Sai Baba: Quintessence of Life

This is how powerful God is…

“God can do infinitely more for us than we can ever ask or even conceive of Him. So mighty is the power with which he works in us.” (Bible, Eph. 3:20-21)

This is the essence of life: to perceive the power of God and to let HIS power work through you!

If you become aware of this, you have everything and everything is fulfilled. Only who prefers his ego by giving in to its needs and willingly follows the wishes of his ego, shapes his destiny himself!

Every person who surrenders to God unconditionally is under HIS protection, is safe in HIS grace and finds everything he needs for life in HIS nearness. God is the way, is beginning and end and is nevertheless neither beginning nor end – GOD IS.

Beloved man,

the earth changes its face and also the human society changes radically. In the middle of this happening, where the old is given up or must be given up, many people lose the orientation and the hold in their life.

Never before in human history have you been so challenged and had to adapt to new circumstances so quickly. The pace of change has reached a speed that overwhelms some people.

Here today, I am guiding you to strengthen your inner focus on God until you have arrived fully in God.

Leave the outside unattended until you are inwardly connected to God.

Your main task is…

This is the main task for all people who are worried about their future and who see the future of their loved ones threatened. First, it is to stand firm within yourself and set anchors deep in your heart. You accomplish this by making your whole day one prayer.

Inviting God into your life and engaging with HIM means listening to HIS voice within you and obeying it.

Asking God in difficult situations, listening to God and letting God rule, that is the way.

God intervenes directly in your life when you turn directly to God! God is your mirror, is the light in which you can recognize yourself. Many people rack their brains and worry about future developments. Often this leads to a negative perception, a low basic vibration and hopelessness manifests itself – an abyss opens up.

Those who take the viewpoint of the human ego for too long often feel sadness and soon they see no way out. The ego quickly feels threatened, while your self is sovereign and always on top of things.

Constantly worrying about the future leads to headaches, otherwise to nothing.

God, the only authority

God will do the miracles you need, God acts or will act through you. Once you acknowledge God as the only true authority in your life, everything changes. God’s love is immeasurable and God’s love for you is immeasurable.

Get involved with God and you will see the power and strength with which God works in your life and the protection your life on earth enjoys.

God is the way! He who lets himself be guided by the Spirit of God lacks nothing.

Beloved man,

what are you afraid of that you are shrinking from God? You are spirit, you are infinite creative energy and you let your ego advise you and navigate you through this time? No wonder fears are your constant companions and your thoughts always revolve around the same thing.

Your life is only so long a single repetition until you have found your true master – and the true master of all people is GOD!

The coming of the redeemer you will not perceive in the outside – because the redeemer is born in you – and his rule begins in the moment of your awakening.

God rests in your heart. Awaken HIM, so that also you can awaken.

I am in the midst of you. I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by