Venu from Venus: Love Is All

Note from the channeler: this woman’s energy felt like the most pure and unfiltered and strong love energy of all beings I have channeled so far. I got the impression that she did not have a physical body, but could manifest one whenever she wanted to.

My dearest Earthling brothers and sisters,

I love you so very much. I am grateful that I can speak to you. I am from Venus. You can call me Venu.

You are doing fantastically well there on Earth. We have all been watching you and sending you our love and appreciation. Most eyes of this galaxy are focused on Earth and most hearts are beaming out love towards Earth.

Nearly all beings who are strong enough to love, have at one time or another sent loving energies to Earth.

For some of us, sending love to Earth is effectively our day job and the primary thing we currently spend our attention on. Yet it is also our highest joy and calling at this current moment.

Some of us have actually obtained significant soul growth by observing Earthlings. Thank you so very much for that. We love you deeply.

I know that life is hard there on Earth. You have my deepest empathy. But well, you are transforming the energies of thousands of years of darkness and slavery and lies and rape and torture. That Earthlings are able to do this at all is impressive. We love and respect you very much. We are helping you as much as we are able.

You are being supported by many unseen loving hands. You are being listened to by many unseen ears. You are being appreciated by many unseen hearts.

Unseen lips are whispering into your ear: “You have nothing to fear.”

Energy is flowing out of old impure structures. In the background, life is being breathed into new and more pure structures. Such a beautiful world is being created for you and by you, that you would scarcely believe it if you saw a vision of it. And you are doing a tremendous job at grounding the loving energies that are needed to make your world compatible with these new structures.

We very much appreciate that this time you are not going for a quick surface-level fix, but you are actually transmuting literally all the corrupt and stuck energies that are still on Earth. This is a tremendous task, a tougher one than any Light worker before you has faced. Yet this is what is needed to attain the purity that will make Earthlings compatible with a new love-based world. And you are doing it.

Thank you so much for having decided to do the job properly and thoroughly this time. There was much celebration throughout all the galaxy years ago, when light workers subconsciously put Earth onto a path of cleansing and purity and love.

Because after all, literally everything is either love, or lack of love. That chair you’re sitting on? It’s solidified love. That apple you’ll be having as a snack? It’s solidified love. Your thoughts? Generally more love, unless they’re for example hateful and then they’re defined by their lack of love.

So yes, as one of your songs says: love really is in the air. Love really is all around you.

There isn’t actually such a thing as evil. There’s only a lack of love. There’s no such thing as bad ideologies. There’s only ideologies that lack love. And how do you solve the problem of ideologies existing that lack love? Exactly, you give those people love. You don’t solve a problem of lack of love, by treating those people in a non-loving way.

There’s only love, and then there’s lack of love. That’s it. That’s all there is.

This is also the reason why dark beings can’t create anything themselves. After all, dark beings are defined by their lack of love, and creation is just solidifying love into a solid form. Beings who lack and refuse love, can’t solidify love into a solid form. That is why dark beings are not creative and don’t create. They only destroy and corrupt.

And they do so by first trying to make people so afraid that they forget to love. Because so long as people are loving, the dark forces have no power. Dark forces have zero influence over my society, for example, simply because we love. That’s it.

And the more loving you are, the more love you have access to and the more you can positively influence the world and the people around you.

Thank you so much for your light work. You are respected, you are appreciated, you are deeply loved and Source will not ever forget your contributions and your courage.

With love,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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