Ascension Report 144: End of Black Hat Guard

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.

We are in what is termed showtime from a galactic and planetary perspective, and the events that have unfolded, or we should say, been disclosed in the last few days, are indicative of a phenomenal timeline shift. As many of you are aware, I brought through a spontaneous channelling by the ex-monarch, and I will share some of the messages in this writing.

Suffice it to say, when she came through, the message was loud and clear that the announcement of her passing marks the end of the rule of the old dark hat guard. For aeons now, extraordinarily dark and nefarious forces have been ruling over planet Earth from a very high level, and we have been in the depths of an intense spiritual battle in the last few years, with many of the dark player being exposed and essentially taken out.

However due to the sensitive nature of this timeline and the impact that disclosure would have on asleep humanity, there has been a particular agenda to drip-feed disclosure. But the message is that this event is a marker and marks a fundamental shift in the timeline.

The message that she brought through was that she was complicit in crimes against humanity and is now experiencing karmic payback. She takes full responsibility for the karma that she is now experiencing.

She explained that she never had any choice but to follow through with the orders of her overlords as to have gone against them would have put her and her entire family at unprecedented risk. This in no way excuses her actions; this is just an insight into the higher echelons of the pyramidic structure. She explained that this would be a marker for the end of fiat currency, and it would serve everyone well to now invest in gold and silver.

The main message she brought through was that the monarchy in its old form was designed to hold up the ascension timeline due to the perpetuation of a fundamental distraction away from everyone’s individualized sovereignty.

Now that this passing has been announced, planet Earth is at a new vibrational set point, and many, many people now will be awakening to their sovereignty. Please note that this will be the entire purpose of the equinox transmission. We will profoundly close the old black hat guard timeline on all dimensional planes and establish, affirm, and empower the ascension timeline.

This is very, very important work, brothers and sisters, that we, the ground crew, have been ordained to fulfil. In the transmission, we are also going to be activating a sovereignty ceremony for the whole of humanity. We will be clearing the dark patterning of false, fake monarchy and replacing it with the true monarchy, which is you and me and all our children and grandchildren of each generation to come. We are all sovereign beings, and we all hold the royalty codes. The royalty codes are stored within our 144 multidimensional DNA, and our royal codes are turned on when we awaken out of the third-dimensional dualistic matrix into the zero point field, abiding eternal union with God and all that is.

There is much more to share with you with regards to the equinox ceremony, which will take place on the 23rd of September at 8:08 PM UK time. This is a very, very important ceremony and it is imperative that the ground crew show up on our grid points for this potent work.

We are now in very exceptional and sensitive energies. So much of the work that we fulfill will determine the timeline of the actualisation of the complete liberation of humanity.

I have no words that can adequately express how important and significant this work is for our individual and collective ascension.

I trust that the ground crew will show up on their grid points on the 23rd of September to fulfil this profoundly epic work for the equinox portal. In love and eternal light.

Jenji and the white Wolf tribe.

**Channel: Jen McCarty