The One: Definition of a Lightworker

It is the One. Hello Sophia.

Hello. I have some questions.

Yes. Proceed.

I am hearing about a solar flash. Will you explain what is going to happen? The dates and predictions are for sometime within the next six weeks. Thank you.

There are interpretations that are accurate and some that are deliberately placed and inaccurate. I will confirm a celestial event. I will not comment on the timing of such an event, but that does not mean that there isn’t a specificity to it. There is. It will not be stated or speculated here as that is not the purpose of this conversation.

What happens at the onset of the event and immediately following it is a correction. You may or may not be aware of all that is changing when the event occurs, yet you’ll be aware of the finality of it; all of you will.

This is upcoming and has been written in indelible ink. It will happen.

Will you tell us what it will look like and feel like for those of us on earth?

It will be felt differently/experienced differently by each one according to their readiness and comprehension of what is taking place. It will also depend on their life’s plan.

Once it occurs, you’ll all have no doubt that everything has changed. To describe it physically to you is not possible. This event has not happened to the race yet and words for it will be introduced after it occurs.

This is not something to fear. Realize that all descriptions of it are speculations based on visions or dreams or in some cases direct information. They may or may not describe what it is you’ll experience.

Yet there will be an event that will change everything. Of that you can be certain.

So, you cannot say anything about timing?

No, not at this moment.

What about the predictions for September 24 and various other dates in September and October? Would you comment on that?

Only to say that the corrupted ones will attempt a retaliatory event and that the “white hats,” as you refer to them, are orchestrating many decisive announcements and proceedings of their own. We have addressed the possibility for both in prior conversations. They remain a part of the revelations and re-organization that happens now.

There is no sense in predicting precise dates. This alerts you, yet does not assist you. You are alerted already.

But you know.

At this late date, much is known precisely, yes.

Why not say it then?

Knowing a precise date will not help your organism, and your body is about to withstand an onslaught.

What? I don’t comprehend “onslaught.”

Now first of all, this is not to be tomorrow, but you are being prepared for an influx of light. (1)

You who are acknowledging your light essence while here on earth and now, will absorb, hold and radiate that light to a fuller degree than one who has not shown up for this “lightwork.” (2) You are called lightworkers for a reason ~ You Work for The Light.

This means that you recognize your essence, hold it, acknowledge it in yourself and in others, utilize in in your work (which is your life), and expand it wherever you are.

Why do you think you’ve been advised to meditate and calm and utilize pure and natural ingredients to nourish your organism? You are the host of the light. The progression and dissemination of it is your work. It is why you came.

Maintaining a steadfast heart and solid grounding in Truth is vital to your purpose. There has been an ongoing influx of light. It continues and increases because you are holding it, allowing it.

You’ve made room for the light my dear lightworkers. You’ve expanded the light. The light remains and the light increases because of you.

Think about the darkness that you are eradicating. It is erased with light; your light.

In the grand story of Earth’s/Humanity’s Awakening, specific dates carry little power. Knowing these dates increases the focus and therefore the influence of whatever is to transpire.

Far better to remain prepared and when something does occur, from that prepared state of being ~ move directly towards purpose. In your case, my dear lightworker, the purpose is to expand the light, spread your love and to offer Truth, compassion and fortitude.

Knowing who you are will be a useful attribute when any of these events occur. You are the Light.

You will see. You will know.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


2 Replies to “The One: Definition of a Lightworker”

  1. Paulo Urbina


  2. Denise G

    Oddly enough I’ve never needed a “Date/Time”, which if you knew me you would understand is very strange indeed! Lol
    I know it’s coming, zero doubt know for a FACT it’s coming, could be in An hour, a month, a decade, no clue and strangely enough it’s the one thing I never really think about in depth trying to figure it out.
    Just like I’ve always known all of this is a giant Placement test basically.
    The fact that Ive never questioned this one thing when I practically obsessed over figuring out the smallest detail is curious to me now in a way it never was before and I don’t mean the date of it, I mean the lack of curiosity itself.
    Kinda OT here but there’s this song, “State of My Head” by Shinedown, always loved it for some reason, long before I ever knew the lyrics but as I was listening to it on my headphones this morning doing housework it was like something shifted and I suddenly heard the lyrics from a different perspective somehow and I realized it’s practically an anthem for what we’ve been going through with our I Am selves, to connect and ascend to a higher level of being.
    It was a very interesting experience in any case!
    May All be Blessed with Love and Light!