Consciousness Expansion – September 2022

Hi My Friend,

The momentum of change is building, both in our individual lives and in the world.

This change is becoming more apparent than ever.

If you’ve been feeling more anxious, scattered, or emotionally charged than usual, know that it’s your body and mind’s way of adjusting to the changes taking place.

The changes happening now are no longer as subtle as before, because of the acceleration of consciousness taking place.

When consciousness expands quickly, anything that is no longer serving our highest good comes to the surface to be acknowledged, addressed, and resolved.

If you are finding yourself experiencing a great deal of hardship at this time, know that it’s just the mind, trying to hold on to the old paradigm, because it is so used to it, and found comfort there in the past.

The only thing asked of us when we find ourselves experiencing hardship, is to be kind to ourselves. Being kind to ourselves requires us to be willing to let go of needing to always be in control.

When we choose to always try to control everything around us, it gets exhausting, and we easily become triggered by many things that are not “going our way.”

This is us giving our power away.

As we step back and release control, we create room for more clarity and understanding.

This approach helps us tap into more compassion and love for ourselves and others, which helps us to be more relaxed and at ease with change.

Staying Centered

September holds abundant potential for helping us feel more centered.

When we center ourselves, we become more fully present, and can then operate from our most powerful self.

Becoming present allows us to see the bigger picture of what’s really happening, beyond all the seeming division and fear going on in the world.

Here are some simple things we can do to help center ourselves:

  • Stand on the Earth (soil, grass, or sand) with bare feet
  • Express gratitude daily
  • Spend more time in Nature, and go on peaceful walks
  • Meditate, and send love to your mind, body, and Spirit, without needing to judge any of them
  • Connect with your five senses, taking quiet moments to notice the sounds, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, and scents all around you
  • Focus on mindful breathing

To the mind, and to those who identify more with being free spirits, the idea of being centered, also known as being grounded, may seem limiting. This usually stems from the misconception that the word “grounded” implies being fixed or inflexible.

In fact, the complete opposite is true.

When we choose to be centered and grounded, we align ourselves with the natural rhythm of life, which is another way of saying we are open and present to life.

Again, it’s in the present moment where we operate from our most powerful state

Consciousness Expansion

You may have noticed recently how much your consciousness is expanding.

The next few months will expand our consciousness more rapidly than ever!

When our consciousness expands that quickly, it is often preceded by one or more breakthroughs.

For many, breakthroughs are often preceded by some type of breakdown.

A breakdown is just movement in one’s life towards a breakthrough.

Some are moving through this change easily, releasing what they need to release, while others are allowing their attachments to the past to make things a bit more challenging for them.

Whichever way we are experiencing it, it’s all perfect and in Divine Order. There’s no right or wrong way.

Breakdowns are not limited to showing up as dramatic experiences that entail a great deal of struggle, pain, and suffering. They can show up that way, but they don’t have to.

If we are dedicating daily time to meditating, being kind and compassionate, and are consistent with our personal inner development, a breakdown can actually be a time of immense release, healing, and personal transformation.

A breakdown occurs when the mind feels it has reached a tipping point, and is no longer in control of everything—the uncomfortable realization that the old thoughts and methods are no longer serving us.

The breakdown comes from the awareness that change is inevitable, and that the mind will have to embrace these changes.

The mind isn’t usually the biggest fan of the internal shifts that come with change, because it has been conditioned to believe that change means that something it needs is being taken away.

However, we have the power to teach and reorient the mind to know that that is simply not true.

Our Spirit knows that change is who we are at our core. The mind simply forgot this wisdom at one point in human history.

Change is just another way of saying, Things are moving! The mind loves movement, so remind it that’s all it is.

Our Spirit is always moving, expanding, growing, and evolving. This is who we are.

The protection aspect of the mind has simply forgotten that, and that’s OK. Our job is to remind it of how much more it will gain, and how much more empowered it will be, as a result of embracing change.

We do this by being compassionate and loving with the mind, and letting it know that all will be well.

If we allow ourselves to receive the supportive energies this month has to offer, we will receive the exact clarity, insights, and opportunities needed for us to experience the breakthroughs that can facilitate this next quantum leap in our consciousness.

Creating Balance

As we move through this month, balance is key.

Creating inner balance can sometimes seem like a foreign concept to the mind, because it is so used to always being in survival. Survival coping methods are acquired through cultural and ancestral conditioning, social and economic structures, and other systems that promote a hierarchy.

These mental conditions affect both the conscious and subconscious mind. Many tend to keep us in a state of inner imbalance, which we have come to accept as normal.

We may not even be aware that these conditions are simply a learned behavior.

For example, since the beginning of our experience on this planet, we humans have collectively internalized beliefs rooted in the idea that in order for us to expand, evolve, and experience our desires, our life must be challenging and hard.

This belief is actually a coping mechanism the mind uses to remain rooted in patterns of survival, which it uses to protect itself.

The belief that we have to struggle or work hard for what we want has also served as a kind of initiation for the mind, helping it feel more accomplished and satisfied after overcoming outer obstacles.

But these beliefs have nothing to do with who we truly are.

They are just coping patterns the mind has identified with through conditioning, so it could learn lessons, grow, and evolve.

We can be grateful to our ancestors, and all aspects of ourselves from past and present, for choosing to believe that things had to be limited or hard in order for us to grow and learn from them.

Because all of that brought us to where we are now—to a much more enlightened awareness about ourselves, others, and the world around us.

The energetic baton can now be passed from our unconscious self to our Awakened Self. We can now begin to see that moving through life and its challenges can be easy, joyful, and even fun!

As we move into higher states of consciousness, our Spirit gives us the opportunity to let go of the need to believe life has to be hard in order for us to grow.

From there, we can begin to experience greater balance in our lives.

The next few months are primed for abundant growth and change!

I’m so grateful we are on this journey together.

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,

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