Daily 777 Message 9/25/2022

Greetings! Remain within your heart center. Meditate often, align with the light of your Soul. This assists you in staying uplifted, in a higher vibratory state. In this way, you are not affected by the low frequency patterns of the outer world, which continue to intensify from one moment to the next. ~Kejraj

3 Replies to “Daily 777 Message 9/25/2022”

  1. José

    While the Portuguese people continue with their wits in a state of deep sleep (coma) originated by media incessant pounding month after month, year after year watching TV, the local elitist administration communicates, today, a great gathering for next tuesday or, the day after tomorrow(!!) as first warning we too, not just some distant disgracefull idiotic people, are cursed for a deep-state new-world-order attack. No time to react, let alone awake, move out from this deep paralysis.
    And so it is… democratic advancement of the day !!
    I love you All,

  2. Beatrice Leonie

    I’m thrilled – today I say twice 777 – first the car number 4777 and second 7779 – synchronicity pur – bliss bliss