The Call to Duty

As Lightworkers and so many of us, who are the Indigo’s and Crystal Children, who were the forerunners, the road pavers, are now asked to continue putting our heads down to see this work into completion, as the ascension process has now reached its half-way mark, leading up to 2032.

Yes, we do get weary and weak. We all do need our alone time, our rest time, and our time to go deep within, to ask for crystal clear guidance, to seek answers within, and to live our highest truth. It is part of the Calling, the Purpose, why we incarnated as volunteers to pave the way for the Rainbow Children, born since 1994, and the Sun and Diamond and Platinum Sun Children who incarnated since 2012.

We are now asked to take on the role of Elders, the ones who are leading the Rainbow Tribes and to step up in our leadership roles. More than this, to bring our innate wisdom, insights and knowing we have gained, not only during this incarnation, but others, and rise to occasion now.

This year has been challenging in so many ways, as the old disintegrates and the new is forming in all aspects of life, and with it, the immensely powerful energy upgrades, which are relentlessly continuing. Yet, we are carried on the wings of the Power of Love, which is all abiding, never ending, and indeed omnipresent.

I am finding that a lot of my old ways, my old life, is simply no more. Even the last few years, and whatever I manifested, is now in a great flux as the new is setting in.

As I am writing it, the message is loud and clear: This is a totally new beginning, not only for myself, but all the rest of you and the whole of humankind, whether they choose to stay in the Old Earth, or ascend into the New.

What was is no more.

So often, as the old structures disintegrate it will seem as if chaos reigns. Yet, in the midst of chaos is a hidden order, new structures forming to replace the new. This will manifest itself in all forms of life and expressions thereof.

Those who still sow the seeds of duality, will find that they cannot hold onto the divisions any longer, for all is now striving towards unity, and oneness, even within the self. The Ego is challenged now to finally let go, and allowing the Higher Soul Self and the ONE to take over, and thus to live and see life from a Universal perspective and let go of all smallness, or all which divides, of all which still judges and separates, within and without!

It is a total transfiguration and transformation.

Thus, let us now heed this call to step up in highest loving service and to take on the Role of Elders of Excellence, those who were born from 1950’s as the Indigo Children and those born from 1974 until 1994, who are the Crystal Children.

We are the ones the World was waiting for, after the destruction and chaos of the Two World Wars. We vowed to bring the unity and transcendence and the higher ways back to humanity and to lead the ascension process.

Heed the Call!

The ME now needs to make way totally for the WE!

As we lead as Elders of Excellence, we can continue to pave the way, as we vowed before we incarnated.

The moment is now!

Most importantly, with unconditional Love, with Loving Grace.

We are the Visionaries, the Wayshowers, the Wisdom Keepers, who now are asked to step fully into the ultimate Roles we agreed to step into, as Elders of Excellence!

**By Judith Kusel


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