What Did You Do In The Shift?

In the years 1939-1945, life in England was massively disrupted by World War Two. In the years that followed, a common question by young and curious children was, “What did you do in the war, Daddy?”

The same situation will arise in the coming years. When we find ourselves in a physical fourth-density environment instead of third-density, youngsters will want to know what older people did in the years of change leading up to the big event of The Shift.

The Aquarian Age-style failing of the Old Order in the light of new emerging standards will make life interesting and full of opportunity for spiritual service.

One of the most powerful ways to promote world peace and harmony is to use the World Healing Technique. Based on a method created by Master of Karma Yoga George King (1919-1997), I have witnessed the power of this technique stop a war dead in its tracks!

The year was 1974 and war had just broken out in Cyprus. People of both Turkish and Greek descent inhabited that country and, amid escalating tensions between the two cultures, Turkey decided to invade northern Cyprus to claim one-third of the country as a Turkish Republic. I knew a journalist who said that the news media fully expected this conflict to develop into a multi-year bloodbath with huge casualties, both in the military and civilian populations.

At a critical point, George King took action by directing many people’s prayer energy specifically to the peace negotiators from the United Nations Security Council. What happened next came as a total shock to the news reporting community and to the public. As I was leaving work later that day, I looked at the headline on the evening edition of one of the London newspapers.

It had the word “CEASEFIRE!” splashed all over the top one-third of the front page!

My journalist friend later told me that when the news came in that peace negotiators had succeeded in stopping the conflict, the entire newsroom was flabbergasted at the sudden turn of events!

Spiritual energy is a powerful creator of peace.

Be an active part of The Shift to a great New Reality. You will have tales to tell curious youngsters…

**By Owen Waters