Ascension Frequency

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

The group of beings on Earth today that are aware of the changes occurring within and around them, aware of Earth and her upliftment into the 5th dimension, have but one question in mind, when is this ascension going to occur?

For one, ascension is happening in this very moment. Of course the ascension you speak of is the actual entrance and knowing that you are in the fifth dimensional reality.

You all know that this is a process. Mother Earth’s upliftment began in the 1940’s, and ’til now it has been very gradual. The procedures and decisions changing from time to time as to how it is all unfold.

From this year of 2022 and beyond, the process will not be so gradual any longer.

The energies are intensifying from moment to moment. All is being cleansed and prepared for the new light. You must release all old thought patterns, beliefs, even your daily routines and diet, in order to cope, integrate, expand and transition with the new refined energies, or depart with the old.

What many have come to know as The Event, is ever nearer. All is ready as far as Galactic preparations are concerned, including full open contact with Earth’s surface only days after the Event.

We will say that in many ways this Event is ascension, it is the frequency of ascension, that is what you are approaching now, however not in its full spectrum. Streams of this wave have reached shore, your heart feels this. After the Event there will be a couple more waves of energy arriving to Earth that will see the completion of the ascension process.

You’ve had one major wave of light in 2012. Then another in 2017, this one really triggered many to awaken, it was the beginning of the awakening process for many. You will experience another grand wave between now and the Winter Solstice of 2022.

The Event itself however, will be the biggest push you will have had on this journey so far. All walls will collapse. This is why we say that for many people it will be ascension.

Now, going back to the question as to when all of this may occur?

First, are you ready for all that is about to take place? We will let you answer this.

One of the keys lies with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

How many can be awakened? How many are awakened now? And our answer to that is you have enough. This number continues to increase daily. Enough souls that know you have been manipulated and lied to for millennia. We do not mean awakened as in a “master”. But awakened enough to choose love over everything else, for love conquers all.

Awakened enough to know and realize that today’s so called “normal” is a big lie and have long been questioning the system and have had enough. No longer consent to being “governed”. That is one of the major steps that’s needed to cause the bricks of the system to tremble, that is now about to come down at free fall speeds.

We must not forget to mention the energy, the vibration, it has been continuously rising, even though we have past the energetical point that was needed for all this to occur back on the Spring Equinox.

The second key is Divine Timing. With this, comes trust. You must trust the Divine and not give up before the miracle occurs. Trust that things are being sorted out behind the scenes. You have never been closer to things becoming manifest in your now reality, in the physical realm.

You must have faith that things are being lined up. If you stop everyday for a few moments, take time to go within, and see with your heart, you will see the signs, without any doubt, telling you that what you have been expecting in now truly within reach.

One more thing we must not forget is that in this case, Ascension, the Event and more, are not happening just for you. All this is being brought about and done for billions of other souls and Mother Gaia, and beyond. None of this will happen a moment to soon or too late, the perfect timing will be chosen by the Divine, the Collective of Humanity, and the Higher Dimensional Beings.

Yet once again we say does it really matter what exact date it may unfold on? You know it, you feel it, that it is imminent. The excitement would not be the same, as great, if someone knew exactly when it would unfold. You are here, you have made it, embrace your entire being for choosing to be a part of this Universal shift.

Be patient, be expectant. All pieces are falling into place. All is unfolding in Divine order.

The brightest light shines from within. I am KejRaj!

5 Replies to “Ascension Frequency”

  1. Douglas A James

    I needed this pep talk thank you KejRaj!! I am impatient I admit it ..I want action but I know it is happening I want all to see the matrix now all to see the darkness trying to enslave humanity hold them back from ascending! This won’t happen we have won I know that I just am in a financial mess and am so looking forward to nesara and debt freedom and all the other great benefits of liberation from the 3D matrix of lies and manipulating. Victory of the Light!!

    1. lovesthegame

      I’m with you on what you said here brother! Going within daily to find quiet I Am knowing makes a difference. I get a sense of hope and knowing from within from sitting quietly connecting to Source. Also helps when I focus more on what I am grateful I do have than what I need or lack.

  2. AzureLeaves

    Thank you for this message Kejraj!

    I also received similar message that confirmed my personal knowledge regarding this, from Michael at “Our Everyday Lives” YouTube channel.

    It is definitely near.

    1. harrrrrie

      I feel like we are going to realize a new loving, happy reality within the next 10 years. We will still have resisters to a kind and peaceful, worldwide society. But as time moves on, more and more will want to join in to help to create our Heaven on Earth. Gees, I can’t be happier to see the changes accelerate and to be living to see all this take place. I’m buzzing and tingling, always smiling!

      Thank you so much KejRaj and everyone!