God: Into this World with Love, Babies

My dearest children let me express to you my profound love and gratitude for your presence on the planet.  For the children just being born you took on a challenge to improve life on Earth. The most recent children are direct descendants of the higher realms. They bring high vibrational experiences to your world.  The babies of today are pure and only know love, something our planet is crying out for.  Babies today will look at you different than previous babies.  They are wiser than you.  Their experience is broader than you. They are masters. Should you hold a baby know that they are not here to teach us anything, there are here to just be love and only love. They are here to be of the highest vibration and spread light.  Previous souls needed to learn lessons and were returning from previous incarnations. Today’s babies have within them all that is needed. They come from the highest levels.

If you are a caretaker of today’s babies, be assured that you only need to provide them their basic needs and they will flourish.  For they have within them everything needed to understand and deal with today’s world.  You will find today’s babies easier to speak with, you will communicate more telepathically, and the intuition will be stronger.  Every generation that came before them had something to shed or repair, but upon your new world there will be only love.  So, all that can be born is love.

For toddlers they will pave the way for their younger siblings.  They have lived lives before and understand what world they are being born into.  They are wayshowers for adults.  How to bridge the gap between wrongdoing and right.  You will find today’s toddlers are glue that binds the old vs the new.  They can weave old ways into new ways and make the worlds blend.  Their role is to provide the transition, and they will do it in a harmonious way.  If you are parenting a toddler don’t question them.  They will be unique in what they do.  It’s meant to be.  They came with a blueprint that they must follow for their role as wayshowers for the New Earth.  If you question why they are doing something do not be surprised that the answer will be wiser than their years.  They don’t need the adults to tell them what to do.  They are on a mission.  Let them go about their days doing their job.  Course correct if they seem off track, but don’t disagree with them if it is a new way of doing things.  You can mix this with that, and do that before that.  There is no reason things can’t be done differently than previous years.

To the mothers and fathers of today delight that you are also part of this experience.  You have accepted the role of ushering in high beacons of love, and you had to agree in your heart that you would take on the challenge of raising pure love.  Your contributions of raising children will not be forgotten.  There is no need to make them be like you were.  They must be who they are.  And you need to recognize the love pouring out of them, let it flourish.  Babies of today accept love in return.  If love is not shown to them, they know how to transmute negative energies.  There can only be love.

Each generation of child came for a purpose; to learn lessons, to promote change, to break down a system, to ride the wave, to establish the new, to usher in love.  Each has its importance.  Not one generation is better than the other.  Recognize all souls for their path they have agreed to and determine the future of the world as, ‘The Age of Love.’  For in the future there is only love.

Hug your children tightly, say nightly prayers, and enjoy the laughter that comes with youth.  Giggle with them at the fun surprises that pop up, and pray with them when needing a solution.  My blessings to you all as we usher in love, ~ God.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh