Hakann: The Problem With “This Resonates”

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

A lot of people use the following as a rule of thumb: if something feels good or resonates with them, then that should be listened to. If something does not feel good or does not resonate with them, then it should not be listened to.

In some situations, this rule of thumb gives good results. For example, if you read a hateful message, then typically that will not make you feel good. And indeed, hateful messages typically should not be listened to.

However, in a lot of other situations, this rule of thumb can mislead people.

For example, suppose that Anna has trauma about sex. She then reads a sex-positive message. This triggers her trauma, and so she feels bad and this sex-positive message does not resonate with her. However, this message might be exactly what she needs.

Or suppose that John feels like he is not good enough. Then he reads a message that states that he is good enough. This might give him cognitive dissonance, because now he has two opposite messages in his head: he both is good enough and is also not good enough. This makes him feel bad, so he concludes that this you-are-good-enough message must be wrong. But perhaps he really is good enough and it would be better if he discarded his old programming that he was not good enough.

Or picture Triss who does not give enough freedom to her teenage children. She reads a message that parents should give freedom to their teenage children. This makes her feel like a bad mother, so she resolves that by concluding that this new message must be wrong.

Or imagine Hans has a not very accurate and not very useful worldview. If Hans finds an article that agrees with his worldview, then he immediately judges that article as being correct, because it resonates and makes him feel good. If he finds an article that contradicts his worldview, then he automatically judges that article as being false, because it makes him feel bad and doesn’t resonate. But of course Hans isn’t using some kind of higher guidance here. Hans is just discarding anything that does not fit in with his worldview.

As a side note: people feel unsafe when their world view is threatened. If you find it hard to have compassion with someone who clings to a false worldview, maybe you can have compassion with someone who is afraid.

To continue with the examples: remember when you tried to tell truthful and helpful information to someone, but the information challenged their worldview, and they just refused to listen because the information felt wrong to them. Let’s assume that in this situation you were right. Notice that from the outside, it looks very unwise that people discard information just because it makes them feel bad.

On the other hand, a false message that flatters someone’s ego might make that person feel good, but that message should not necessarily be listened to.

Et cetera, et cetera. I could give another hundred examples similar to these.

The common problem here is that the Earthling in question has trauma or limiting beliefs or cultural hangups or an unintegrated ego. Then this leads to the Earthling feeling bad when they hear truthful and helpful messages. And then they discard these truthful and helpful messages, because if something makes you feel bad then it’s false, right?

Perhaps a perfectly accomplished being could use this rule of thumb. And it would be accurate for them. But the vast majority of Earthlings are not there yet.

So, I suggest expanding the previously mentioned rule.

If something makes you feel bad, I suggest first checking in with yourself: is my ego or some trauma or some limiting belief or some cultural hangup getting triggered?

If yes, Tunia’s message: “How to Heal” may be helpful to you.

If you are unsure, my message “How do I know what’s true?” may be helpful. Note that if you find yourself projecting negative things onto the source of the message, even if you have no idea if these negative things are accurate, then this is a good sign that some of your old pain or limiting beliefs or ego may have come up.

Suppose that none of these are true and you can say from sort of a detached place, “no, I’m not triggered, I just don’t like the way this message makes me feel.” In this case, yes, that is a pretty good sign to disregard that message.

However, just because a message might not be useful for you personally at this time, does not mean that this message is not useful for other people in other situations. Therefore we would be cautious about publicly saying that certain messages should not be listened to.

For example, people at different levels of emotional and spiritual maturity benefit from different messages about power.

After all, a recently born baby has no power.

– Some time later, it’s appropriate for the baby to start practicing power in a completely selfish and inconsiderate way.

– After some time, it’s appropriate for the toddler to start learning that other people exist too and have feelings too and you should not hurt them.

– For a child, it’s appropriate to learn about limits and dangers attached to power.

– Then for the adult, it’s appropriate to use their power as they wish, so long as it does not directly harm others.

– Then for a spiritual person, at some point it might be appropriate to hand over their life to Source and to start living to serve Source.

– Although if the adult is traumatized, then they should not listen to a “hand your power over to Source” message and should instead first re-claim their own power for themselves.

– Or if the adult is selfish and destructive, they should be encouraged to briefly not use their power anymore. They should be given love and healing and room to re-learn the lessons from childhood about not hurting others.

As you can see, there is not one message about power that is appropriate for all people. What message about power is appropriate depends on the emotional and spiritual maturity of the person.

Therefore be careful about publicly saying: “this message is false, do not listen to it.” Maybe you’re right and this message really was crafted by dark beings to mislead people. In this case, sure, speak out. But maybe it’s a helpful message and it just happens to not be helpful to you personally, but it will be helpful to other people.

I hope this message was of benefit to you. I leave you today in peace and love. I love you very much.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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13 Replies to “Hakann: The Problem With “This Resonates””

  1. Argyle

    People have forgotten that resonation can be painful and unpleasant. It cracks that which is brittle and inflexible. Sometimes, our worldviews need a good bit of shattering.

  2. Ananas äkäämä

    New Jerusalem spaceship is a hoax by negative forces told Elena Danaan. Please look at her debunk site.

    1. AzureLeaves

      “told Elena Danaan”

      Elena Danaan said it based on what she “perceived” in relation to her own beliefs and biases; but what about you? Setting aside preconceptions coming from what other people said for a moment: What do YOU think New Jerusalem is? What is the answer you found after looking and meditating upon it from WITHIN, while relinquishing yourself from any preconceptions provided by other people?

      On the contrary, with regards to Elena Danaan, other people in these types of communities say that she is compromised and brainwashed, with the “implant” she has being nothing more than a parasitic tool from negative ETs that warps her perceptions.

      So, which is the truth? Which one is lying? Which one is legit?

      Only an individual’s personal realizations, intuition, experiences and observations–through psychic/metaphysical means or otherwise–can answer such questions.

      I myself always remain at a 50:50 belief and doubt ratio regarding all these things; always ready to manipulate that ratio whenever and wherever I desire and as the situation calls for it–because I treat information and beliefs as mere tools that I can use (or not use) to further myself on my personal and spiritual development path; not allowing those to control me.

      Whether New Jerusalem is a hoax by negative ETs or not, or Elena Danaan is compromised and brainwashed or not–these websites and articles, no matter who authored them cannot answer these for you, only your own individual personal realizations, intuition and experiences, can answer these.

      Use your beliefs, biases and ideologies as a tool; including any information/messages passed around by any individual, Earthling or otherwise.

      Acknowledge the information they provide, analyze them, deconstruct them, utilize your own Three Brains, critical thinking and discernment, take BOTH objective and subjective views of the information anyone provides, and USE them, or parts of them–or discard them altogether–after sufficient analysis and meditation upon the information to help further yourself on your path, instead of being manipulated and warped by a certain belief or information; even more so if it’s coming from an individual that is OUTSIDE of yourself.

      Don’t blindly believe what others tell you (extraterrestrial or otherwise), no matter how “credible” you think they are.

      And yet don’t also blindly shun the information provided by others (extraterrestrial or otherwise) with prejudice, no matter how “untrustworthy” you think they are: always analyze the information YOURSELF, ask yourself relevant questions, and meditate upon them.

      Use your discernment with the aid of your Three Brains to determine if the information being presented to you is beneficial for your personal and spiritual development path (no matter who authored them).

      At the end of the day: “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”–Hassan-i Sabbah, Grandmaster of the Assassins

      1. AzureLeaves

        While it’s common to be attracted to information provided by an individual that you think is “trustworthy”/”credible”/”expert”/”guru/spiritual guru” based on their name, credentials, accomplishments etc., I think it’s also about time that people also take into consideration the information that the “messenger” provides.

        Don’t just shut down, with prejudice an information because of the “messenger”; analyze the message ITSELF.

        Otherwise, blindly believing the words of an “authority” without thinking for yourself is no different than blindly believing the “scientists” and “doctors” propagating an experimental medicine (and willingly taking it because an “expert” said so) to the people under “emergency protocols”.

        I recommend you think for yourselves. Use your own “Three Brains” as the guidance from WITHIN is the most powerful (for the Divine Source is also WITHIN you).

  3. Soaring Eagle

    Surely our so called “resonating gut feelings” are influenced by by our beliefs and prejudices. We will slide over or by-pass what we read or hear, if we can’t somehow weave into our current belief system, and then think or say, it does not resonate with me. Similarly, everyone from all sides is today saying use your discernment. Well, how do you do that, except, like resonation, we discern from the basis of our biases and beliefs. Now, if our beliefs are off-centre, in-complete, untrue, limiting etc., then surely our resonation and discerment will fall into the same camp.

    1. AzureLeaves

      Indeed. And as for the confusion brought about by what affects one’s “resonance” with something, a method I usually use to -easily- bypass such a situation (just sharing) is:

      -Treat beliefs, paradigms, mindset, ideologies, biases, and etc., as mere tools, to be used, set aside, discarded, modify, edit, re/deconstruct, manipulate, or even taken up again, depending on the current situation, and if a particular belief et al., are necessary or not necessary to accomplish something–there are always right time and place for everything, including those, and knowing when and where to use or not use them is the key, aided by one’s accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

      As indeed agreed, what “resonates” with one largely depends upon one’s own personal beliefs et al., in relation to their current Spiritual and Personal Development.

      Now, if a message that “resonates” with an individual causes them to become even more close-minded, divisive, prejudiced (towards others different than them in any way/shape/form), etc., and they don’t even realize it because the divisive/close-minded/prejudiced message propagated by another “resonates” with them and it controls and blinds them instead (again, in relation to their current beliefs et al., in relation to their current Personal and Spiritual Development).

      As a result, it will only cause them (and others) suffering in the long run, completely opposite of what should happen if one is pursuing personal and spiritual development, evolution, expansion, enlightenment or this “Ascension” thing.

      So, what one must do is to always take the time to introspect (e.g., through meditation) and look at oneself objectively, to step back from the “self”/”ego”, and observe, analyze and realize what went wrong; and to treat one’s beliefs et al. as nothing but tools that one should use, instead of being a slave to those beliefs and have one’s perception of reality be warped by it.

      You cannot see your own face by default with the physical eyes you have; only by using a mirror/reflective surface (introspection, meditation) or asking others (asking, accepting and acknowledging advice, constructive criticism, etc.,) can you know if there is something wrong with your “face”.

      It’s a much better idea to use beliefs, mindset, ideologies, paradigms, et al., to help oneself progress and reach even greater heights towards one’s own personal and spiritual development, while promoting within oneself compassion, balance and harmony towards the self and other co-fractals of the Divine Source, instead of being a slave to such tools with a closed mind and causing oneself to be divided from others.

      At the end of the day, I found it very useful to remember and always keep to my heart and mind several things (and I’m sounding like a broken record at this point, but I’ll preach it as much as I can) such as:

      1.) “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”–Hassan-i Sabbah, Grandmaster of the Assassins

      2.) The teachings of Neville Goddard, The Heart Sutra and “The Egg” short story by Andy Weir

      3.) “Your focus determines your reality.” Qui-Gon Jinn

      4..) “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

  4. AzureLeaves

    Indeed, this topic has come about years ago on my path, and I’m glad it’s making a resurface again at this time.

    Lots of people nowadays just consume what “feels good” for them and exclude anything that doesn’t, not realizing that there is always going to be exceptions to everything; there will always going to be outliers.

    And also, not realizing that their feelings and thoughts will always change over time as they walk through their own personal and spiritual development paths, and hence their personal paradigms and realized “truths”.

    If I was still a devout follower of an organized religion, I would probably not be who I am today, and majority of the genuine spiritually beneficial messages here would be nothing but BS to me; but all of my feelings, thoughts and paradigms changed as I began my spiritual awakening and spiritual freedom journey.

    Things change, and so are the “truths” that you realize along your path.

    So, lessons to be learned here is that:

    -“Truth CANNOT be told; it can only be realized”.

    -To always keep an open mind and level-headedness. I personally think it’s a good idea to not be misled by certain people or “scientists” who tells you to “don’t become open minded lest your brain falls out” or something similar.

    Following such an advice would only lead to you being imprisoned by your own limited worldview; and being nothing but a brainless, empty husk, that only blindly takes in what other people, such as those with “authorities”, “degrees”, “scientists”, “experts” or “gurus”/”spiritual gurus” tell you to, without even analyzing it, and experiencing something yourself; and woe to those who have a different view of something, different from the “truth” that these “authorities” told you.

    -To REALIZE your own truths according to your own personal experiences, while keeping an open mind to the realizations of others and using those to help you further on your path towards greater realizations, knowledge and wisdom, and thus, reaching even greater heights towards one’s own personal and spiritual development.

    -To always ask questions to others and to oneself (e.g., “why does this message feels this way to me?”); to always use one’s discernment and critical thinking.

    -To always analyze and take into consideration BOTH subjective and objective views on a message of any kind, by putting one’s “feet” on both angles, and seeing the bigger picture, and utilizing one’s critical thinking and discernment.

    -To treat your beliefs as nothing but TOOLS, that you can use, discard, set aside, and pick up again whenever and wherever you desire depending on the current situation and if it will help you on your path or not; don’t become a slave to your own beliefs and be controlled by it–be its master, not the other way around.

    Hence be flexible in your beliefs, because at the end of the day “Nothing is true; everything is permitted”–Hassan-i Sabbah, Grandmaster of the Assassins

    -To utilize one’s Three Brains: 1.) The Head Brain (Logic, Rationale), 2.) The Heart (One’s feelings), and 3.) The Gut (one’s intuition/gut feeling), to serve as useful lenses to further help one in analyzing a message and using one’s discernment and critical thinking.

    -To realize that your focus determines your reality; for better or for worse. If/once your focus, beliefs, paradigms, mindset and etc., begins causing you to be limited in your progress on your spiritual and personal development path, then it’s time to change it. Do research new mindset and paradigms.

    As examples, the teachings of Neville Goddard, The Heart Sutra and “The Egg” short story by Andy Weir, from my personal experiences, can help one exceed one’s limitations and awaken further into realization as to who they really are and to how powerful they truly are; and on not giving your power away by worshipping a powerful entity/creator/etc., that is outside of yourself–that is outside of your “I AM-ness”; your “Awareness of Being”.

    Impose your will upon the world, follow your desires, what makes you achieve true happiness, as long as you are not harming innocent people, or “stepping” on others to achieve your happiness–achieve balance and harmony with Service to Self AND Service to Others (i.e. “you cannot fill other’s cup if yours is empty”); because your will is also the will of the Divine Source Creator, for better or for worse.

    After all:

    “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
    “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

    And it’s up to YOU, on which role you want to play (be it the “Adversary”/Entropic ones, or the “Protagonist”/Negentropic ones), because you are as much a co-creator, co-actor, co-scriptwriter, co-director, and co-fractal of the Divine Source Creator, in this whole Grand Play; you have a say, you have a power.

    We are all one: “The Egg” by Andy Weir

    1. Lauren

      Wow…..Thank you…. I am saving this message. Thank you for sharing such pure truth, wisdom.

  5. Bill Sterling

    Being fully honest, this message makes me between somewhat and very anxious. Using this message’s content as it seems intended, this must be because Something in my evaluation process for high frequency messages is somewhere between “somewhat and very” off. I did not expect this. Perhaps I’ve been pretty smug about my ability to discern light side from dark side messaging. No, that’s not it. It’s being smug about taking credit for letting in unwelcome personal growth news when thinking that, ‘thank me very much, I am doing fine.’ Sigh. Back to communications school. Let’s start with more radical honesty: Not facing unreadiness to turn everything over to Source and serve Source exclusively, looks like purchasing comfort at the message portals. If so, has the price of this buying of comfort been high, low, or middling? Staying completely in the context of this message’s message, it looks like I haven’t paid anything at all for reading along for a decade or more of ascension blogs without cold water in the face. Maybe the discomfort of this realization is the discomfort needed to begin with. Or maybe it’s not about discomfort at all. Maybe it’s about treating oneself lovingly enough to accept as true
    bad news about how one is really treating oneself. Unless that’s simply a way to get oneself off the hook of unwillingness to face yet another crash course in honest personal disclosure when nothing is found to be as it seems. Perhaps it’s as an old friend used to say, “_________!” (his name). “Consistency is all we ask!” Very interesting… My final conclusion this morning just launched inside of me a quote from A Course In Miracles: “Help me holy Spirit, I don’t know what ANYTHING is for.” So this may be a useless post. Sorry. Going in circles between parallel mirrors. Oh well. Must mean Something.

  6. Christed

    I find Hakann’s messages quite truthful and coming from the heart space area of love and kindness. So are Tunia’s. The comforting part of their messages is finding them resonating with high Light sources from high Light beings I have been blessed to have met and listened to. Gratias, star brother!