Jeshua: What is Success?

Beloved people,

dare to live life, live it completely according to your intuition, the knowledge that you yourself possess within – and you will do everything right.

Success or failure does not depend on whether you succeed in something, but only on whether you have followed your soul path.

Many evil deeds succeed but are the result of a misguided soul, a person who can no longer perceive the voice within.

Success is when you chord every decision with what your heart wants and then wait to see how life responds to you.

Expectations are very often a great obstacle. Therefore, after you have made a decision to the best of your knowledge and conscience, leave everything else to God, your soul guides and the light beings that constantly surround and care for you.

You are not alone, even if you cannot see or feel the subtle level yet! This does not change the fact that your spiritual family is there when you need them and will stay there even if you cannot always hear their voices.

Redefine success!

Redefine success by basing this definition not only on the success of an endeavor, but also on the basis on which you made the decision.

Only with the heart you see well and only with the heart you reach the goals which your soul has defined prenatally for a life.

What the others say, leave unnoticed! What counts is your self-empowerment by reaching wise and prudent decisions by yourself – out of your heart.

What others think and do is no longer a yardstick for you! What counts is that you redefine success and failure for yourself.

Your soul knows you and your assignments and it is your heart that keeps you on the right path and navigates you through the maze of time. Everything else is insignificant.

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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  1. Natalina Silva

    Fico imensamente grata por ser um Canal para tão lindas palavras de nosso mestre Sananda.
    Quando nós permitimos ser luz, não há possibilidade de estar fora dela. Gratidão 🙏