Allowing the Past to be Washed Away

We continue to keep activating and anchoring the New Earth/ Edenic/ Golden Timeline/ Realities, all whilst we’re releasing all that connected us to the fallen, mind controlled, Artificial Timelines/ Realities and Matrices from within our bodies, DNA, Consciousness and morphogenetic field.

For the past 20 hrs, starting at 5 am UK time on 6th September, we are in a Schumann Resonance blackout after Mondays (5th) interesting new dark blue background that came with a blue white line in the middle, that lasted for 9 hours. To me this reflects the MASSIVE QUANTUM SHIFT that took and continues to place in regard to the old NDC, artificial Matrix and mind control Grids and matrices now being fully dissolved, and are no longer operational, which is allowing Full Disclosure and the Great Awakening to go mainstream now! This new blackout is further anchoring in this quantum collapse and assisting additional quantum reality adjustments to be made, that are purging the Artificial Matrix simulation of the information/ data, matter, thought forms and beliefs, that it was based upon, which many of us can feel in our bodies. C-class Solar Flares continue along with solar winds and KP4 geomagnetic instabilities.

I myself am just feeling soooo very tired. Tired of the endless Grid and Gatework. The endless shit shifting/ removal and interference of negative entities and energies. Tired of others projecting their crap onto me. Tired of holding space and waiting. Tired of the old Realities. Tired of keeping on pushing through and through and through. The aeon’s of waiting and holding the vision. All whilst knowing that’s all just part of the full and final dissolution of the old and letting go of all that was at a deep cellular level, the memories, and attachments we carry, even if they’re painful, they still used to be a part of us. Especially those wounds, grief, sorrows, and pain we have carried around with us for so long.

And I just allow myself to feel all that. Fully.

Nothing to change. Just to observe and allow it all to release, all the memories and any remaining victim-victimizer energies and separation still held inside.

  • I release the memories of the past and all that was and no longer serves me, or is relevant to me, to be released from my every cell and atom, of every molecule, photon, particle, and wave, across all time and space. I allow the fallen Timelines to be washed off my DNA and of the cellular memory, Crystalline Network, Core and Caverns of Mama Earth across all dimensional layers and realms, seen and unseen, all Universes, all of Creation to be washed off these memories of the past so that we may awaken from the dream…
  • I allow the Diamond White light and Rainbow Plasma waves to wash the past off me. The remaining grief and sorrow, the heaviness, sadness, loss, fear, worries and doubts.
  • I allow myself to fully dissolve into the cauldron of the Cosmic Mother’s womb, for her to wash me of the past and all that was. For her to take my tears and sorrows, and pain of the past, and turn them into pearls of wisdom that will continue to carry me forward and heal many others. I allow for any remaining sorrow to break my heart ever more open, for me to drop ever deeper into the womb of her love to be reborn again.
  • I allow myself to dissolve into the Cosmic Womb of the Holy Mother, allowing myself to become atOne with the no-thingness that ALL IS. Becoming atONE with her Wisdom and nectar of loving compassion, so that I may drink from her spring forever more. Filling myself up with her Wisdom, her Love, her compassion, and care. Allowing myself to become atOne with her and the Crystalline Waters that she holds and that flow through and out of her body and soul. Now becoming atONE with mine.

Washed away is any remaining heaviness, insecurities, fear, sadness, grief, and feelings of loss and separation. The old memories now dissolve into a sea of Pure Divine Love.

As I dissolve deeper and deeper into the Void of the Womb of the Cosmic Mother, for me to be reborn in her splendour and shimmering gown.

Washed away are the sins, hurts and trespasses of the past that kept us feeling heavy. Many of them forgotten long ago, along with our ancient past and future. As we release them, they arise to make sure they taught us the lessons that they were connected to. Ready to release it all fully now, as we draw a line and move on, firmly rooted in the present now.

The Maji Grail and Dragon King’s arising now, re-claiming King- and Guardianship of Earth and the Cosmos that they have seeded, remembering their sacred wisdom, power and responsibilities. No longer stopped by the chatter of their minds, but fully rooted in the Love they feel for their Feminine and the people, children and all beings and life of the Earth and beyond. Re-claiming the ownership that they hold, without enforcing control.

Getting ready to be fully Re-United with their Queens, to once again become the rightful Guardians, the Cosmic Dragon King’s and Queen’s of a ALL NEW WORLDS & a New Earth.

Their Heart’s now healing and unifying as One with their Minds, as the disconnect between the two is what had them feeling cut off from their own inner Divine Feminine, their own Holy Mother. From True Divine Love and The Divine.

With the clearing of the 9D Nephilim body, Metatronic reversals and old Artificial Grids, through the Divine Masculine’s final rising and Re-Union with his Divine Feminine, is allowing the full dissolution of all false Timelines, Matrices, Grids, mind control programs and Technologies, as well as clearing out the astral plane. This is also happening within our bodies, along with all the memories of the past being cleared, which are now being washed off us and our cellular memory and DNA. All whilst we’re simultaneously activating the New Earth Realities and our Multidimensional DNA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma and Merkabah Lightbody’s. There’s still much rest required as our bodies go through this transformation and crystallisation process, especially for the Twins that belong to the Maji Graillines and Krystic Dragon races, which hold the core DNA Blueprints and history records, and with it the Blueprints for New Earth, for the New Divine Angelic HUman and the Planetary Templar in their morphogenetic field.

Powerful Crystal High Heart healings and openings continue to prepare and get us ready for the Supernova of the Heart Event!

With all the interference patterns and reversals being cleared from the field, many are now starting to see clearly again, which is also why the Great Awakening can now happen. A big theme throughout this process especially over the past few years has been the divide within the spiritual community, which I’ve mentioned before, also in connection with the ancient Essenes Divide. Some of those we have/ that had us previously blocked or deemed of ‘false light’, our own brothers and sistars that we should have stood together with but had fallen for the conquer and divide tactics of the real opposition, will now be able to see clearly again with the Metatronic codes being flushed out, and will come back around for us to unify as the 12 Tribes as ONE again. Otherwise, the Tribal Shield, Planetary and Cosmic Logos can’t fully heal, and New Earth activate. All part of bringing the Christos Mission to its full completion as well as fully activating the new Unity Grid, as I mentioned in my last video update.

All happening first from within and then projected out onto our holographic screens, as we bring and merge ALL of our Multidimensional fractals back together again as ONE.

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**Ramona Lappin