Neioh of the Pleiades: The Shift, Cycles and Signs

Beloved Friends!

You Do Not Have To Chase Love, For You Are Love Within The Form That Is Changing!

You Do Not Need To Chase Beauty, For You Carry The Universe Within!

For All The Aspects Of Life That You Perceive Are Missing, Breathe Deeply And Close Your Eyes!

In These Moments, Chase Nothing.

Chase No One.

Just BE.

Cultivate Your Inner World And See With Inner Vision The Gifts That Your Soul Will Show You!

Take Care Of The Green Grass And The Large Yellow Flowers, And The Butterflies Will Come!

5-D Is About Expanding And Exploring The Power Of Your Being!

You Are Always On A Spiritual Path As Your Thoughts, Feelings And Emotions Will Direct Your Being While In Form In Each Waking Dream.

You Are Entering Another State Of Being Which Is Much More Of Your True Self.

From This Place Of Awareness, You Will Have The Choice To Go Further As You Energetically Are Connected To Your Sacred Origin.

Now You Have The Choice.

The Force Which Holds All Cycles Of The Earth Is Within You.

Ancient Civilizations In Multiple Dreams Have Prophesied Of These Precise Moments Of Earth.

They Were Given Information And Artifacts Of Stones, Pyramids And Art That Would Speak To You Of These Moments Of Shifting.

Many Of You Lived As These Ancient Ones That Left Their Stars To Come To Earth To Unfold The Plan Of Humanity.

Indigenous Tribes, Calendars, Hieroglyphics, Relics With Etching Of Sky Gods That Became Friends Are Left Before You Now To Ponder.

You Are Speaking To Yourself As You Take In The Messages You Once Left, Knowing The Souls To Receive The Information Would Be Ready.

You Never Could Have Comprehended That You Would Be The Souls.

Egyptians, Mayans And Hopis, Recognized These Moments Of Now As ‘No Time’ And A Realignment Would Be That Would Change The Earth Permanently.

Mayans Left As They Saw Only Darkness Coming Upon The Earth.

They Knew A Cycle Of Light Must Prevail To Save The Planet.

The Light Is Here And Prevailing But Changes Are Continual And Darkness Clashes As The Light Gathers.

In This Waking Dream, The Hopi Tribes Gathered To Share All Ancient Prophecies Held In Sacred Texts For Thousands Of Earth Years.

They Predicted That The Crescent Moon Would Appear On Earth.

And This Happened In The Form Of Crop Circles.

They Shared That These Moments Would Allow For Change And A Purification Of Humans As They Let Go Of The Outer World And Discovered Spirit.

The Magnetic Intensity Around The Earth Is Changing.

We Are Now At The Lowest Frequency Of Magnetic Power In A Very Long Time.

This Is Affecting Human Emotions And Reactions.

Earth Has A Pulse Which Is The Heartbeat Of The Planet.

This Is Measured At 8 Beats Per Second.

Now, We See The Magnetics Are Falling And The Frequency Of Light Is Rising.

Change Is Coming.

Earth Is Shifting.

At The Point Of Convergence, The Earth Will Shift And All Will Be Changed.

The Shift Of The Ages And The Dawning Of The Cycle Of Light Will Be Experienced With Great Love!

You Are Part Of This Plan, Beloved Ones! You Are Here For The Grand Shift!

Hold On To Light And Love One Another As We Move Closer To SHEEN.

In ELAKO, We Move And Live And Have Our Being!


I Love You So!

**Received by Judith