Mother Mary: I Put my Ear to the Ground and Listen

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much.

Sometimes when the wind blows more than you like and when it rains for days and when the winter cold is coming to where you live and when you look around you and you see your friends suffer and feel bad because there are no calm and time for retrospective.

And when you find that there are more and more narrow space for a goodhearted gesture and something does make you feel un-easy.

Then it is time to remember the origin, the basic living, that is totally true at all times.

Listen to her. She is your Mother! She even loves you, more than you know!

But to be able to listen, what do you have to do?

Yes, you have to be totally quiet!

You really need to be in total silence! And then you can put your own ear to the holy ground that you live on and walk on every day.

Yes your Mother Earth is holy! We see her, we know that she is the holy grail of the Universe.

She will provide all the answers for you, if you let her!

When you feel in your gut, when you feel in your heart that you need something important, that can help yourself and your family and friends, please know Mother Earth wants to help you! Because she feels your feelings too! She knows you! She knows about all your troubles and also about what makes you happy!

Remember your roots! Remember that you are surely not alone! She your Mother loves you more than you will ever know!

There is a very important connection back to your roots, and it goes from your heart, down your spine, through your rootchakra and further down to your feet and into the ground. Yes you are like a tree in many ways.

Mother Earth walks beside God. You have God on one side, and you have Mother Earth on your other side. You actually walk in between them. But many of you have forgotten that she walks there beside you, just as God does. You only remember about God.

There has to be balance. There can not only be a masculin part beside you, there must be an acknowledgement to the feminine aspect of Gaia, and there she is, next to you as an embodied woman.

A long time ago you hade a very good connection to her. But you had a cold and your DNA fell a sleep. And the years went by and more and more you forgot that she was someone you could communicate with and feel the love from. A mother she is and the bond is now being awakened as I speak.

So. Please. It is time to be silent and listen to and let your Mother love and guide you as she has waited for many thousands of years to do.

When you find the balance between female and male energies you will feel very good, you will feel balanced and whole, complete, just as you where meant to feel and did feel many millenias ago.

And the choise is yours. No one orders you to be in silence for a while. It is your conscious choice. So please you can try?

Mother Earth only communicates through a mothers caring and nurturing love, with great empathy.

I love you so very much,

Mother Mary

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson