Ashian and Alesha: How to Navigate Disclosure

Note: Well, here’s something of a ground-breaker! Those of you who know Ashian’s energy will recognize there is a different tone to this channel.

It’s because it’s not just Ashian, he’s joined by Alesha. Alesha has come through in private sessions before, but not publicly like this: she is “Ashian’s female counterpart”. Now, what that means is open to much interpretation, but that was the exact phrase I was given. I think it’s interesting she steps forward now as more people are feeling into and moving into the Lovers’ architype. I shall leave it there!

Jennifer: Greetings!

Ashian & Alesha: And your blessings to you all. What does it mean to ‘stand out’? In the 3D, this is a phrase packed solid with ego, fear, power… In the 5D, you are all asked to stand out. What does that mean?

It means the energies of this time are forcing you – in the gentlest, yet firmest ways possible – to own your truth. You do not need to shout it, but you should not hide it either. You are being asked to stand in your Self. Yes, that may seem scary to many of you, but those of you who feel anxious as you read this are exactly those whom we are addressing.

You. Yes, you. You have a heart full of love, and you have a mind full of competing understandings… You. The time for being silent is over. You are about to be called into front line action. People will know you by your vibration. They will begin to ask you questions. It’s not by accident.

You are here to share your journey, your understanding: you don’t have to be right or to know everything. You are simply asked to stand in your story, your understanding of ‘how it is’. That is an evolving truth for all humanity and anyone who says they know everything … well… beware!

You are being asked to own your truth and also to sift through your truth, as Truth is revealed and the many falsehoods that have been fed to the population and the light worker community are revealed.

Follow your intuition, it is your greatest inner tool. Sometimes it will be ‘right’ and sometimes it will be ‘wrong’, but it will always bring you to where you are meant to be, to the lessons you’re meant to learn. Allow yourself to share your journey with others in humility, in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Be aware of those who are filled with anger, resentment and bitterness; whether they are labelled 3D or 5D they have inner work to do before they are clear, undistorted.

Look out for those who shine the light of compassion, kindness, balance, and justice that is not blinded by anger or righteousness.

There is no right or wrong here, believe it or not, there are simply experiences, expansions of understanding into balance.

J: Thanks Ashian, that’s a bit of a ‘how to navigate the disclosure’ guide.

A&A: You have a title! Big changes are very soon to be upon Gaia and many false tongues will wag. We offer these tips to assist you in discerning your truth, bearing in mind that truth evolves as consciousness evolves.

J: Is there anything else to share? My mind is a bald, hah! I meant to say blank!

A&A: You are brilliant, beautiful and brave. Anywhere in your lives that you feel that is not true is a reflection of a distortion: allow yourself to tenderly love that part of you. The way you are portrayed is not the reality of who you are: you are ageless, wise healers of inner and outer beauty. You are beginning to melt into that knowingness, that truth, and it is part of what is setting you free at a vibrational level.

J: Thank you. Now, you seem eminently qualified to comment on recent sightings of craft. Would you care to comment!

A&A: You could say we have some experience here! And some of you have seen us, you know you have. You have never been alone, you were told you were alone, which was different. You were told you were worthless, that was not the truth either. There are literally billions of beings of light who love you and your planet. Many millions of them are here, close by you, emerging for those of you who have the eyes to see and the wisdom to ask to see.

We are you, different timeframes, different dimensions, but those of us who are here are mostly here to protect you and assist you in your Ascension. As more disclosure occurs, many who fear us will grow used to the idea that you are ‘not alone’. As those of you who have directly experienced us share your experiences, many will learn that Galactics are not ‘out there’, we are loving beings who interact with people of every walk of life and have done so since time began.

J: You’ve always been here?

A&A: Yes. No one has children and leaves them to fend for themselves in the wilderness, however beautiful that wilderness is.

J: We are your children?

A&A: It’s more complex than that: you are of us and we are of you.

J: I’m going to leave that there!

A&A: The agreements and protocols that created veils between us and you are now almost all finished. We are now able to decloak and begin what you might consider an introductory familiarization course, that makes it clear we are here to help, to support, to love you. We are not here to rescue you, but to mentor you as you come of age and make your own decisions about how you chose to create society as free beings of love and light.

J: So expect to see more sightings?

A&A: Yes. And ask, intend, vision seeing us. We reach out to you, and when you reach back, you strengthen that relationship.

J: How do you know who’s reaching back?

A&A: We sense you. We ‘feel’ you when you reach out or think of Galactics, those who are connected with you feel that intention and the vibration from which it comes. If you are fearful, we respect that implicit boundary. If you are loving, if you have been doing your inner work and reached the necessary vibration, we will connect with you, in ways that are appropriate for you personally.

J: I can’t help wondering when I will get to see you, finally!

A&A: We decline to answer questions involving time!

J: Very smart move. Shall we leave it as ‘soon’!?

A&A: For indeed, that is when it is: soon!

J: With love and gratitude.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert