Allow Your Heart to Heal

Become empty and let the Holy Spirit fill very cell, every atom, every particle and wave of your BEingness.

Allow pure Source Light and Divine Love to fill up your Heart and every empty space inside of you.

ALLOW YOUR HEART TO fill up and FULLY HEAL WITH this DIVINE SOURCE LOVE as it flows throughout your body, heart, mind and Soul. Let it full-fill your field, your organs, blood and bones, every fibre of your BEingness. Filling you with Pure Source Diamond White Golden Platinum Rainbow Plasma Light. HEALING ALL.

Healing and dissolving any remaining lower codings, reversals, inversions, trauma, pain and heartbreak.

Effortlessly and timelessly so, as you re-member what is part of the illusion and what is truly REAL.

Healing, merging and re-UNIFYing all of your pieces and that of ALL OF CREATION from right inside of your own Diamond Rose and Krystal Lotus Heart.

Bringing Peace, reconciliation and coherence to the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, healing the Hearts and Minds of all ALL beings across space and time.



RESETTING THE Templates and BLUEPRINTS BACK TO ZERO, to the Original Inception Point, including upgrades and further quantum expansions.

Allowing all to dissolve that is not the True Self and be re-born anew as y/our already ascended Master, Guardian, Diamond Avatar Self at ONE with Source and ALL.
All-ways timelessly so.

The unchanging nature of our True Self being fully re-membered.

As we merge with our Eternal Self that re-members the REAL TRUTH, and emits this out into the reality in every now.

Projecting ALL NEW REALITIES onto the hologram.

As all remaining inversions, reversals, ALL the false memories, holographic inserts and overlays, false projections and perceptions, thought forms and beliefs, that the old Matrix simulation was based upon, ALL that is false, artificial and inorganic, all AI, artificial Matrix structures, materials, entities, systems and architecture, is being fully dissolved in the timeless NOW.

As The One realizes it was never real to begin within, it never truly existed anyway.

Allowing the total diss-illusions of, and Awakening from the dream.

As you empty yourself of all that was and ask for Source, and The Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, The Sophia, the sacred and true Wisdom that trance-ends all ages, to show you The Truth and The Way!

Let go of all preconceived notions, beliefs and ideas that the old Realities existed upon, if you want to find out what real Truth really is. You have to FELL it, KNOW it with every part of your BEingness, until there’s no doubt left.

The Truth that arises from within and cannot be questioned.

As you fully empty yourself in full surrender to The Divine.

The Holy Mother.

The Fires of The Shekinah, The Sophia within us ALL, that now burns through all remaining lies, untruths, false realities and veils.

AtONE with ALL of her parts.

The Masculine and Child.

The Holy Trinity and ONEness that awakens within ALL that have chosen to RE-MEMBER THEIR ONE TRUE SELF NOW.

Allowing our-self to become empty so we can be reborn as One with Source and ALL.

Re-membering our True Self that is not bound by form, time, space and gravity. By no-thing at ALL!

All from within the Zero Point Field, the infinite quantum potential of the timeless NOW.

Where ALL becomes possible and accessible, as no-thing lies outside of you in this space, where ALL IS ONE. ALL IS NOW.

Where separation is part of the illusion of form.

Where ALL TRUTH IS simply KNOWN.

Completing the Reset of The One Consciousness.

Back to the start.

Back to the future.

Back to the beginning.

Back to the HEART.

Finally arriving back HOME.

Eternal Love, all-ways,

**By Ramona Lappin