Daily 777 Message for 9/26/2022


Your presence on Earth and decision to hold the higher frequencies of light continues to not only have an immense positive impact on the collective of Earth but also the galaxy. It is through you and with you that anchoring a new reality of Divine design is made possible. ~Kejraj

3 Replies to “Daily 777 Message for 9/26/2022”

  1. Kim

    Thank you. These daily little benevolent reminders/affirmations are wonderful. I deeply appreciate them. Waves of Love to you…All ways. ♥️❤️♥️

  2. sonja zoghlami

    Merci. Votre message m’encourage à continuer d’envoyer ces énergies de lumière de paix et d’Amour sur Gaia et ses sœurs et toute notre merveilleuse galaxie “Rose dorée”. Merci 777. Kejraj.