Sandino: Human Rights to the People

I am Sandino and once I lived on Earth as a human being. I did not know then that one of my spirit animals was a turtle.

But as the person I was on Earth I did not think my skin was very thick.

I just did what I thought was right. I did what felt right in my heart.

Times passes and new sunrises come and go and wave after wave washes in on the shores. And what remains?

If you walk barefeet on the sand on the beautiful beach, after a while your footprints vanishes…so what remains?

When I got older I learned that my spirit animal wanted to teach me something. In fact the spirit animals, and the spirit guides that we all have, actually try to learn things to us.

They are our guides! We are not the highest intelligence as humans, oh no not at all.

The animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom have

unbelieveble much wisdoms to teach us, constantly.

But how many can hear them? Did you even know?

Very few people on Earth can hear them! But we ALL should be able to listen, to their magnificent teachings, to us all.

So what should you fight for? And what remains for the next generation to inherite?

My turtle said to me: If you move slowly you still move fast enough to be able to listen to Mother Earth for she has something to tell you.

And my turtle continued: I have a hard shell for protection because I can not run away from my enemies. They only find a wall. And I can wait inside my wall til they are so tired of waiting for me, so they go away eventually.

And what remains?

What remains is what you teach your children from young age.

Teach them about Earth, your Mother, tell them about their own spirit animal. Everyone are born with a spirit animal, a spirit plant and a spirit mineral.

This is how you give your child an anchor to Earth and knowledge about the true meaning of being a human being.

It means that you give your child faith in being human.

The very important connection to Earth as the original peoples still have MUST be preserved. The original peoples are our teachers and we should listen to every word they say, and pay attention to every expression they make.

The only way to break the poisoned bond that today holds the world in its hand is: no more money.

You should trade items with each other instead. A piece of bread for a table cloth. A sweater for a pair of shoes. Trade things with each other, trade services with each other, without the money. Say no to the corrupt system by not using it.

You have to fight for your right to be able to teach your children to listen to Mother Earth and to know her.

You have to make sure that the most important remains is that your beloved children understands that they are so loved, by you and also by our mutual Mother, our planet.

All the priceless gifts that a child receives as a newborn from the spirit guides is a friend for a lifetime, a mentor, and a teacher.

By giving your child this important original knowledge, you give your child roots, that goes into Earth!

And together with the joy of the spirit guides they will thrive and grow and when they have reached a mature age they will maybe remember your footprints in the sand a long time ago, but what matters the most is that they will carry your loving memory in their hearts.


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson