The Never Ending Story

The expansion of consciousness is the never ending story because the Universe keeps expanding and experiencing itself into matter and form to gather information before returning to non-matter. This might be confusing to understand but this is what the game is all about.

Humanity is rising in frequency meaning we are becoming a less dense being, we’re evolving out of the matter world. The process of the ascending human is just this.

All the chaos that we are seeing on the planet right now is all part of the process. A system needs to go into chaos to be able to rebuild itself. You cannot go back and fix the outdated systems that will not work. With these higher frequencies and the rising of the consciousness of humanity there is no other option but to move forward because nothing in those outdated systems will have any influence whatsoever in this new reality.

A rigid system cannot sustain itself forever. Your body has been going through these ascension symptoms on a micro level so is the collective on a macro level. Remember how tough it was/is to go through this awakening process with your own body which is an organism and all of your cells are part of that organism. All of your cellular memory has to be reprogrammed and restructured to be able to access these higher realities. So, there should be no surprise to what’s happening in our current reality on the world stage. It’s really the same process just on a macro scale.

The chaos going on around the world today had to happen, it had to be this way. Did you really think the monumental leap in evolution that we’re heading into now would be any less harsh? Did you really think that we would just walk through a portal and be in paradise right away? Basically, you’re becoming a healed cell on a much larger organism that’s going through the same process. The chaos is necessary to destroy the old energetic patterns. Then only can a higher state of being take place. We are changing it all from within and this will have a ripple effect throughout the world. Lightworkers are strategically placed all over the world to initiate this ripple effect. Really, we’re being led to the Light and ultimately the system will heal itself.

Humanity is in the process of getting rid of the last bit of 3D programming, we are being healed. The dark horrors and incredible amount of fear is surfacing and that is no coincidence. The Presidency of Donald Trump was a major trigger to the collective awakening unlike anything we’ve experienced before. He was a major catalyst for this process to take place. We are in for some very interesting times and we will find out revelations of the old system that will be hard for many to grasp. These Revelations will be very dark and ugly but nevertheless necessary.

These revelations will awaken the masses to the lie and enslavement we’ve all been living. We will find out just how we’ve been kept from our natural birth rights, abundance, freedom and information about who we truly are. Everything you are going through, your expansion of awareness is to prepare you for this time. You will no longer be considered the crazy one, you will be needed and appreciated by many. Remember, Light energy is so much more powerful than Dark energy. Darkness has no chance against the Light it is simply absorbed.

**By Teri Wade