Anchoring Greater Light

Beloved Holy Ones,

The answers that you seek to the challenges you are facing lie within you, and yet at this moment on the holy planet Earth, there are also many negative energies, and energies opposed to love, that are arising within people.

This creates a planetary atmosphere on the mental emotional level that is quite dynamic and especially difficult for those who are sensitive, empathic or otherwise attuned to the larger collective experience.

For this reason, at this time it is strongly advised that you make use of every possible avenue in your life to strengthen your connection with divine love and divine light.

There are many ways this can happen for you, and you will be guided by listening to your heart, and also by noticing the circumstances of your life and what is arising for you to attend to.

Some of the most important aspects at this time are to create a loving and nurturing space in your home, or wherever you are dwelling at the moment, that can anchor spiritual light.

Many of you may already have an altar in your home. You may want to make each room an altar. These physical anchors of light will help you in your daily moments to connect with the altar within, your deepest heart and your divine oneness and eternal being.

The other aspect of your daily life that can be greatly supportive to you at this time is to attend to the food you are consuming.

Many of you are already attuned on this level, however you may need to make additional adjustments at this time, based on the greater need to embody spiritual light.

Eating foods that are grown near you, in their fresh and whole state is the most optimal to anchoring spiritual light within you.

Plant-based foods can help to cleanse and clear old patterns of density within the body, allowing for greater spiritual light.

Some who are requiring greater anchoring on the Earth planes may require animal products, and in this case finding those products that are local to you will greatly support your physical embodiment.

The other aspect is beloveds that is important at this time is related to your consciousness. There are many habits of thinking, feeling and being that are part of an older cycle on the Earth, and perhaps in other incarnations in the previous cycles of planet Earth.

When you find yourself resonating with an older energy of negativity, fear, anger, judgment, projection or other aspect of separation of consciousness, the antidote is love.

Hold compassion for yourself and for all of these emotions, thoughts and feelings.  Hold compassion for your fellow brethren on the Earth, also struggling deeply, many of whom do not yet have any experience that they are loved and part of the Divine.

Your beautiful sacred physical body at this time can be brought more fully into the vibration of your divine soul essence, through your attention to this level, and also through the new frequencies being brought through to the Earth that are intended to help this process.

We bless your presence in the holy Earth and send all love, gratitude and blessings. Amen.

**By Mashubi Shekiniah


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  1. jane2415

    some of us cannot afford to eat the quality of food we would like – until the dark is gone and humanity is given enough to live very comfortable they can then make healthy choices