Arcturus: Departure to Freedom

Today, here and now

Departure into freedom – with this the whole time event is described, with this everything is said and the whole message could be given.

The departure of mankind into freedom – a freedom as it was transferred to you by the Creator – takes place today, here and now. Everything that shows up now and has to happen serves this claim and obeys this dynamic.

At the behest of God, all of creation is now at your service, for you shall and you will leave the valley of tears and conquer the light plane of “being human.”

Indeed, this is conquered by you, it does not fall into your lap by itself! This must be accomplished by yourselves and wanted from the whole soul – then everything takes the foreseen and predetermined course.

The freedom is not served to you, but it is attained by the conscious introspection first in yourself.

At the beginning of all freedoms is the “self-liberation” of man, the “self-liberation” from the “self-deceptions” which many of you still believe and thereby give them power.

There is only one difficulty to overcome now in the truly “hot phase” of the change: your self-doubt and your ignorance about who you really are.

If you knew who you really are, the world would be a different place before tomorrow morning!

So now this knowledge is being brought to you bit by bit and instilled drop by drop – you are awakening into your true presence.

Who are you?

On different levels the “reclaiming” of your divine being, your being and your whole glory – as a fully conscious entity of the galaxy – is taking place today. You are starborn, like us, you are light bearers and light bringers, like us, and you will accomplish planetary ascension as we once did. This will be accomplished by your entering into true life and remembering who you really are.

The whole galaxy knows it, there is no doubt about it and yet you worry and doubt.

The illusion of this matrix still has a firm grip on you. However, beloved brothers and sisters, those days are numbered, for the great awakening has begun.

The train of freedom is picking up speed and can no longer be stopped.

My message today is: Gather your strength for an in-depth introspection and only then turn your attention outward!

Do not let the life, your thoughts, emotions and ways of acting dictate you from the outside, but determine yourself where you turn your whole attention.

To achieve this, you need a living connection to yourself and this comes about when you remove everything that blocks this. This is true consciousness work and only on this ground does true peace arise.

So today I invite you to turn to us, the ARKTURIANS, if you need support and want to be supplied with lightful energy. We are closer to you than you think and we await your orders. We do not need sleep, we are here to assist you and to serve all humanity.

Today, it is only a matter of you recognizing who you really are, because that will pave the way to freedom for you and for humanity.

In the omnipotence of the Creator and with the love of God.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by