An Aspect of Merlin: Playful Magic

Ah, how delightful that I am given an opportunity to speak with you. It is my honor and pleasure. I am an aspect of Merlin and I AM an aspect of Merlin.

There is a story about a novice buddhist monk who asked a great teacher: “master, now that you have reached enlightenment, what else is there left for you to do in this life?” The master replied, “play.”

Indeed, play. This may sound detached or disinterested, but actually it is a powerful and profound way of being. And it is entirely possible to serve humanity in a playful and magical and powerful way, if you so choose.

Today I would like to share one way of doing magic with you. It is: simply be playful and be delighted.

For example, you can think: “oh, how delightful it would be to see a butterfly do a little dance.” And then visualize that and feel your excitement and delight at seeing that.

Then go about your day, unattached as to when and where it will happen. If you visualize this strongly enough and feel strong enough excitement, there’s a good chance this will manifest.

It is wise to start small, such as with the butterfly. Or you can for example visualize yourself finding a beautiful feather and being delighted and excited about that. It is good to start with something where there is no part of you that resists the manifestation.

If you try to manifest finding an amazing partner but a part of you feels unlovable, then that may block the magic. In this case it might be good to heal your wounds first.

It is also good at first to not attach a specific time to the visualization, because there’s less chance that you’ll become anxious about whether or not this will manifest that way. Becoming anxious about “will this actually work” will ruin your playful energy.

Once you are comfortable with this, you can try larger things, such as for example visualizing how delightful it would be to have a nice gentle rain pouring down.

That said, there are some details that can stop manifestations of your energy. Tunia’s message about manifesting covers these.

Finally, please do not attempt to change the entire world with your magic, unless you first state: “may all magic that I use only work if it is in accordance with the highest divine blueprint. If it works, may it work in accordance with the highest divine blueprint and in divine timing.” Stating this once in your life is enough.

This way, you work with Source and not against Source. That is a good idea, because if you try to change the entire world in a direction that Source doesn’t want, then the world is going to push back. But if you say this, then you may be able to be the agent through which Source affects change in your world.

I hope this message made you delighted and excited to try this out. Magic can really be a lot of fun.

Truly yours,
An Aspect of Merlin

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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