innocent and pure-hearted individuals and offering help when needed if I see an individual suffering from such confusions that causes them to be of the Entropic alignment due to their confusions brought about by entropic indoctrinations and influences that are outside of themselves (i.e. they got roped into taking the “Adversary” role of the Grand Play because they got influence by another “Actor”).

    Would appreciate your answers.

    In either case, “Nothing is true; everything is permitted”–there are many ways to the top of the same mountain and all methods are inherently, at their core “valid” and are “Will” of the Divine Source.

    1. AzureLeaves

      “What if an individual’s stance prevents them from becoming their greatest version, and forever -enables- them to continue being “separated””

      replace “Forever” with “for a long time–even up to the whole lifespan of their current meatsuit–“

    2. AzureLeaves

      -Also, if not sharing advice, directions, etc., unless asked, how about offering them if they want to hear YOUR personal views to the same topic they presented, after they shared theirs?

      An exchange of views, an exchange of perspectives, on how you see things?

      Outlining the differences between the two perspectives and helping them realize that perhaps their stance is something that can only cause them to have -slower- progress in terms of Personal and Spiritual Development.

      Though it’s understandable for such an exchange to be avoided if the intent is to silently acknowledge, after all, presenting your perspectives to an individual who just shared theirs–even though I think it’s a fair exchange–can cause arguments to spring up, particularly if that individual disagrees with your own perspectives, especially as a Pleiadian speaking to someone from Earth and growing up from two different environment.

      But if they accepted the offer to listen to YOUR perspectives and not just let them share theirs and leave, I think it’s only fair for them to be as accepting, calm and collected as you are when they presented their perspective (particularly those tethered in the 3D), is it not?