Wisdom of the Council: Unleash the Magic

If you’re going to perceive beyond, it is about going beyond the limitations you have imposed on your human experience – all while staying grounded, centered, present, in your power.

We want you to go higher, deeper, expand, go farther, go further, go beyond, summon the energy, unleash the magic, experience yourself as all that you are in the consciousness having it all in every moment, in the perfection. And the easiest way, the easiest way is to be totally satiated in this moment, needing nothing, wanting nothing, not even wanting this moment to end because the fullness and the wholeness and the expansion and the abundance and the love and the wellbeing that you are feeling in this moment you can’t even imagine, can’t even imagine it expanding into even more, feeling pure, total, bliss in this moment, so blissful. There’s nothing that could keep you from this moment because there is nothing worth your Heaven on Earth. 

And that is what this moment has to offer you. And that is how you summon the energy of all that is into this moment, and you unleash the magic of the universe, and you play, and you create, and you have fun, and you laugh, and you follow inspiration and you let the next perfect step come to you, and you let the energy and the light guide the way. You allow the divine orchestration. You allow the divine perfect time. You allow the out-of-the-blue. You celebrate one magical moment to the next, to the next, to the next, until you cannot even remember your life being anything other than magical and extraordinary. And you understand that reality moves through you.

You are the force field of consciousness that has it all. You are the force field of consciousness of having it all. And reality moves through you. Energy is summoned, is drawn into the force field of consciousness of having it all, just expanding and expanding and expanding. And you marvel in the magic of this universe experiencing manifestation and creation beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

That’s what all these upgrades were about. That’s what all of these shifts in energies have all been about: You moving yourself into the consciousness of having it all, of knowing everything you ever wished to be you already are. That is the knowing of your worthiness. And then you truly begin to receive all that is here for you and has been here for you in every moment without any guilt, without needing to entangle in others’ experiences of reality.

Can you live in Heaven on Earth? Can you begin to perceive beyond? Can you come into awareness, an awareness beyond your limited beliefs, and know that you are worthy of that experience of reality no matter what any other being is choosing to create as their reality? Because they, too, have the same free will to choose what they focus upon. When you focus upon the bad and the wrong and what’s not working and the suffering, you literally focus, and those experiences begin to move through your reality.

And we understand, we understand your human’s feeling. Emotions, feelings, they’re all part of this human experience. But remember the thoughts you are thinking are what are affecting your emotions. Your emotions affect the way that you feel. The way that you feel is what determines your vibration and the level of consciousness you’re in, which is what is determining the energy that is flowing to you, and that level of consciousness is what is determining how much, if any, energy is moving into any sort of form. 

Now, you can reverse the whole thing, and that will explain it to you. You can reverse engineer that whole thing, and it will explain to you every question you have about why quote unquote bad things happen. Because on some level there is focus into a consciousness where energy moves into form, although very unwanted. That doesn’t have to ever be your reality again. You are the consciousness of having it all, which means you will always summon the energy for anything you need in the moment, which means you are free, you are abundant, you are wellbeing, you are safe, you are the expression of all that you are, you are a powerful creator, and there is only love.

Excerpted from Unleash the Magic of the Universe,Excerpted from Unleash the Magic of the Universe,channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on September 7, 2022

**Channel: Sara Landon