How The Fall Equinox Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign, Because Autumn 2022 Is Finally Here

Say goodbye to the record-breaking heat of summer, because autumn is here to cool things down and give you a sense of direction. There’s an endless list of reasons to look forward to how the fall equinox 2022 will affect your zodiac sign. Not only is autumn a season filled with plush sweaters, rainy days, pumpkin spice lattes and ever-expanding piles of books, it’s also a time to embrace balance and beauty in your every day life.

Hold up—what is the fall equinox anyway? You probably know it’s considered the first day of fall, but what does it actually mean? Well, the fall equinox is a time in which the day is just as long as the night. The root of the word “equinox” comes from the Latin words “aequus”—which means equal—and “nox”—which means night. An equinox can only take place twice per year (once on the first day of spring and once on the first day of fall). At this point of your annual journey across the zodiac, you’re encouraged to embrace a spiritual reset. While the spring equinox often symbolizes a new beginning in your life, the fall equinox represents a new beginning in your relationships. You’ve established the “I”, now where is the “we”? After all, autumn is known as “cuffing season” for a reason.

The fall equinox takes place on September 22 at 9:04 p.m. ET.

It’s also important to remember that the fall equinox is also the moment in which the sun enters Libra, the cardinal air sign of harmony and diplomacy. And when Libra season is underway, it has a tendency of making us want to pull back our energy, practice mindfulness and embrace a stronger sense of balance in our lives. And because everyone’s lives are all so intertwined with each other’s, much of finding that balance rests on your ability to establish a true connection with someone. Allow the fall equinox to remind you to listen to and respect someone else’s perspective.

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s fall equinox, according to your sun and/or rising sign:

How The Fall Equinox Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


The fall equinox is always a powerful turning point for you, Aries. After all, this is when the sun enters your seventh house of partnerships, shining a light on the people of importance in your life. As the seasons begin to shift, you may find yourself thinking more about the relationship dynamics that guide your life. Celebrate the fall equinox by strengthening your connection to the people who matter to you. Even if you’re struggling to see eye-to-eye, keep in mind that relationships are designed to change you. By working through whatever has transpired, you’re also learning how to change yourself.


As you embrace the fall equinox, you may find yourself wanting to get more organized, Taurus. As the sun enters your sixth house of rituals and routines, it’s encouraging you to reconnect with the pleasure of fully indulging in the present moment. With so much on your mind, it’s important to reconnect with the self-care regimens that bring you back to yourself. And by planning our your day and resisting the urge to reschedule your “me” time, you’re also nurturing yourself. If you’ve fallen off that horse, it’s time to climb your way back on top, because you’re ready to get back into your groove


It’s time to reconnect with all the things you love about fall the most, Gemini. After all, the fall equinox always kickstarts one of the most lively and passionate periods of your yearly journey. As the sun enters your fifth house of fun, romance and pleasure, the only thing on your mind is doing what makes you feel good! Although you have every reason to indulge, let’s not forget that this is also a powerful opportunity to embrace your creativity and tap into the artistic forces surging inside you. Don’t forget to tend to your inner child, because they’re here to help you color outside the lines.


No one’s feeling cozier during the fall equinox than you do, Cancer. As the sun sends warmth to your fourth house of home and family, the fall equinox represents a shift in your priorities. Instead of feeling motivated by success on a public scale, you’re feeling the need to nurture your personal life even more. As autumn begins to creep in, you’ll be comforted by decorating your house with candles, baking pumpkin pies and watching your favorite movies with your closest loved ones. Sometimes, the greatest things that life has to offer are the simplest things. And if your home doesn’t comfort you, it’s time to do something that brings you back to your center.


As the heat continues to peter out, you may feel like you’re slowly waking up and shaking off the sleepy summer vibes. When the fall equinox takes place, it will represent a rejuvenating shift that will awaken your senses and tap into your curiosity. As the sun enters your third house of communication, the fall equinox is not only encouraging you to socialize and reconnect with close friends, but it’s also inspiring you to ask questions and learn more about whatever is currently intriguing you. Lean into the part of you that wants to expand your intellect, because your brain is embracing a power boost.


The moment the fall equinox takes place is also the moment that Virgo season comes to an end. And although you’re bidding farewell to your solar return, you’re also embracing a new phase of your life that’s just as exciting. The fall equinox is always symbolic of the moment the sun enters your second house of money and stability, which means that not only are you in the mood to splurge on all the latest fall products, but you’re also in the mood to set yourself up for longterm success! Now is a beautiful time to start setting goals and laying down the groundwork for financial independence and a life that’s filled with the luxuries you desire.


No one feels more motivated and empowered by the fall equinox than you do, Libra. After all, this is also the beginning of Libra season! As the sun dances into your first house of the self, you may find yourself feeling more confident, energized and alive in your skin. Now that your solar return is underway, now’s the time to think about who you are, who you’ve been and who you’re going to become. However, instead of being overly critical of yourself and pressuring a square peg to fit into a round hole, spend time honoring everything that you are (imperfections and all). This fall equinox is not about becoming someone you’re not, but about being someone you can respect.


You always feel the fall equinox on a deep and spiritual level, Scorpio. After all, this is when the sun slumbers in your 12th house of subconscious forces, bringing you healing on the most intrinsic level. As the fall equinox descends upon your world, your dreams may become more vivid and you may find yourself taking in some major spiritual downloads. If you feel sleepier, more emotional and more lazy around this time, that’s only because you’re processing some major internal healing. Why not facilitate that healing by giving yourself the time and space to adjust to this inner transformation? Get grounded by journaling, meditating, napping and simply indulging in some well-deserved alone time.


You may find your whole perspective changing around the fall equinox. As you dive into team endeavors, you may find yourself thinking with a “we” mentality instead of an “I” mentality. Because the sun is entering your 11th house of community and social connection, you’re harnessing your charisma to evoke positive change that ripples out into the rest of the world. And because the 11th house also rules over hopes and dreams, you have every reason to make a wish during the fall equinox. After all, you’re tapping into the great beyond and strengthening your connection with your ultimate vision.


Now that summer is coming to an end, you’re not here to play; you’re here to get sh*t done. When the fall equinox takes place, it also announces the moment the sun enters your 10th house of career and publicity, inspiring you to make waves in the news and show off all the exciting new accomplishments you’ve made lately. If you’re not feeling super proud of your work, this is an opportunity to take charge over your professional life and start making changes that inspire you to give it you’re all. And because you’re often your own worst critic, there’s a good chance the rest of the world is thrilled with your results.


Go out and explore, because autumn is calling you into the great unknown. As the fall equinox brings a seasonal shift, it will encourage you to create new memories, learn new things and visit new places. Prepare to see everything with a more open mind, as you’re taking a step back and seeing the big picture. Take a breath of fresh air and remember that you are surrounded by opportunities to leave your mark on the world. Everywhere around you contains possibilities. As the sun enters your ninth house of philosophy, wisdom and adventure, you’re learning the true meaning of “carpe diem”.


Not only is it the fall equinox, but it’s also the beginning of spooky season, and no one’s feeling the mystical spirit of autumn more than you. As the sun slides into your eighth house of darkness and taboo, you’re feeling pulled towards a deeper and more complex understanding of the world around you. If you’re suddenly feeling curious about morbid topics and interested in pushing the envelop, blame it on fall! However, the eighth house is also about intimacy and joint finances, making this equinox a powerful turning point for your relationships. It’s time to set boundaries start building up the trust it takes to open up to someone.

**By Roya Bakclund